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  1. The date on the original ad is June 16, 2017. If he still has them you might get a better price Mark
  2. I had the 2nd pair, they sound decent, the ear pads wore out and there's no way to replace them Mark
  3. It's really an old joke and I still laugh every time. And I used it on an old GF before too Mark
  4. Here come the points from the Mods LOL Are you still working with this sh*t in the air?
  5. If you had as many pricks sticking out of you as in you, you'd be a porcupine 🤣 Mark
  6. Get your joint from someone who isn't Mexican, try a dispensary, prices are higher but you will get what you want Mark
  7. I'm bored, I'll send them a message Mark
  8. I was counting you in on the move Mark
  9. @Woofers and Tweetershelp me out here, Opus is trying to downsize on a system he doesn't have. YET! So we have to pull four single bins down, no problem
  10. I know the singles fit, I know you want the double bins. As they say Go big or.....never mind, you've gone large
  11. I think your system is dialed in, you do need a pair of 1900s IF you have figured out a way to get the double bass bin in the basement without punching a hole on the walls. You know I'll be there to help you make that move. @The History Kidis making a solid living now, cut the kid a break and unload a pair of Belles on him. This pandemic has to be slowing your buying down, enough of it, get out there and BUY!
  12. You're cracking me up! We had this discussion 4 or 5 years ago. How's the purge going?🙄🙄🙄 Mark
  13. I'm stepping aside, I need to sell gear right now. Go get it! Mark
  14. I have been holding out for a 117 but this is a nice receiver. I am talking with him to try and pick it up tomorrow. Thanks for the lead. Mark
  15. Thank you James, Maybe I'll get lucky and have this fall in my lap Mark
  16. Why the cross post in Alerts and Garage sales? I see you changed it to garage sale only. Thank you for the clarification and words. GLWS Mark
  17. Sorry I was commenting on a pair of Khorns in the Alert section. As soon as I saw it was a member's I changed my post. If you put it in garage sale no one will comment on the price, leave it in Alerts and you will get comments on condition and price Mark
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