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  1. Gods and Generals Dances with Wolves: dts-MA 7.1; Buffalo scene is awesome Sound of Music: dts-MA 7.1; chick flick with War theme CARS2: dts-MA 7.1 Transformers Dark of the Moon: DolbyTrueHD 7.1 Glory: Sharpsburg battle scene at 1st of movie is very good Lord of the Rings: dts-MA 6.1 Top Gun
  2. eBay=uMay ;-) retail & cost have no bearing on what a pair actually sold for; no warranty & black, but $200.00, delivered? Hard to believe, but there it is in the sold listings.
  3. Don't we wish, that was one heckuva deal.
  4. Not me, especially without the Woofer, it's a non-starter. Bet I can find a set of HIIIs for close to that cost: $310 including local sales tax Each Plus Shipping Plus cost of HIIs. Guy had a set of Black IIIs in the gs last week for $650. 2 months ago, 2 NiB Black IIIs went for $200.00 Delivered on uMay.
  5. sweet, wonder if changes my 4 ohm, 94dB speakers to 8/99?
  6. thought maybe I should take this out of the FS thread, will start a new one... at $290 per speaker plus shipping and local tax, I'll pass... rather put that toward a new set of HIIIs or more than one set of used HIIs... called Ryan with Klipsch, no longer includes woofers, but high & mid-range drivers & crossover
  7. nice finish, though, and the grilles with badges are sweet
  8. Shipping would kill this deal for me. But, my mains are HII's for now, but will change, as the speaker gods & *s List allows. Eventually I want 3 HIIs as Centers, with the odd 1 in my Parlor (wife & twins factor) W&tF, LoL.
  9. When I tried to register with this BB, had to use Safari, IE would NOT work.
  10. Wonder what a mate would cost? In the meantime, would it make a decent Center?
  11. your lucky I didn't have a cargo strap... he sez he fit a set of La Scalas in a Prius V; maybe he did it 1 at a time?
  12. went to pick up a pair of speakers today....guess what the guy drove up in? ...a Prius...
  13. How did they find out the Polak who won the Olympic Gold Metal? He tried to have it Bronzed!!! P.S. my mothers maiden name was Schawbloski Seriously, thoughtful offer, hopefully someone will take this deal.
  14. Do you plan to finish them, or is raw better sonically? Oh, yeah, pics, or they didn't happen!!!
  15. do you order from that Nakamichi link? if so, how long does it take to receive your order?
  16. Good find! insomnia pays off, sometimes
  17. Have often thought about Oppo, Denon, & other top players. What holds me back is this: for the price of 1 of them, you can buy, 2, 4, or even more of the top of the line Panasonic, Sony et Cetera, & keep the latest model every year, for at least 2 years & with technology improvements. I've got 3 $800 players, 2 still work as designed, but my $100 LG is better than them. Some people can afford the latest & greatest of all the above, but many more can't. So for those with limited budgets. .
  18. I'd offer 4, being willing to go 450, 5 if they have cane grilles
  19. gentlemen, I have a Master's Degree in Armor; sure hope my home doesn't catch fire, for the sake of the neighbors...
  20. My guess is he's making them out of the mold so they don't show up with metal detectors. Not good. but, NOT illegal
  21. I've heard really good things about Pansasonic, which is what I'd buy, if I wanted a new one, & their new models are just out.
  22. I've got an LG that worked great with my LG 3D, until the TV died; now works great with my Panasonic 3D. What brand tv do you have?
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