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  1. Bill I noticed you have a DISH VIP211K HD Sat Receiver???..... I have the Dish "Hooper" HD DVR and the "Sling" DD 5.1 sounds great on my Cornwalls,C7 and RS3-II 5.2 and wondered if your Dish VIP had better audio then the HD Hooper? I want to trade in "The Joey" converter in the bedroom or move the "Hooper" and go with the VIP in the den. Thanks Louis
  2. Thanks Moray as you know I have my late Dad's EN-CB's and the DIY Klipschorn he made in the early 1960's with the drivers etc from a EN-B wow I had no idea how much those 15" woofer are selling for. Great thread I hope this summer to rebuild Pop's old cabinets or build a Cornscala cabinets for them as I just don't have room and the wife does not like the looks of my EN-CB until I remodel my garage for my music room :-) Louis
  3. Old thread...........I am looking for a copy of Roger Floth article on mods for the Cornwall and the image on this thread is too small and I can't read it no matter what I tried. If anyone has this Please email me labartay@verizon.net Thanks Louis
  4. Several years ago there was a member here that repaired the old Sub 10,12 BASH amps. Now that the forum has changed I did a search and nothing??? IIRC they had power supply issues from being pushed too hard with too much gain. I am trying to help a guy that has a Sub 10 that is blowing fuses and new amps at Parts Express are the price of a NOS Sub 10 on Amazon, so he is looking for a less expensive fix. He ca't afford a new larger/better sub right now so if anyone can help Please post up. Thanks Louis
  5. I was out looking for a wireless Cornwall adaptor.
  6. I too have a anti-static problem and have my late parents Lp collection (800 or so) that have not seen daylight in 35 years. I have a DIY RCM/vacuum and use my Zerostat gun before after cleaning and playing. Treating the LP would great. I hope someone comes up with a kit.
  7. I purchased a used near mint Niles Audio SPK-1 and it works great. Good quality build and most important is that it ...IS... quiet. My neighbor ( Klipsch owner,retired) has spent many a day recording with me on my Revox R2R and both of us were surprised this used, audio triggered speaker box works flawlessly. I now have two separate systems(analog/HT) in the same room and use my Cornwalls on both now.
  8. Bob had the horn manufactured to be a drop in replacement for the Klipsch K77. The driver is made in Poland.Bruce Thanks, I knew that but I noticed on this thread there is mention of two different Crites parts# IIRC for two different horns that screw into the I.D. threaded driver Bob has shipped from Poland. My IIRC is not what it use to be. Now you see why I wondered what part# horn is on my Poland made driver. Louis
  9. Yes..... it does have "That look". .. I posted before that they are cool looking "Bling" I am super happy with Crites CT-125 and Crites horn that was a drop in for my 1979 CW I I am not sure what the Crites part# is for the horn, as it IS different from the T-35 Alinco magnet tweeter I removed. Our member Moray James made me super deal on them a few months ago. The horn on it has Crires name cast into it and looks a bit deeper. I sold the old T-35 to help finance the swap so I don't have them to compare now. Ay 63 my hearing is 14/16 KHz L&R and I can hear the CT-125 much better at any volume now. Link to a hearing test. I used a db meter to check my Klipsch 2.1 PC system. After 16,000 the meter moved but I could not hear a tone.Even with the volume at 95 Db.I ran the dog outside :-) the Klipsch PC speakers and my upgraded sound card moved the meter to 20,000Khz. ... way past my old ears. http://www.freemosquitoringtones.org/hearing_test/
  10. I emailed Niles Tech Support and they advised me to use this. http://www.amazon.com/Niles-ABS1-FG00271-Speaker-Switcher/dp/B0002ZSFA0/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1376762658&sr=1-1&keywords=Niles+Audio+ABS-1 They also make a SPK-1 http://www.smarthome.com/6728/Niles-Audio-SPK-1-Speaker-Level-A-B-Switcher/p.aspx I have noticed that all three have different DC volt wall plugs and all of them have different speaker WPC limits. The DSP-1 it the best deal but this is not a lot of money between the most expensive and the least. I went thru this wall plug DC volts sending a hum to my TCC-750 phono pre amp, I replaced the wall supply with 12 volt battery and all is quiet. Now I went to a MC cart and found this Yamaha A1000 with a nice amps and the MM/MC adjustable phono inputs. Spinning vinyl a bit more serious again after 30 years of CD's. Need a quiet audio triggered level A/B switcher box. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Russound-AB-3-2-Automatic-A-B-Selector-Speaker-Amplifier-Compatible-3699-520914-/360717605788?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53fc71db9c
  11. I now have two separate systems in my HT room. I use my Cornwalls as Fronts(HD AVR) in my 5.2 HT system. I want to use a separate Yamaha A-1000 integrated amp for the analog recorders, TT etc and use the Cornwalls for analog stereo. I am looking at Niles Audio ABS-1 or their DPS-1 audio triggered speaker level A/B switch. I have Googled and found four other brands and need HELP picking the best one for this system. This A-1000 has a Class A and AB function that was just re-capped. Got a great deal on it and waiting for it to arrive. Thanks Louis
  12. I had to re-read these posts and remembered Bob has a different horn on the CT-125 (Poland APT-50)and the source in Poland has a different way to mount. It needs a different adaptor to make this wood horn fit. Eminence APT-50 China made clone APT-50 has a different mount for horn. IIRC... from what I read about the CT-125 when I purchased a used pair for my cornwalls. Thumbs UP.
  13. My bad I thought he had a CT-125 hooked up to this wood horn. If would fit without a adaptor I would have painted it black to match my black Cornwalls if it imaged any better. My Cornwalls are Piano Gloss Black veneer and all my electronics are black. Shame to spray paint the nice looking wood but it would not match for my look. I am about the sound anyway and the CT-125 just like it is with Bob's new Type B networks on the nice looking cedar boards (no I did not paint them) they are hiding inside the cabinet :-) sound SOO much better then my old Alinco tweeters. Those wood horns are just Bling to me. Louis
  14. I hope Bob or someone that has tried this posts up. I too like the looks of this wood elliptical horn.But will it balance out with my stock Cornwall mid horn? I have CT-125 and new Crites Type B networks. Major improvement in the treble with CT-125 over my K-77 Alinco. I did not notice in that auction site if he sells just the wood horn? I am NOT sold on this yet vs what I do have. This $$ could go towards a new phono pre/amp and amp for the analog side of my system. .... Retired and have to watch my $$ and save up for music mods now.
  15. Moray was a big help last year when I helped my neighbor repair a pair of KLF-20 that had loose seams. IIRC do a search here I think there is a post with pic's on this repair. Take your time and be gentle with the rubber mallet.
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