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  1. Christos, You know whose system I am discussing here - I will bwe interested in your feedback once you get the opportunity to hear it. As for our interpretations of what works well with vinyl and what doesnt I think that this relfects our different start points. Remember I am a child of the digital age. I have come from digital to analogue. I am extremely sensitive to the hiss, crackle and pops of analogue and therefore things that reduce it win favour with me, even at the expense of some of the detail in the music. For me it is the musicality of vinyl, not the detail that appeals. I know many others that cite the accuracy and detail of digital over analogue as a major driving force for their listening choice. I now understand where they are coming from - even if I choose to follow another path. BTW - I am now over 300 records and still climbing!!
  2. Over the weekend I was at a friend's house playing with his system. He has exactly the same TT as I do (the Pro-ject 4 TT with the Pro-ject 9 arm and Pro-ject K4 head) mated to the same Pro-ject phono stage. As opposed to my tubes/Klipsch setup his is mated to an Accuphase E407 integrated amplifier and Quad 989 speakers. The first couple of hours were spent setting up his system a little better (switching cables, re-aligning and re-positioning the speakers, adjusting the balance of the player etc. - all to the good of the sound.) Once we had completed this task we sat down to listen to the system. His record collection is almost entirely made up of audiophile recordings and it sounded really good, maybe a bit harsh, but really good. One huge surprise was in the playing of one of his non-audiophile recordings - a standard US copy of "the Wall". Whilst he was gushing on about how inferior this sound was to the audiophile disks I was struck by the sheer musicality of the sound. All of the harshness was gone. This was almost a tube sound and whilst I could appreciate the lack of detail in comparison to some of his other disks it was a far more pleasant listening experience to my ears. During the course of playing 2 other issues arose which struck me as interesting: 1. All of his records played with accompanying hiss. Even where he has the same disk as I do (for example a direct to disk version of Wild Child Butler) there were levels of hiss I do not get in my listening (I get no hiss whatsoever on the above album). 2. When the motor of the TT is turned on and the needle swept towards the centre (even in the raised position) the needle picks up hum. This never happens on my system even when volume level is set to maximum on the pre-amp. 3. At one point we switched from the TT to a CD player (top end Pioneer player with a very thick CD tray in which the CD is inserted upsidedown), To my amazement this did not sound harsh, digital and compressed as I normally associate with CD (in relation to the vinyl). Maybe it did not sound as good ultimately but it was a lot closer than I was expecting. The above has led me to some totally unsubstantiated conclusions as follows: 1. Matching of TT to tubes serves to mask the hiss of vinyl to the point that you can claim "zero hiss" on even moderate vinyl (i.e. non audiophile titles). 2. Very revealing systems (the Quads and Accuphase are Known to be brutal in this respect) show less benefit from vinyl over CD and other digital formats. In many ways this finally explained to me how it is that some people still claim to prefer the sound of CD over vinyl. It seems that on some systems the benefits of vinyl simply do not come through properly and their acompanying drawbacks are highlighted to the point that one could genuinely get better sound from CD. I am now beginning to question the entire basis of choosing and assembling a system. To date I was firmly in the camp that said "choose your speakers first" and then assemble the rest of the equipment aound it. Now I am reversing that position and saying choose your source first and work outwards. I joked with the owner that, were this my system, I would only listen to relly cheap vinyl on it. He laughed, but I was not totally kidding. ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  3. Seems that picture didnt come in after all. You can find it at http://aca.gr/pop_jyk.htm Worth a peek methinks...
