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  1. And easy to work on and upgrade.
  2. Upon a short going over of your wiring it looks correct to me but I'm no expert. And you had the extra terminals on your terminal block already, just begging for something to do
  3. babadono

    Can’t sleep

    I don't want any pooched eggs!🐕
  4. Yes Happy Birthday Paul Wilbur Klipsch and many thank yous. He's in heaven now where Klipschorns are the rear channels.
  5. babadono

    Can’t sleep

    I always found reading a calculus textbook did the trick every time
  6. Jimbo, you know I wish I could bring a case home.
  7. I've lived in La and environs for what will be 40 years in Sept. My salary is nowhere near 5 or 6 times what people make elsewhere but I've had 40 years to adjust. When I left Michigan there were NO jobs, that is why I came here.
  8. So make sure your salary is 5X or 6X if you come to LaLa land.
  9. I live in So Cal. Traffic sucks IF you have to be in it. I live in a semi rural area and have a 17 mile drive down country backroads to/from work. Shopping is about the same, maybe a little further. But it took effort to be in this position. No way I could work in metro LA from where I live, the commute would kill me. And I'm not near the beach so it gets HOT in the summer. but it is usually not humid, that makes the temps a little more tolerable. I agree with grasshopper once you get used to not having to move snow out of your way there ain't no going back.
  10. If it's the same room volume and the same SPL it's the same amount of air moving, no?
  11. Ok, but the louder it is the more dangerous it is. Long exposure to loud sound pressure whether music or jet engines will damage your hearing.
  12. And IMO pretty sure you can still damage your hearing.
  13. There's a time for loud and a time for soft and even for complete silence.
  14. Well what the hell did you do to him?
  15. Just means it must be done again and again and again.
  16. Herrman Munster as "the judge" One of the funniest things I ever sawed
  17. I was thinking you were in the 75 and under club @Westcoastdrums
  18. He who hesitates is lost. You snooze you lose etc....etc.... Congrats on the sale. Like I NEED more projects
  19. Is your garage air conditioned? Just wondering Florida and all.
  20. no comments from the peanut gallery
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