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  1. Use the brass plates that come with the speakers, you WILL NOT hear a difference. For speaker cable, use oxygen free cable.
  2. If you are using the denons amp s in the receiver, it will cut down. Depends on how many speakers you are hooking up, depends on how much it will send to the speaker. They are not dedicated amps. The only way to do that is with a separate amp. Look up sound and vision magazine from 2010, they have all the amp outputs on certain receiver s. It doesn't matter which one you look up, you will understand what I'm talking about. There are no laws written on how companies rate their receiver s. What you are reading is one channel at a time, once you hook up another speaker it drops down drasticly .
  3. just the back panel and the front panel come loose so just lay it on its back reglue the front and put some weight on it , wait a couple of days the do the back
  4. what are you using the speakers for , 2 channel or home theater? my son had a pair and they didnt wake up until he put some watts behind them, I think like 2 hundred per channel but I cant remember what amp.
  5. it wont be any different unless you have a separate 4 channel amp to run the 82s. Even though its says 70 watts per channel,that's one channel. once you run more than one speaker it starts to cut down . once you start running 5 speakers , you are only putting about 30 to 40 watts per channel. So just make sure the brass plates are on the back of the speaker and run on 1 channel.
  6. I have a pair of KLF 20s , the cabinets come unglued as do the ports, take all the drivers out , take a heat gun to the old glue and reglue them with liquid nails.. They are easy to fix . also replace the tweeter with Crites tweeters and you have a pair of speakers that will last you a life and sound awesome doing so.
  7. audio video therapy in NH is a heritage Klipsch Dealer but I don't think they have Khorns in stock but you could call them. Address: 216 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua, NH 03060 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Tue Phone: (603) 888-9777
  8. Thats fine , you wont hurt it unless you played it at above concert levels.
  9. I have klf20, klf10, kg.5 ,kv3
  10. Hi guys , Im looking for a new home theater receiver . I think I have it narrowed down to Integra DRX-4.2, Pioneer SC-LX701 , or Yamaha RX-A3060r . I really dont know much about them just trying to figure which would be the best one, They are all about the same price on https://www.accessories4less.com/. They all have there good points and bad. I would like one that was user friendly if that helps. If anybody has used one or two of these I would like your feed back,
  11. Hey everybody, Im thinking about getting a PIONEERElite SC-LX701 . Ive done searches but havent found much on them. Does anybody here have one or knows anybody that has one ? How do you like it or dislike it?
  12. I have chorus IIs and I will never get rid of them, my son had rf7 s. The chorus II hands down no contest.
  13. The klf 10 is an awesome speaker . Ive had mine now for around 17 years and they still sound awesome. When shopping you will have to check out the cabinets because they come unglued but dont worry about it , just a little work and you will have great sounding speakers.
  14. My son @dtr20 will chime in soon and help you out . He is very good at cleaning them up . My chorus lls were a lot worse than that and thet look and sound awesome now.
  15. whats seems to be the problem? Have you tried them without the sub? How far away are they from the the wall /corner? If they are for 2 channel only , I would get a 2 channel receiver . My chorus lls sound better with a 2 channel receiver than with a home theater receiver. Ive tried an onkyo 717 , an itegra home theater receiver , an sx780 pioneer 2 channel ,a parasound receiver . The 2 channel always sounds better to me and its not just a slight difference. the chorus always sound tinny , no bass on a home theater receiver, put it on a 2 channel receiver and they wake up .
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