  4. Welcome back Kelly!!! Been awful quiet around here lately - hopefully this is a sign of a resurection of the board. CJK - congrats on the TT. Had exactly the same experience deming the TT verses the CD with my father. You should have seen his face when we switched over to the vinyl - he thought I was fooling him. The amazing thing was that he had the same reaction switching from SACD to vinyl. This was a real disappointment to me - I have spent a lot on SACD disks (70 of them). Anyway I have had my TT (a humble Pro-ject) for about 2 months and never, repeat never, listen to either CD or SACD except when doing comparisons for friends. Actually I cant listen to SACD anymore - I sold the player and the disks are next! ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  5. Actually one of the club members has an even more impressive set of horns that most of these.. If the link works there is a photo following: ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  6. Shush Jim - dont tell everyone. Chorus and Forte speakers are the best kept secret in Klipsch. I have a friend with a pair of Fortes that are, IMHO, the best rock and roll speakers out there and incredible for the size. Heresy's with bass and an even better midrange. Now if Klipsch didnt exist what would I own....well....tricky. I might be tempted into ESL's. Either Quad 988's or Final 0.3's (maybe even Maggies) but the amplification is a nightmare. Of course if Klipsch had never existed I wouldnt know about efficiency and would happily be running 300 watts or so of power amp with a tube pre no doubt. Or maybe ribbons - those VMPs speakers look very interesting - but they are so huge I am sure I would be single again if I bought them - if you know what I mean. Nope - doesnt bare thinking about - go away - Klipsch is here and that is that! ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  7. John, I discounted the possibility of this being what you get at home on the basis that I get down to 47 Hz on my Heresy's (acording to the test DVD I borrowed and the cross-over point I set up on the sub). On the other hand this was with my tubes - when I setup the Accuphase it did only go down to 63 Hz. Weird huh!! I suppose my question is really - do the new Heritage speakers (will the new...) sound the same as the old one? I am planning to upgrade from Heresy's to LaScala's at sometime in the near future. If they have changed I will probably want to get a second hand pair as that was the sound I fell in love with. Actually I really fell for the Belles but the price difference is too much for the difference in sound (if there is any). ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  8. Hmmm...tricky...you either need to find a front firing ported speaker or a sealed unit. The Heresy springs to mind as a sealed unit (but it is a fair bit bigger than the RB5). I do remember the old KSB 3.1 was front firing but the sound was nothing to write home about. If there is anything else Klipsch that fits I am sure someone here will know. Good luck!! ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  9. I notice the specifications for the Heritage line of speakers seems to have changed on this site. It seems that the Heresy 2 now only goes down to 63 Hz (was 50) and even more surprisingly that the LaScala only goes down to 53 Hz. Hardly the bassy beast of yore... ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  10. My money is on you Fini - your posting rate never fails to impress. Cheers ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  11. Great story - but did he buy a car battery and a cassette deck as well?? Just kidding. Glad to hear you got an "a" grade. Good choice of speakers too... ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  12. Nice one Joe - way to go!! I am sure you are going to love it, and the process of setting it up!! This is not a simple sub. You have various options for connection (I use and would recommend the speaker level connection) and multiple settings (volume and cross-over (or roll off) points according to whether you are using the high level or low level connections (RCA or speaker connections). The booklet explains everything fairly well - although I have still not figured out how to connect 2 subs using the speaker level connects (Not really relevent as I only have one - just curious). One thing - give yourself plenty of time to find the right roll-off point. It took me a few weeks to get it to the right place for all my music. The other main thing is placement. The first trick to try it to place the sub where you normally sit and whilst it is playing walk around the room seeing where it sounds best. Put the sub there (for me it was tucked away in a corner). To date I have never had cause to move it. Oh yes - one more thing. As this is a downward firing sub you may find dramatic changes in the sound according to what the sub is standing on. I tried it on Carpet, Bricks and the marble floor - the bricks worked best. Other than that - enjoy and let me know when you have it. ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  13. Joe, Now that you have the speakers and the electronics sorted out you will probably want to start looking for a sub. I cannot recommend the REL Strata 3 highly enough as a match for your Heresy's. It integrates perfectly into the bottom end so that you think your Heresy's are simply going down to 20 Hz on their own. Most people who come to my house forget completely that I have a sub. To me that is the measure of the thing. In fact there have been many times where I have got up to check it is still on. It is only when you switch it off you realise the contribution it is making. Be warned though - it is probably not cheap in relation to other subs you might be able to find locally. I paid about $1000 for mine and they are regarded as inexpensive here in Greece relative to other places. ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  14. Max Goodman at your service. Not a giant leap but it has been my nick since I first got on-line in 1995. I also use Max-Greece (again obvious) but on other forums. ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  15. It must be time to upgrade.... Doesn't that look sexy!!! And my god doesnt it play well - I heard it against a clear audio unit that costs about 10 times more and it outplayed it. if you are interested take a look at their site: www.acoustic-solid.de All in german but you can see the pics. Audiophile candy is ever there was such a thing!! Now where am I gonna find $2,500 the wife wont miss? ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  16. Eeek - sounds scarey - best of luck and may your god go with you. I have a colleague in a similar position. He is back at work now but it was a terrible scare for him and his familly. All the best ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  17. EQ'ing used, at one time, to be very in flavour, then it went out big time and everyone reverted to the "flat" signal. In many ways it is on the rise again, although slightly more subtly. I do not own an EQ as such, but, I regard my adjusting of the Xover point on the sub and the independant setting of its volume level as a basic form of EQ'ing. This, if you like is basic equalization. Now consider the TACT system that in effect is a room equalizer. This takes EQ'ing to a whole new level, at a far more controlled and lower level than any equalization that has been before. With that you are supposed to be able to iron out all of the idiosyncracies of your room. Interestingly the setting parameters of the TACT do not all aim for a totally flat response. Most of the curves offered are boosted in one area or another depending presumably on the music you listen to and your personal preference. If we accept that most of us do not have perfect listening rooms sonically then some form of EQ'ing may well be in order to address the problems. Whether that is in the form of a specific device, a component setting, room treatments or a combination of the above they all have the same basic aim: "I want the sound that I like in my room but I do not want my room in my sound." How you choose to get there is up to you. ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  18. Bit harsh there HDBR - off topic but this is the General Forum so non-audio topics are not totally off the chart. I for one found the picture amusing, and have to admit I would never have lent these guys a dime!! I suppose it is a bit like all those guys that are supposed to have tested Coke and declared it would never sell. Or, on an audio level, all those guys that said "Bose are complete crap and will never sell at the over inflated prices." Or, on a Klipsch level, who would have put money on the Heritage range still being around in 2002?? ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  19. This could be a very long list. Aside from classical stuff, which is an entire post in itself, I would go for: The Who - Tommy and Quadrophenia. The Beetles - Sargeant Pepper, Hey Jude, Rubber Soul, The White Album, and the 2 compilation albums - Red and Blue. Pink Floyd - just about all of them - expecially DSOTM and the Wall but also their "Collection of Dance songs" Most Soul music (Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, The Commodores, Arethra Franklin, Marvyn Gaye....) Queen - Night at the Opera, News of the World, Sheer Heart Attack, Jazz.... Paul Simon Live in the Park A direct to disk version of Wild Child Butler (blues and astonishing - the first vinyl I ever owned with a lower noise floor than CD!!) Janice Joplin - Pearl Simon and Garfunkel - Greatest Hits And various albums I own but cannot remember the titles: The Communards Sade Bob Marley Suzanne Vega There is so much more but I cannot think right now and I am not in front of my collection... ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  20. I also have push pull monoblock amps (KT88 based) mated to Heresy's being driven through a Decware ZTPRE. I am waiting to get my hands on some SET amplification of some sort, but, like you, am concerned that it will run out of steam at times. Right now I am in the process of getting rid of some equipment (Accuphase E211 SS amp, SACD player) along with various SACD and DVD titles. Hopefully all that will bring in enough $$ to cover the cost of whatever amp I decide to go for (2a3 or 300B - the latter being more likely with Heresy 96db/w/m). As my listening is somewhat eclectic - ranging from string quartets to The Who and most things inbetween - I think the worst case scenario is that I will run both. Of course the alternative would be to forget about amplification and get a pair of LaScala's - which I am sure would have a bigger sonic impact that changing amplification. The only problem with that will be the legal fees when my wife decides to divorce me!! As she keeps pointing out - I love my sound as it stands now - where am I trying to go? To the moon, Alice!!! (anyone remember that one?) ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  21. Oh god - I must be Frasier - where's Lileth??? "wild and carefree - that's me - look - I'm running with sissors!" Kinda miss that show!
