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  1. Well have yourself a great B-day this sunday !! Same day as my wife.
  2. Wow all I can say Wow, LOok at the size of those things. Congrats
  3. Welcome, set your sub to plus and it will be on all the time. Instead of yes
  4. Watched the Hobbit yesterday night , really good movie a lot better then the first . Wife said she wouldn't mind buying it.
  5. Well the Hobbit was really good. Never thought I would notice a big difference with RS-62ii ,boy was I wrong. Huge difference !! Normally watch movies at -20 ,would get complaints from wife and kids that it's to loud . Now that I have the RS-62ii up on the wall the sound is spread out, and was able to put the volume up to -17 and no complaints . Awsome !! Really happy with my purchase. If your not using RS series for surrounds , I highly recommend them. Thanks Guys
  6. I used to use a Yamaha RXV-2300 and had lots of problems with my center as well, everything was unclear ,well mumbled most of the time. Even when I upgraded to RC 64ii, then I got my pioneer elite Sc-25. NO more problems. Maybe it's an issue with Yamaha ? Not sure there outstanding recivers .
  7. Finally ,it's about time !!! RS-62 ii in da house. So far I've only had time to watch a hockey game. What you expect I'm Canadian. As far as the speakers go , wow there bigger then I thought ! And truly add a different dimension , the sound is truly separated . Hard to tell were it is coming from. Going to watch the Hobbit now ,let you know what I think and try to take pics. Thank you to everyone who replyied.
  8. Finally speakers have arrived , just have to go pick them up. Probably tomorrow, it's about time. I know I will post picks.
  9. The Book Of Eli, The scene where they are shooting up the house.
  10. I bought it from a local store, the guy gives me great deals. So that's why I didn't mind waiting, at first. But its not his fault, the supplier thought there was 2 in a box.
  11. Well called the store yesterday to see what's going on, only to be told they received only one speaker. So it will be at least another two weeks for the other. Just my luck !! Meanwhile Youthman keeps getting new speakers like they are candy !!! LOL
  12. Very nice room looks so warm and inviting . Great job.
  13. I had a Yamaha RXV-2300 (still do) but upgraded to pioneer elite SC-25. I find the sound on the pioneer to be a lot more complete. And the power is more then enough.
  14. pioneer elite sc25 140 watts all channels driven. class. D amp.
  15. Hope you are doing well Youthman ,now you have a reason to sit back and listen to music. Hope it goes better for you.
  16. Hello, for sure open them up. You can do it on your own !!! Congrates
  17. Awesome job, pictures are great so are your instructions . Great thread !!
  18. Wow those are truly amazing pictures Amy. The rose's look out standing.
  19. Yah, I was... oh well we'll play the waiting game.
  20. Still waiting....hopefully next week. Waiting sucks!! That right Youthman ?
  21. Thanks, wish I had a time machine so I can speed it up . But not are age , ok forget it I can wait . I guess
  22. Thank you when I called my dealer they didn't have them in stock but he had the rs-52 ii. He gave me a super deal on them , and I just couldn't do it. Id rather wait two weeks then being nagged with "I wonder what the rs-62 ii would of been like". Man I cant wait, I really hope there's a big difference , I have never heard a dipole speaker before. Im putting a lot of confidence and trust of what I have read. So if I don't like them it's all your guys fault . LOL
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