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  1. This is helpful to know. It actually makes my life easier, in terms of placement, to turn this sucker around. I'll find a way to give it a good corner.
  2. Some very badly needed crossover upgrades from another forum member. Mercy those old ones look beat up.
  3. These have been lowered to $175. How have these not gone? Is it the repaired woofer or the lack of grills? Seems silly they haven't sold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah, yeah. He only wanted to sell me it if I bought the tuba, too. If i had taken the THT without it, it would have been $250 and I would have had to have found a more powerful amp for it. My thought was $100 all inclusive was enough of a steal. If any of you are around here and are interested in an unfinished THT with a massive driver, PM me. The sound is rich and very musical. Not too boomy, but you can get it there with the gain if you want it to. I had a velodyne f-1200 (12" driver self powered) hooked up prior and it just wasn't doing it for me. It's a great sub for home theater, but it wasn't getting the musicality of my kind of music. It also blends really well with the Scalas whereas the velodyne sounded pretty removed--so much so that it almost sounded like it was lagging. My girlfriend noticed it, unsolicited, which was reason enough for me to move on. I'll be selling the velodyne soon to cover the trip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. It sounds great! I've tried a variety of music just to see what it can do. Shines on pipe organ music. Sounds great on hip hop. It can FINALLY get that bass string of my favorite jazz trios. Low strings sound great in symphonies. And it definitely makes that ole fashioned rock ROLL! It was a fluke, honestly. He was also selling a Fitzmaurice THT (built to spec) with a 12" Klipsch driver (8 ohm) for $200. That one had been built to spec. I loved, but didn't need it. He also sent the following to me: "I would also agree to sell a set of Hersey speakers at $450 - 1981 (either oak or walnut), and the commercial LaScala - 1980 for $600, or both for $1000. All crossovers have been updated and the LaScala crossover has been refurbished by Bob Crites, and there's a new Klipsch K-43 industrial aluminum cage woofer directly from Klipsch installed in the LaScala." Good deals on some updated Heritage line. His stuff was in great shape. Wish I had the scratch! If anyone is in the Chicago/Milwaukee/Madison area, I can put you in touch with him if you're interested. He's a really nice guy--very talented. Walked me through everything!
  6. Hey all--I had posted on the Fitzmaurice forum, without too many responses. Most people said just give it a try. I drove to Wisconsin yesterday and met a very nice guy who likes these kinds of projects. He had a BEAUTIFUL set of Belle Klipsch in teak, Khorns, Scalas, and 3 pairs of Heresys all being driven at the same time from different parts of the room. I listened to his THT and Tuba Table and they sounded spectacular. The modification makes very little difference to my untrained ear, so I purchased it at a healthy discount. The Tuba Table is now home! It's in need of veneering, which will be my next "to do" project. I'll have to work on the placement, too (as you can see). I picked up the sub, driver, and a 240W Dayton amp (all boxes and manuals included) for $100! He just wanted to make room for building other projects. Anyway, it finally rounded out the base problem I was having with these Scalas and I'm thrilled to have it here. (Not sure the neighbors are thrilled, though! )
  7. The price is very reasonable, indeed. I would love to have Jason build me one--his are absolutely beautiful! That would be ideal, really. However, they are out of my price range at the moment and this is a very inexpensive alternative. I just don't want to compromise quality too, too much. I'm a little over budget on making the Scalas work the way I want em' to. I'm trying to cut corners where I can.
  8. There is a plywood reducer ring for a 10" driver. It's a Dayton driver, as Fitzmaurice suggested.
  9. Okay, so a pretty MAJOR clarification--it only adds 6 inches. Wow.
  10. He apparently originally wanted to put a 12" woofer in the sub, so he had left an extra inch of headroom in the center. Now, as a result, that extra inch had to transfer all the way down.
  11. Are there pictures of these fine LSIs? And you got em from a Church?? I want to go to that Church!
  12. Even when that inch turns into 14 feet by the end of the subwoofer! For men and women, 14 feet is a lot!
  13. Calling all Bill Fitzmaurice fans! There is a table tuba that someone is offering me that has an unusual modification. The builder set an extra inch of room for the woofer driver than what was written in the plans and, as a result, the horn has an extra 6 inches of length I believe. I'm wondering how this will affect the frequencies and if it renders the subwoofer useless. The builder claims that he cannot tell any difference--but wanted me to know for the sake of transparency and specifically pointed me to you all. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks all!
  14. That's more than the price for new HIII's, if I'm not mistaken. Probably some hipster who thinks old means you get a huge markup. I love my heresies, but this is silly.
  15. Those are great. I hope to own a pair someday! GLWS.
  16. I'm less of a cynic here. The seller isn't communicating well, so it's up to you to be clear about what you want. Take it to your tech, get the estimate (if it's free), and offer the seller your terms (50% is reasonable). If the seller is still being unprofessional about it, send it back. I just bought an AU-717 that was listed as "perfect condition" and it was DOA. They refunded nearly all of my money and I'm going to end up with a completely updated unit for just a little more than I had paid for a functioning old one--all because I was clear about what would satisfy me. For sellers, it's a lot about feedback... though this seller does not sound as if he or she is all that concerned about ratings. Sorry about the gear. Good luck with everything.
  17. This looks like a great space for some vintage Klipsch! Keep us posted!
  18. I got my first pair a month ago. Love em, but I'm having less luck with the bass issue! Need to find a way to get some rich bass without compromising the musical sound.
  19. Thanks for all the advice friends. I'm going to take some time to look at these soon. Anyone know where I can find F20 and Table Tuba plans?
  20. Hi Tig Guy. First off--do you have pictures of the speakers that you can post? That will help people here give a better assessment of what you are trying to buy. I'm relatively new here and everyone in this community has been wonderful to me. Welcome to the forum. Hope you stay a while!
  21. Did someone land these? The mystery surrounding them is enough to make me curious!
  22. I am glad these are far, far away from me! I've been out of control on spending lately! GLWS.
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