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  1. Really sucks when the good ones go. Jim Morrison or Keith Whitley two others that just hit there prime then died.
  2. Nothing fun about smoking. You didn't miss any fun believe me. When I quit I rewarded myself every other year with a new tv. first it was a xbr 40" (with one with the glass around it). then it was a 52" xbr. Then it was a 70" sharp then a jvc reference projector and AT screen. Vaping is about $120-150 a year if you build your own coils like I do. Smoking a pack a day is about 3,000 a year and kills you lol.
  3. Well first I'm not a doctor but..... Vaping is vaper like what doctors give for people that smoke pot (not really my thing but). It comes in liquid just like e juice. And the smoking method is the same. Vaping has no hazards chemicals from the vape. Nicotine is debatable if its good or bad for a person. The addiction part however is still very real. To date no person has had a single health issue related to vaping (and definitely hasn't killed anyone). It was invented in 1937 and people did start using it in 1966 used with taboo. Didn't get popular tell about 20 years ago. 53 years and not a single health issue is most likely better than almost all the things you and most anybody eat and drink everyday. Beer and alcohol kills 88,000 people a year. Cigarettes kill someone every 6 sec. And kills 1 out of 3 people that smoke. Thats basically playing Russian roulette with a 3 chamber gun (instead of 6) and one in the chamber. Yet vaping hasn't even got a person sick yet let alone kill anyone (53 years). Think just how badly BIG TABCOO wants vaping to look bad. You would think they would even make up things to try and spread fear. Yet even with them gunning for vaping. Still not a single health issue. Trading one bad habit for another isn't smart at all...... agreed. But trading a habit that kills someone every 6 sec for a habit that hasn't even gotten anyones sick in 53 years. Thats a huge 👍 You probably know almost nothing about this topic being that you have never researched the facts about it (just about everything you posted is wrong in terms of the vaping it self). You compared it to smoking from a 38 to a 44. Smoking kills billions and vaping in over 50 years hasn't even got 1 person sick. Thats a horrible comparison. The two share a similar name and have nicotine in both. After that one is a nuclear bomb in your body the other is tap water. But the part about not trading a bad habit for another Is absolutely true and a good life lesson to any child who hasn't learned it yet. 😁 Since you gave me some advise I feel I should repay you the favor. This is not an excuse to smoke or anything..... but dude if you as you say have never smoked (or even worse smoked for 20-30 years) and tried to quit 20-100 times in that span. My advise is at least research what your giving advise on if you have no experience. Typing paragraphs of un true info is a waste of your time. And its factually untrue information. Probably better to stick with things that you know facts on or about things that don't require real facts (like opinion or personal preference topics 😉) When I asked a mod if I could discus this topic (breaking forum rules or not). He told me sure np..... but be ready some people will probably lecture you on it (judge). All good though 👍. Im just trying to chat about some juice flavors. But feel free to dislike it. Its still a bad habit and certainly not something someone would use to try thinking its a life improvement. But going from cigarets that kill billions to a safe product is a life improvement. I wont die from smoking.... but 1 of the 3 guys standing outside smoking will.
  4. Cool I will absolutely make a visit...
  5. I've always recommended that waiting for changing anything after buying used speakers for a few months at-least is the way to go. That included refreshing/changing xo. Its my opinion to really hear the subtle changes that some changes can have might require learning the sound first (like muscle memory for a musician). And I still believe 99% of this. But after replacing xo in now two sets of old klipsch (81 corns 78 lascala)........I have to say if I went back in time I absolutely would have ordered these xo backing out the drive way after buying these speakers! I wont splash the page with a bunch of classic gushing. But to anyone with the old xo from the first series cornwalls, or lascalas (its the only two I can talk with direct experience). Do it. Do it now! The cornwall xo switch experience made me a believer (from a strong sceptic). But now after hearing the somewhat hilariously stupid size improvement in two in a row. That Im so sold on this that I have a strong desire to buy some old heritage speakers just so I can replace the xo in them. (Thats complete sarcasm yes.... but I do kind of have that urge). lol Its like learning something really cool, And you cant wait to teach someone else that you know will find as much value, and happiness from it. Ok sorry I guess I did splash the page a little in describing how I wouldn't lol.
