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  1. -the phenolic diaphragms are the second option -as Morey mentionned - he k601 is the only horn that fits on the K701 titanium drivers -4 screws in the back - just like the k701 - - you would have to get the proper measurements to compare - but the mod is very simple and cheap as well as these are 30$ - 50$ horns only - -dont touch the crossover - it is fine - as the only difference here is 100htz - you will however hear a more pleasant midrange sound , and not as harsh as the k701 as the k701 was meant for a smaller speaker - rather than the 1 foot wider Cornwall cab -
  2. None of this self entitled "snarky" now. A proper acceptance speech is in order for such a memorable occasion. yeah , where is the speech
  3. None of this self entitled "snarky" now. A proper acceptance speech is in order for such a memorable occasion. When I saw the announcement from Chad this morning I was all like.. and then I was like... thank you, my Minions. hide your kids - and your wives - we got a new moderator - ooooooooooops - I voted for the man -
  4. where did you find this badge fileDidn't think they'd have any, but I wrote Klipsch support asking after these. Here's what I got back, in case anyone else is trying to get hold of 'em:Product: KSF-S5 Part Number: 70231 Part Description: KV4 LOGO ok so these badges are available - how much were they directly from Klipsch - I was going to reproduce them on a vinyl strip and then glue it on - bying these is much less of a hasstle
  5. a CW3 is a H3 with a bigger box and a 15 inch woofer - otherwise the specs are pretty close -
  6. I dont have a k601 to verify but I do have a K600 and a k700 metal horns and a k701 that I compare with - just off the top of my head - I think it would fit riight on with the exception of the holes for the horns - the crossover ,. I wouldnt touch it , at all - but maybe some of the crossover guys here would be more precise on that -
  7. higher quality is the titanium - dont forget that your tweeter k792 is also titanium - meaning you would have the change the tweeter diaphragm as well fora blanced sound or else - your highs will sound bad with the phenolic midrange - -the k601 horn on the other hand would be the solution to raise your midrange to 600htz rather than 700htz - no diaphragms changes needed - -
  8. STUBHUB is the way to go - bravo Sancho -
  9. Here are 2 pictures showing a CW2 with a k601 and a CW3 with a K701 - as you see - there is ample room to fit the K601 in the CW3 and resolve your problem - the factory did a great job at leaving enough room for this modification - un-screw the k701 - screw in the k601 - no modifications needed - same midrange driver - 4 screws on that one - 1/2 an hour for a definitely better midrange that you will love - -just to be precise on that one - you hit on the weakness of the CW3 - the k601 resolves the issue once and for all -it was a cost-cutting measure to standardize all horns and drivers for the CW3 and HERESY 3
  10. you can swap a K601 in the slot of the K701 - you would gain 100htz overall - it should be a perfect fit with very little changes -
  11. the capacitors were , made in China or Mexico in the crossovers on the wood board FOR THE CW2 - the square crossover terminal cups were assembled in Mexico for the boards only - the terminal cups were mounted -and soldered at the factory -and were made in Hope ARK sorry for the pictures shown but that is all I could find
  12. the capacitors were made in china and the crossover assembled in Mexico or HOPE -
  13. you would gain on the midrange - the horn is much bigger -
  14. no comparison between the both as these are 2 diffferent speakers - more bass - highs on the C3- titanium drivers - belles are 450htz mid horn - k77 tweeter -so a better midrange - cornwalls 3 700htz - belles are awesome and gorgeous cabs - as well as cornwals - you can change the midrange horn on the C3 but there is very little room left to that -
  15. or maybe , the winner is just too busy listening to the Belles - were these speakers in working condition or baskets
  16. they 're gone , somehow it could be that it was not a forum member after all who bought these or we would have known by now
  17. it would be fun to compare a heresy 2 with a Heresy 1 - ot even a heresy 3 - the ideal would be to have a set of each and see the differences
  18. so what are the results of this petition - is he in or out -
  19. beautiful speakers - I have 3 pairs of Heresies - just cant get enough -
  20. OO1

    some luck

    there are 2 models of this unit - the latest one put out 90 watts pe channel at 8ohms with all the latest bells and whistles - - you namre it for 2015 it has got it - cant go wrong - what speakers are you using , that is the biggest question to answer if the power output is enough - Here is a video showing the units features -
  21. well... what do you think his take is on the new networks... I dunno...he'll ejaculate upon hearing them? are you two buddies now -
  22. We have a Forum member in Iran. Nope, just your average wood butcher that likes making saw dust. how is the weather in Texas ,is it hot enough so you can you open the doors and vent the workshops - we are still in the deep freeze down here - I've had the AC on at the house the last couple days. Last night I was in the garage putting the driver in my latest project and had to keep stopping to wipe sweat off my forehead so it wouldn't drip on the box. I put a window AC into a fellow Nurse's bedroom window when it was over 100 degrees out. She was right there wiping the sweat off my forehead as I worked. Made a lot of difference when you don't have to wipe your own sweat. still 32 farenheit over here and the nights are cooler -
  23. awesome deal - at least , you know that the speakers will be in great shape - I like the 200 dvd's for 100$ - the jewel cases cost more than a $ each- out here in NY , you would pay 2x for this - take care -
  24. the average person on the street knows that they are much better off now than before - their immediate concern , is to find a way out of poverty , heavy pollution , sickness , -and that takes time - the ones who have the chance to immigrate are very happy to leave -
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