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    Klipsch Parts

    $12,345? How does one come up with a number like that? Looks like the Klipsch warehouse in Hope is short some parts.
  2. So have you tackled RSW-15s? For selfish future reference.
  3. Thanks @Marvel Question remains is this what OP is talking about? Or some other magic sauce. Or is it a prank?
  4. German fluid used by NASA? Ok I'm sure they use stuff from all over the world, like Russian launch vehicles They would still demand data(paperwork).
  5. If it is used by NASA there should be data, like an MSDS report. The government runs on paperwork. Please post the name and a link to this fluid you are using. Thank you.
  6. Interesting. You may enjoy @Youthman 's rebuld of the crossover: Or is it @Deang's rebuild of youthman's crossovers?
  7. @Westcoastdrums still mulling over attending?
  8. Ok, I'm a dummy, do the ports have to be on the floor? Or you just want them there for aesthetics.
  9. I know you know this---you're darn close with the 415s. In fact some prefer them.
  10. Just make sure the line level outputs from the Urei go to LINE LEVEL(as opposed to MIC INPUTS) inputs on the main mixing desk.
  11. 14 is for sure sufficient for a couple feet inside the sub itself. This is an efficient horn ain't it?
  12. Thanks @jimjimbo Unfortunately I have been informed that More speakers = my death. Or worse.
  13. There are several variables here. I mean inside the two different amps. They may have different total gains in their circuits. Their volume controls may be in different locations in their respective circuits. For sure their circuits are not identical. That's why I suggested to first match the volume levels and make it fairly repeatable. Then go from there. And most of all enjoy.
  14. https://community.klipsch.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=59234 It were deep but i think this is the schematic of RF-7 crossover.
  15. That B the drawing Luther posted
  16. The current going through SPK1 will not go through SPK2 and vice versa. They are not in series. The cones will move in opposite directions if hooked up in the polarities shown, roger that. But the impedance to the amp will be the two drivers in parallel. I'm talking about the DTS10 drawing not the TH SPUD.
  17. Roger, definitely looking forward to it. I was disappointed when they talked you out of bringing them to Rodney's last year. Their loss.
  18. Yea "we all wanna see the plans" ---John Lennon
  19. That drawing is definitely parallel, my brother from a different mother.
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