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  1. For what it's worth . . . For years, yes - YEARS - I've had a problem with HDMI related dropouts with my setup. NO dropouts when watching blu-rays on my Oppo (HDMI to RX-Z7 & HDMI to Panasonic TCP-65V10 display), and NO dropouts when watching a DVD from my Sony 400-disc changer (component to RX-Z7), but consistently having issues when watching SD or HD cable programs through my Comcast SA8300HDC STB (HDMI to RX-Z7). If I told you everything I've tried to cure this you wouldn't believe me. BUT, I hated the thought of leaving the one-cable connection world. After spending MORE money changing all of my HDMI cables over to the Monoprice "Redmere" cables with no luck, I was just about to throw in the towel. Did a LOT more reading on AVS Forums and decided to double-check the video settings on my RX-Z7 one last time. Ah-hah! I switched the "HDMI-to-HDMI" video signal processing setting from "Processing" to "Through". Voila! So far so good, and it's been nearly a week since I made the change. Still keeping my fingers crossed, but I believe it's truly fixed now! Whew!
  2. Lloyd-TX


    My (uneducated) guess is that the BDP-103 and BDP-105 won't be replaced for another 12 to 18 months . . . I rcently replace the BDP-83 in my family room with the -103 - what a machine! The -83 now resides in my MBR.
  3. Check out the Yamaha Aventage RX-A1030. $1100 @ Amazon or NewEgg. I've owned quite a few Yamaha Receivers over the years and ALWAYS had good luck with 'em. Currently running an RX-Z7 in my HT and an RX-V3800 in my MBR. Top-notch equipment IMO.
  4. Fianlly purchased this last Saturday, and planning on watching it tonight!
  5. Yes it does. I really enjoyed that movie and was Blown Away by another "unique" performance by Robin Williams! I don't often take notes, but there were a couple of quotes in that movie that I felt the need to..... ************************************************************************* The Wizzard: Do you know what music is? Evan: (silence) The Wizzard: It is Gods little reminder that there's something else besides us in this universe. A Harmonic connection between all living beings everywhere. Even the stars! *************************************************************************** Wizzard: What do you want to be in the world? The whole world....close yours eyes and think about that. Evan: Found! ****************************************************************************** Good Call Lloyd! Dennie Thanks, Dennie. Another I just thought of - "21". Great movie about those gamblers from M.I.T. Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Bosworth, etc. Dunno if it's considered a "sleeper", though . . .
  6. Does "August Rush" qualify as a sleeper?
  7. A little time spent at Cake's Speaker Spa and they will be beaters no more and would be well worth the effort/cost. "Cake's Speaker Spa" - now THAT'S funny!
  8. And a third Houstonian just dropping in to say those are gorgeous. NICE work!
  9. 467" of Pure Pontiac Power, baby! [] Pump gas, NO power adders, '72 455HO with 10:1 compression, forged rods, ported factory cylinder heads, SMALL solid lifter flat-tappet camshaft, factory stock intake, Q-Jet and exhaust manifolds, etc. It's an A/C, auto, power windows, AM-FM stereo and 8-track car. Loaded with options for it's day. Engine dynoed @ 430 CBHP @ 5100 RPM and 530 CBTQ @ 2900 RPM.
  10. Another pic at Texas Motorplex . . .
  11. The Lucerne Blue '72 'bird is in my garage at home. Idles darned near like a stocker, has ONE crossflow (transverse) muffler, a GM converter and 3.08 gears, yet runs 12.90's @ 106 in the Texas heat and humidity! It's a blast on the street - 530 lb-ft of tire broiling torque @ 2900 RPM . . .
  12. Formula pic (taken nearly 8 years ago at High Performance Pontiac Magazine "Shootout" at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis) . . .
  13. I would have been racing my old Baja Gold 1970 GTO. Only ran upper 13's but I had a blast with it. Didn't get into Klipsch speakers until a few years later when I purchased my first REAL system - a pair of Quartets driven by a Yamaha receiver, CD changer and cassette deck. Still using that same pair of Quartets as my front mains in my family room "HT" setup, plus another pair of Quartets as rear surrounds. Bought a pair of Forte IIs for my bedroom setup. Wish I had the $$$ and the room for some LaScalas or Belles! Here's a pic of my FR "HT, and a pic of the only Pontiac I still own, a 1972 Firebird Formula 455HO.
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