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  1. We can still share a few beers...I'm free and can travel...I'd love to share a few beers with you.
  2. Seriously @oldtimer I'm oblivious to what you are getting at.
  3. Never...Maybe you have me mistaken for someone else?
  4. What ever gives you an idea I live in dfw?
  5. It is Saturday. Hope all is good with all here at this forum...Cheers to all here🍻 Got some snow falling in me neighborhood. I talked to an old flame via text. Interesting is all I can say... I initiated the back and forth, it is better than I thought..LOL Music and beer or what ever floats your boat, is what I think
  6. New year new Yabba Dabba Do.
  7. ^^^ I have grieved more for my pets than family members... I'm afraid the above will come across as pets are not family members...not true pets are very much a part... I'm talking brothers, sisters, moms and dads
  8. Pictures 🙂 W4S core data and Roon playing and a picture of my setup
  9. Happy Friday to all here at Klipsch Forum. I love the W4S MS. I think Roon Music Player on the Mac Min and Music Server on the W4S is so much better than running Channel D Pure Music on the Mac Mini. The sound coming from the RF-7ii's is really really good.
  10. LOL....I'm in need of this LOL.... I'm big and harry, I don't even want to tackle it.
  11. I almost got to the end of this thread and realized "in my opinion" it is about liability to the host of this free "without tracking your a$$ advertisements involved" "no algorithm watching and capturing your likes and dislikes just to influence your decisions. Someone had posted this isn't a social media site. Well in a way it is. I think change to laws are coming to the likes of social media and the host will be liable for content that is not moderated to the host liking.
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