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  1. Ha! Awesome. I was crashing with a buddy in San Francisco a few months ago. Took his Summilux for a walk while he was at work. So many great cars parked around the mission.
  2. New to the forum, but not photography. Here's a few from this summer. The Hotelier by Robb Hohmann, on Flickr Pew! Pew! Pew! by Robb Hohmann, on Flickr Portrait of Barack Obama by Robb Hohmann, on Flickr Thursday Morning by Robb Hohmann, on Flickr Sunset by Robb Hohmann, on Flickr
  3. Nice score! I've got a pair of the same vintage. Pair them with a nice tube amp and you'll be happy.
  4. So this is more or less where they're going to live. We've got some better furniture on the way (Mapleshade LP shelving should be here today) and the whole system will live here. Not the most ideal, I know, but I'm not the only one making decisions in this house. Getting really nice imaging, soundstage, and no longer having the anemic bass problems.
  5. I've got a Raspberry Pi with a 1tb HDD. Runs Logitech Media server just fine. Audio comes from a Squeezebox Classic. With a little config, I can stream from Tidal pretty easily.
  6. Thought I'd pop in with a quick update. I've installed a matched quad of Gold Lion KT66 and WOW. It's a whole new beast. Incredibly dynamic, tight and controlled bass, forward mids, and crisp highs right out of the box. I think I'm leaving this one alone for now. Will post some photos once I get my living room rearranged.
  7. So perhaps my post was made a bit in haste. I cracked open my preamp today, an AMB Alpha10 which I had to finish wiring the I/O on. Since I had it open, I took the buffers through the initial setup. I was surprised to find the bias WAY off on both channels. I must've been a few glasses of wine in when I built it and not gone through setup. So that, coupled with about 10-hours of burn in on the EL34s changed the sound dramatically. MUCH more balanced through the frequency range, and a real joy to listen to now. The girlfriend was so excited, she blew $150 on vinyl today! Thanks for all of your thorough replies. Speakers are correctly wired in phase, and I've moved the amp from the speaker onto some rubber isolating feet. Man, I'm pleased as hell with this setup.
  8. Long time reader, first time poster. So in the last month, I've acquired a pair of very nice Heresy I speakers dating back to 1984. I've also picked up a Dynaco (kit) ST-70 which was in pretty rough shape. I immediately rebuilt the crossovers with a Crites kit, and rebuilt the entire ST-70 with a Bob Latino VTA 6SN7 octal kit, retaining only the trafos, quadcap, choke and rectifier tube. Prior to the amp rebuild, sound was decent. Full-bodied, good sound stage, and listenable bass. Post rebuild, everything sounded better. Exception: the bass was gone. Like someone took the slider on the far left of the EQ and pushed it all the way down. I listen to a lot of jazz which is what informed the purchase of these components. Two suspected factors: The 6SN7 is a power hungry tube. I may be starving it a little by keeping the stock transformer. The trafo gets hot to the touch, and there's some mechanical hum which can be heard through the speakers. I've ordered a new one from Triode. Output tubes are cheap Chinese EL34s I got off ebay for $30. I just wanted to get something plugged into the sockets to make sounds come out of the speakers. I'll likely order some Gold Lion KT66 based on Bob Latino's glowing (heh) review. Am I on the right track here? Speakers are on Crites risers about 6 feet apart, maybe a foot away from the wall, and about 5 feet from my listening position. These are the first horns I've owned, and I'm LOVING the mids/highs. Before I run out and buy a sub, I'd like to know what I can be fixing first.
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