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  1. hey Carl - The lady at the sanding station in these pictures - is it the same person -Mrs Judy McBay
  2. we all wish for a pair of these - sad to se a lone Jubilee if that is one -in that shape Double WOW - great picture Carl -
  3. nah - my vote is on you for the next moderator -
  4. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/156665-hope-gathering-2015-pictures/ thank you Carl - very much obliged
  5. were these the 200$ belles everybody was talking about - congratulations , the seller must have been a very kind person
  6. SORRY- snark patrol -the one and only - congratulations Thad - all the best -
  7. pictures - please - thank you
  8. Did Anybody lose any mag wheels this year -
  9. what is the SNARK PATROL -
  10. None of this self entitled "snarky" now. A proper acceptance speech is in order for such a memorable occasion. When I saw the announcement from Chad this morning
  11. shark patrol - moderator - isnt that a dichotomy
  12. great news - nick offerman is a moderator -
  13. yeah - after seeing the right pictures - a bigger hole is needed -but that is very easy to do with a router - you remove the k701 - then place the k601 with front face on the motorboard - line up with the tweeter - take a color pencil and trace the outline - -with a router - cut out the midrange opening , the openings have to be recessed as well so the horn is flush with the motorboard -1/2 hour per cabinet - and the look would be seamless -
  14. I agree with you 100% as well - thanks for the pictures - that k601 is bigger but it would fit with the modification of the cut out of the mid horn - the k601 is a very nice horn in comparison with the k701 - what a difference it must do in the sound of a CW3 -
  15. yea - you are 100% right - but the modification is a very easy one to do - thanks for the info - I have the k400-the k600-the k701 - but I am missing the k601 - the k69 from the forte 2 and the chorus 2 is great but in the CW3 would definitely not fit - by the way - what is the htz rating of the k69 horn lense or does that not matter as it is a tractrix horn -
  16. -the phenolic diaphragms are the second option -as Morey mentionned - he k601 is the only horn that fits on the K701 titanium drivers -4 screws in the back - just like the k701 - - you would have to get the proper measurements to compare - but the mod is very simple and cheap as well as these are 30$ - 50$ horns only - -dont touch the crossover - it is fine - as the only difference here is 100htz - you will however hear a more pleasant midrange sound , and not as harsh as the k701 as the k701 was meant for a smaller speaker - rather than the 1 foot wider Cornwall cab -
  17. None of this self entitled "snarky" now. A proper acceptance speech is in order for such a memorable occasion. yeah , where is the speech
  18. None of this self entitled "snarky" now. A proper acceptance speech is in order for such a memorable occasion. When I saw the announcement from Chad this morning I was all like.. and then I was like... thank you, my Minions. hide your kids - and your wives - we got a new moderator - ooooooooooops - I voted for the man -
  19. where did you find this badge fileDidn't think they'd have any, but I wrote Klipsch support asking after these. Here's what I got back, in case anyone else is trying to get hold of 'em:Product: KSF-S5 Part Number: 70231 Part Description: KV4 LOGO ok so these badges are available - how much were they directly from Klipsch - I was going to reproduce them on a vinyl strip and then glue it on - bying these is much less of a hasstle
  20. a CW3 is a H3 with a bigger box and a 15 inch woofer - otherwise the specs are pretty close -
  21. I dont have a k601 to verify but I do have a K600 and a k700 metal horns and a k701 that I compare with - just off the top of my head - I think it would fit riight on with the exception of the holes for the horns - the crossover ,. I wouldnt touch it , at all - but maybe some of the crossover guys here would be more precise on that -
  22. higher quality is the titanium - dont forget that your tweeter k792 is also titanium - meaning you would have the change the tweeter diaphragm as well fora blanced sound or else - your highs will sound bad with the phenolic midrange - -the k601 horn on the other hand would be the solution to raise your midrange to 600htz rather than 700htz - no diaphragms changes needed - -
  23. STUBHUB is the way to go - bravo Sancho -
  24. Here are 2 pictures showing a CW2 with a k601 and a CW3 with a K701 - as you see - there is ample room to fit the K601 in the CW3 and resolve your problem - the factory did a great job at leaving enough room for this modification - un-screw the k701 - screw in the k601 - no modifications needed - same midrange driver - 4 screws on that one - 1/2 an hour for a definitely better midrange that you will love - -just to be precise on that one - you hit on the weakness of the CW3 - the k601 resolves the issue once and for all -it was a cost-cutting measure to standardize all horns and drivers for the CW3 and HERESY 3
  25. you can swap a K601 in the slot of the K701 - you would gain 100htz overall - it should be a perfect fit with very little changes -
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