  6. Do you use there juice?
  7. Lucas is one of those people that cant tell a joke that anyone would ever think was funny. Has zero personality or animation in how he talks. He talks one way that way and no other way. He might move his head a tiny bit when he thinks he said something funny and sorta smiles.The guy is a freaking robot lol. But the guys imagination is off the charts. Hes created a universe that has more details than are own has lol. 100s of different races, planets, 1000s of different weapons and space ships. Not to mention after every movie he made in this series (even the ones not as popular) it became instantly the new gold standard in sound/special effects/cgi and filming. But
  8. Well the fake reason for the war didn't matter to the story at all. They could have been fighting over what color shirt everyone should wear and would have meant no less or more than the tax angle.
  9. Darth sidious plan was bloody brilliant. Took almost 20 years but still..... The plan got all messed up because Sidious and his master darth plagueis (who was still alive in e1) Using the force they created life. That life was Anakin Skywalker (his mom was like mary got pregnant with no man just happened). They created him to be powerful enough to kill Yoda. And he could have if they found him first. But the jedi got to him first. Durning this Darth maul was reviled (sidious master didn't know about him). So when everything went to hell Sidious poisoned and killed his master so he could recruit anakin for himself (plus training darth maul was a big no no). So for almost 20 years Sidious constantly brain washed Anakin telling him the jedi are lying to you. The jedi are afraid of you, the jedi don't trust you the jedi are holding you back, the jedi...................... The movies don't explain this at all but Sidious was Anakins closest friend. And trusted him more than anyone even ben. Anakin Skywalker hated the jedi. After he becomes Vader in the suit ,Sidious would always tease him that he use to be a pathetic jedi for almost 20 years. Telling him he will never be a real sith because he has to much jedi in him. Vader responded "I was never a jedi. I didn't believe in anything they stood for and was always faking my true feeling. I was never a jedi!"
  10. Read my post above. Darth sidious (emperor) had to have a reason for war so he made up one. Very similar to real life 👍
  11. Read my quote above yours. The war wasn't about taxes. My post explains what the war was about. The movies don't explain this but trust me its all about destroying the jedi. Until they were gone there was no way for the sith to rule. Even if they did get control the jedi would have stepped in and taken it back. Darth sidious (emperor) durning the last season of clone wars (cartoon ran 6 season by lucas. All cannon takes place between e2 and e3) in the last few episodes he fights Yoda (they do fight but its hard to explain). Darth sidious (emperor) tells count dooku before the fight this is a chance to see how close we are (main mission goal). Anyways they fight Yoda pretty much curb stomps him (sorta again hard to explain). Anyways after the fight and he escapes. Darth sidious (emperor) talks to count dooku and says "Yoda....he's he's so soo powerful! (shakes his head in total disappointment). We are still not ready!.... still more work to do...(both with there heads down in failure)...". Basically hes saying we cant revel are plan yet because Yoda will kill us. We need to weaken him more and grown in power in the process.
  12. Na. Definitely not. Leia wasn't lukes twin sister tell he wrote e6 (return of the jedi). As mentioned Darth vader wasn't lukes father. And Vader wasn't even a main villain tell everyone liked him. If Vader didn't become so popular and sell toys like crazy we probably would have never got the next 3 movies. Theres way to many examples that show Lucas wrote these one at a time and they were always changing. But I won't say he never said that (even though he probably didn't. at least with that meaning). I've seen him contradict himself from one interview to the next. In his defense he has so many different version of these stories rolling around his head. I can see how he might get some things mixed up. We only have to remember it one way. Lucas had lots of help writing these movies (after the first one). He would have plot lines and characters and a crap loads of ideas. And of course final say on everything. But so much came from the other main writers.
  13. In seriousness though.....If you have children that play in the room the speakers are. My recommendation isn't to spend to much on speakers tell they are older. Stuffs going to get hit with toys, bumped into, drawn on, played on, food and drinks splashed on. Who knows right... Get something you can place high up they cant get to. As far as people putting drinks on them or whatever? This confuses me a little.... Are we talking kids? or adults? If its kids then I go back to what I said above. If its adults then I go back to what I said above.
