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  1. Wow, these used klipsch prices are crazy.
  2. Looks very nice. I would suggest a Qobuz or Tidal subscription for lossless and hi-Rez streaming, ditch the Spotify. Shakey
  3. Oh I’m not surprised at that. I had a Yamaha receiver about the same time period and the B&K amps were like a breath of fresh air compared to that thing. Shakey
  4. My Cornwalls sounded good out of the box, but a little tight and reserved. But a couple hundred hours later and they were great. Improvements were in bass depth and articulation, dynamics and that elusive involvement factor. I’ll be interested to hear what you think in a month or two. Shakey
  5. Shakeydeal

    Klipschorns (DFW)

    Price seems high to me.
  6. I had the EX 442 and later the ST monoblocks back in the mid 90s driving von schweikert speakers. I think they were just average and were bettered by a parasound hca 2200 II pretty easily. I would rank B&K about the same as Adcom. Ok, but not great for sure. Shakey
  7. FWIW I bought my pair w/o an audition. I knew I was taking a chance but knowing what I knew about the forte III and Cornwall II I figured it was worth the gamble. And it turns out I was right.
  8. Any speaker will sound better with some reinforcement behind it. Some need to be farther away from a wall than others, but all of them need some assistance. It's not so much the size of your room, but the open floor plan with high ceilings that is the issue. Throw in lots of hard, reflective surfaces and you have a recipe for disaster. Shakey
  9. Here’s a thought. Move the television downstairs too. Let the kids have that room and watch movies down there when you want to. Then you can move the speakers upstairs to a more suitable place in that horrible room for when you want to seriously listen to music. It’s still a compromise but it might be the best one. Shakey
  10. Ahh yes, you are correct grasshopper......
  11. Ahhh, no. That would be 50% longer.
  12. What if it's indistinguishable to you, but a very distinct difference to me? Who is right? Or does anyone even have to be right?
  13. You have keyed in on a most important point. Since everyone hears differently, nothing will sound exactly the same to any two people. Which is why it's ridiculous for anyone to say there are NO differences between this thing or the other thing. And we don't listen to measurements, so shouldn't our ears be the final arbiter? The bottom line is this. If standing on my head while facing a northeasterly direction makes my system sound better to me, then it IS indeed an improvement. Shakey
  14. I can hear the difference between everything on your list except for tone controls, and that sh*t doesn't apply to me. I have paid great attention to speaker selection, setup, room dimensions, and room treatment. These things are not mutually exclusive from the other fine details that go into a great sounding system. If you don't sweat the small details you will never wring the most out of your system. I would challenge you to put together a system with the same speakers in the same room. Your system will have throw away cables, a cheap DVD player spinning a burned seedee of MP3 quality material, and a cheap Pro SS amplifier using the preamp of your choice with tone controls in any position you like. Mine will have decent (but not bank breaking) cables, a high quality DAC with high quality streamer, tube amp (that measures the same as your SS amp) and tube preamp (with NO tone controls, lol). All components will have upgraded power cords. I'm going to say that my system will outperform yours. You will probably say there will be ZERO sonic difference.
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