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  1. No extra sub is used Schu However the original woofer / sub drivers have been replaced with a pair of Crites 15" cast And the bass reflex sub box added The Crites are rated to 26 Hz
  2. Another good reason to return to Brisbane.Were you able to measure the results of your mods, the work looks very impressive. Are the crossovers DIY?? Thanks for the compliment Bubo If you come back to Brisbane look me up and if the stars align you can come over for a listen All the mods are tuned by ear. However I would dearly love to get some measurements with high quality equipment for accurate readings Bubo yes the crossovers are DIY here is the thread to see the build from start to finish - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/149952-a-crossover-design-on-single-exposed-board/
  3. Congrats from one LS owner the another You can pimp them up and add a bass bin just like mine if the desire is there Upgrades are only limited by your desire and imagination I myself don't like doing things by halves
  4. A telephoto shot of Luna Park located just past Sydney harbour bridge And the famous coat hanger by day and by night
  5. Yes they are still available Frankly I'm surprised that they haven't been snatched up yet Cheers FR
  6. Condolences to the Boxx family He had friends far and wide May he rest in a music filled place From Full Range - Australia
  7. These well regarded ALK Crossovers are still available And with the Australian dollar falling they look more attractive in the exchange rate for anyone interested
  8. Donation sent for the Boxx memorial Kind regards and Condolences to the family from Full Range in Australia
  9. Location: Brisbane Australia Item - ALK Design AP12-600 + AP15-6000 Crossover Networks - Klipsch Item condition: As New ( only used for approx one month ) Price: $550 AU As the U.S. dollar is up against the AU dollar anyone interested should do a currency conversion to check a final cost Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Methods: Paypal + % is the easiest method for international Postage at buyers expense but I am willing to cover half the postage cost so the buyer won't be disadvantaged and will probably be close to the same price as local postage No need to introduce these ALK designed and made crossover networks. If you are into Klipsch sound, this is the best upgrade money can buy. Can be used for for most 3-way Heritage Klipsch speakers Or a variety of other horn based speaker projects Perfect for Cornscala builders and standard La Scala Bought these for temporary use of 1 month while building custom crossovers Lots of info on-line: http://www.alkeng.com/klipsch.html These networks are popular so get in quick
  10. I use the Nakamichi CA-5 II preamp for all HiFi applications - ie Tape, Phono, CD However the CA 1 is an AV processor preamp Probably out of date with AV advances since its release If the build quality is anything like the CA-5 then it will be superb for its design parameters Here is some user reviews - http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/preamplifiers/nakamichi/ca-1/prd_118469_1591crx.aspx
  11. Thanks for posting the HDR photos My Canon DSLR camera has the HDR feature but never used it Youre post may have given me a prod and a poke to give it a try Just wondering if it works as well on closeup near macro shots Watch this space as I give it a go
  12. It's a TransFi Terminator 3 from England Tangential tracking that floats on air Gave this 401 the full treatment and fitted it with the amo to get the job done Thank you both for the comments
  13. A photo or two of my reworked Garrard 401 turntable Project was just completed last week
  14. Everything is more expensive in Australia Freight is a killer due to our distance & remote location
  15. I use 2 CD players / Transports One classic one modern - Both are no longer produced - but can be had second hand The classic is a Marantz CD94 MK II The Modern is a Audio GD CD7 SE Both CD players are excellent and I am spoilt for choice All you people that poo poo old technology read this The classic Philips CD-1 transport is still considered in the top 3 of all time
  16. I can see why it won an award - So much depth
  17. That girl has a great voice but one song does not make a singer However with the nature of these shows and the stupidity of the producers to couple stupid song selections with contestants that can't handle a style is frustrating to watch I hope she does well and stays true to herself However if the music machine industry has anything to do with it she will be gobbled up and left in a heap Sorry if it sounds negative but we have all seen how very few contestants and winners have fared in the past
  18. It's happening all the time now Journalists and reviewers just cut and paste a company press release and if they feel creative - just add some words of your own Definition of a press release is an advertisement that reads and sounds like an everyday conversation
  19. The bass extension mod has made a big difference to my La Scalas So I can't see any reason that it wouldn't work on other similar designs
  20. Yes they are hand turned on a lathe Materials are a combination of Brass and Alluminium The brass section is also height adjustable and there is a small round coupling plate for the spike Ohh and the Turntable is a Garrard 401
  21. Marvel - Would that be dependent on what drivers are used ? I may devise a sliding port length system the next time I am in the mood to pull the cabinets apart and give it a try I've always wanted to try this mod. Does anyone have FR curves of before and after this mod? I like that it is easily reversible. See one of Marvels old threads - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/91448-la-scala-bass-mod-again/
  22. For those interested I have measured the Bass extension cabinet of my La Scalas that were built by the Original Poster - @sootshe
  23. This link is for the bass bin discussion - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/91448-la-scala-bass-mod-again/ And on this link go to post #3 and download the PDF Drawings - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/115643-la-scala-2-plans/
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