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    Main system : Panasonic TC-P60ST60 plasma; Denon AVR-X6200W; Monolith 7X; Klipsch RSW-10 sub; modified Klipsch Chorus II Fronts; modified Klipsch Forte II center; modified Klipsch Chorus II surrounds; modified Klipsch Academy rear heights; JBL L20T3 front heights; Mogami 10ga speaker cables, BJC LC-1 interconnects; custom gaming pc

    Secondary system LG 47" LCD; Onkyo tx-nr818; JBL 240Ti Fronts; JBL L40T3 Center; JBL L100T3 Surrounds; Mogami cables; custom htpc/server.

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  1. 314carpenter

    Cornwall III or Forte III, help me choose

    Even better, just buy the real ones and place them around.
  2. 314carpenter

    Cornwall III or Forte III, help me choose

    Figure out where you want to place the speakers and move the furniture out of the space. Next use tape to lay out the floor space. For instance for the lascala allocate 3 square feet to allow for space behind and sides. Blue painter tape on the wall up to the height of the cabinet size. Stand back and you will then begin to appreciate the space requirements it takes to live amongst your speakers of choice.
  3. 314carpenter

    Upgraded Chorus II’s $750

    Cool, exactly like the pair I drove 800 miles RT for and happily paid $900. I have been looking to replicate the same deal ever since without any luck. I am trying for 3 pairs fully revamped in walnut. I search regularly.
  4. 314carpenter

    Upgraded Chorus II’s $750

    Exactly like all the other reasonably priced pairs of Chorus II's I have been searching for, gone in the first 24 hours.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn1y2WK_Wpw&t=4s&EXTKEY=EE914IBAC&utm_source=acxiom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190129_cromc_engagewkly Consumer Reports has a television series, and this segment has some entertaining information you can share with your family about how sound waves work within an anechoic chamber.
  6. 314carpenter

    Cornwall III or Forte III, help me choose

    I agree with the above statement. I heard both in the same room, side by side, same equipment. I preferred the Forte III. However, I may be biased, as I preferred the sound that was closer to what I have been listening to for the past 14 years. La Scala II was overall the clear winner of the day though. I suggest keeping an open mind on them. I just don't have the space requirements. I'm sticking with Chorus II.
  7. 314carpenter

    What I Got Today!

    Very nice find. I am right there with you in preferences. I have been buying physical movie disks at a feverish pace ever since audio CD's were pulled from retail store shelves. I have added approx. 175 titles to my collection in 2018 alone.
  8. 314carpenter

    Forte II Walnut $600 Lexington,KY

    https://lexington.craigslist.org/ele/d/lexington-klipsch-forte-ii-floor/6793707910.html Looks like a great pair for a fair price. circa 1992. Too far for me or I would have bought them by now, and besides I am looking for Chorus II's in walnut to replace the Forte II's in black I have now.
  9. 314carpenter

    CL - Klipsch KPT-325-B with surrounds and sub. Madison, WI

    I am in for the RT-12D. Thanks for the post.
  10. 314carpenter

    Onkyo AVR - Free money! $146

    Get the one with the most features you will use now and over the next 4-5 years. If you still cannot settle, go to another brand, and get your broken onkyo repaired for free if possible.
  11. 314carpenter

    Onkyo AVR - Free money! $146

    3 business days remaining. Time to get out of stealth mode and get what you can.
  12. In modern furniture, finish of any sort is either non existant or very thin. You will not find a high gloss finish in furniture made in 20+ years. The more matte a finish is, the more it will obscure the wood details underneath. The more glossy a finish the more it will reflect light and that can also make it hard to see the wood underneath it depending on the light and angle.
  13. 314carpenter

    Onkyo AVR - Free money! $146

    The tech at Onkyo I spoke to on the phone back when I had issues, was very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. They can help you make an informed and confident decision.
  14. 314carpenter

    Onkyo AVR - Free money! $146

    I went with the hdmi board replacement, 10 year board warranty, over trade-in due to the low trade value offered to me. I now use the onkyo tx-nr818 as an external amp powering zone 2/future atmos speakers.
  15. Hopefully @MATT0404 will share with us his subjective thoughts about how his new speakers compare to his old ones. There are many here who would love to hear about those Tektons, especially coming from an owner of Klipsch speakers. Congratulations on your success.