  14. Just to add to this a little. Depending on the measurements. You could just leave the doors on. So when you want to listen just open them. Set up like this would be very clean. No wires. Location of the open doors could cause some issues depending how far they open. The hinges used could be replaced with something that would make this less of an issue.
  15. I think I need to stop coming to this forum!
  16. Heritage_Head


    Wasn't sure on this topic. But Im always looking for new juice recommendations (or other useful advance ideas). So if any of you guys/gals are in to this please share. I quit smoking tobacco cigarettes about ten years ago. I was getting my wisdom teeth removed and filling out forms before. It asked if I smoked and how long. When I did the math and realized it was more than 20 years I shook my head, and used the fact you cant smoke for about a week after the teeth removal as a starting point. A few years later I started again but quickly stopped and went to vaping. Then it was a pretty small market compared to today but it has kept me from smoking. Anyways....... Now I mostly drip and squonk (drip is where you drip juice into the atomizer on the coil/wick. Squonk is a devise that holds juice in plastic bottle below the atomizer. Pushing on the middle of the plastic bottle flows juice up into the atomizer and wets the wick/coil with juice). Both these are rebuildable (build own coils/wicks). And costs is next to nothing for materials. Nicoticket has been my favorite online place to buy juice. They are high cost (comparable) at about $25 for 60ml. But being that it lasts a few months its pretty cheap. They imo make some of the best juice on the planet (That I've found anyways). Sadly they don't make the large catalog of different juices they use to. In fact they only make a few now. The linked two below are two of there best but I miss their variety. http://www.nicoticket.com/custards-last-stand-60ml-chubby-gorilla/ http://www.nicoticket.com/the-virus-60ml-chubby-gorilla/
  17. Im not a big fan of bookshelf's for mains (even with a sub). Im sure there are lots of great systems that would change my mind (for the record I don't count speakers like heresys as bookshelf). With that said having no used market a sub as recommended already would be the next move. And down the road at some point to get floor standing speakers. The sub would still be an asset with the bigger speakers. The bookshelf's could be sold or moved to surround duty. Welcome to Klipsch AA.
  18. Find a nice set used for a a good price ($500 range). Then the only thing lost will be the time spent looking and driving to buy them. You'll have all your answers with no money risked. I don't think they would look that good on there sides (looking at your pic). I only bring up the looks because its obviously a large part in your thinking. What about inside the cabinet? If you where to remove two doors on each side would they fit? A little finish work on the cabinet area that you removed 2 doors on might look top notch with a set of herseys placed flush. Like if the inside area was painted black. Lots of cool ideas that might work.
  19. Yup. agreed Generally from what I've read they eq/filter and other things based on the driver, box, and port (based on what the goals are and what they have to work with to get there). That sound about right? Svs echoed what you said after telling me it wouldn't physically fit anyways. I know that some people would switch from the bash to the sledge amps on there older svs subs. But those were normally switching to the amp that was now in the same sub (model) that they have. I thought it might work with the low and high pass filters in the dsp of the sledge (peqs are nice as well). But still knew it might not be a good handshake.
  20. SVS emailed me back will NOT fit.
  21. I have a pb10-nsd with 300watt bash amp. And have a pb12-plus sledge 800 watt amp in a box (at my storage). Was wondering if the physical size of the plate would be the same size to switch them. I cant just look being that one is in storage. Its about a 30min drive so if someone knows it could save me some time. I did email svs with this question also..... The bash amp is a cut all costs bare bones (volume, phase and on/off/auto). The pb12-plus 800 watt sledge has dsp 2 peqs, low and high pass filters, different tune modes and more. Not to mention almost 3 times the power head room. I know it probably could damage the driver if not used correctly but... Imho the term to much power is never the case. Less effort is always an advantage in making loud noises. Thanks
  22. This was the point of the thread!!!!! We want to know.... ROY
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