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  1. MyOwn

    To my chiropractor

    Umm... he is a she, and No πŸ˜‰
  2. LOL...Yes to all of it 7 kids here, 2 bedrooms for the kids...Ahh, cbs abc and nbc on regular channels PBS above regular
  3. 🍻There's not an emoji I can find on here to join glencairn glass together Enjoy!
  4. 25 degrees, grey and I think cold. This isn't cold as it "is still above zero" but damn the chill is there...To think as a kid I used to play in this stuff 🀣
  5. MyOwn

    To my chiropractor

    Wow!! I came to you a while ago...Hip problems, back problems, feet problems. I'm getting old I said. You told me I'm not old. After three months "the first month seeing you every week" I can walk without right hip joint pain, my back feels so much stronger and my feet are much better. Thank You 😊
  6. Yes....I have never thought of myself in a group until now 🍻 What happens after the current Old White Men?
  7. I only have enough coffee for 2 cups tomorrow. This is gonna be rough tomorrow. Drink 2 cups then perform the SSS just to purchase Coffee.
  8. Hmmmmmmmmmm https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/23/fico-10-credit-score-changes.html
  9. Tried to query this on the Weather Channel. I think what I allow is causing problems.
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