  22. Well I have not been on here all that long but from what I have seen there is all the technical info in the world at your fingertips should you ask the question. I have noticed that we seem to go through phases on here - not all that long ago 95% of the posts seemed to be about tubes - often really detailed technical stuff. Now it has got a bit chattier - but its nothing to panic about - I am sure the tube heads will be back, or some other esoteric point of interest will raise its head.... Personally I take all its forms as they come. Should we get to the point where I no longer get anything out of it then my visits will diminish, but, as it stands now, this is still my favorite audio web-site and chat (!) forum. ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  23. This is the worst board I have ever been on. It is harder to give up than the dreaded nicotine (a fight I lose daily anyway). And lets not get on to the subject of those terrible Horn loaded speakers which weld you into a comfy chair each night to do nothing but listen to music of all things. You guys are ruining my life here (life - what life?) Personally I think the no-life status says it all!! Of course - I could be kidding... ------------------ My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm
  24. maxg


    Good heavens Dean - that must have taken some time to put together - well done!!! I think I am slightly more sympathetic to Israel's plight than you in terms of their "Apartheid" society. I am not saying that the description is wrong but I would differentiate the "apartheid" practiced in Israel with the more famous South African version. Israel suffers from a paranoia (understandable in the circumstances that they are surrounded by so many enemies - sworn to their ultimate destruction) with regards to all things arabic. Their reactions and means of dealing with this are certainly draconian, but, I would hesitate to give them such a racist tone. I would love to be in a position to firmly support Israel, if nothing else because they remain the only democracy in the region. I am not convinced that the lot of other arabs in the surrounding coutries was that much better than they were in Israel until fairly recently. As it is I see both sides polarizing around extreme positions and am now genuinely unable, as I said before, to support either. I would also add that I think there are rather more reasons for American support of Israel than you list. America has been a long term supporter, from its foundation and has reaped rather more benefits than might be immediately apparent from the relationship. My own read on the situation is that they actively use Israel to keep the Arab nations in check. In many ways it is like America permanently having the 6th fleet on patrol in the middle east without the concommitant risk of loss of American lives. Imagine how different history would have been had Israel been situated closer to Vietnam, for example, or, Korea.
  25. maxg


    Oh dear - what a topic for this board. I would agree with others here that this is not the forum to discuss this issue. For what it is worth my take is that both sides have drifted so far away from what I would call acceptable behaviour that either blaming the other is a nonsense. Both sides are equally culpable. Israel's occupation of the West Bank must end, and soon. A Palestinian state must be founded, but, not with Jerusalem as its capital. The "suicide" bombings are better described as Homicide bombings as I think George Bush said. I do not care how desperate you think your plight is you lose all rights to reasonable treatment the moment you send your own young people into crouded shopping centres (and the like) to blow themselves and others up. There is no difference in my opinion, other than scale, for what Palestinian terrorists are doing in Israel and what Osama's lunatics did on September 11. Israel must pull back. The bombings must stop. Only then can both sides attempt yet again to sort this mess out. Again FWIW - if you really need to assign blame for the situation we face now then I would blame Great Britain's foreign policy for the 70 or so years leading up to the formation of the State of Israel by the UN in 1947. Bacially they promised the land to both sides and then totally failed to address the situation. It was only when they realised this that they washed their hands of the affair and handed the whole mess over to the UN. The original UN proposal for partition of the land between Israel and Palestine was rejected by the Arab nations and so Israel was declared a state in 1948. Interestingly Jordan (or TransJordan as it was then) was setup at the same time supposedly as a homeland for the Palestinians. Great success that was!! You can read the rest in your history books but in the meantime wouldnt it be better to concentrate on the writings of Paul Klipsch and speaker design? After 60 or so years on conflict I cannot see us coming up with a solution to this problem.
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