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  1. See Klipsch last a lifetime....you only sell them when you turn your bed into a hospital bed
  2. Accessories 4less has the Marantz 7011 for 1050. You can always contact an online dealer like @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, they might have a price close to that. I bought an svs sub from him and can not recommend him enoug and he is an authorized dealer. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/marsr7011/marantz-sr7011-9.2-ch-x-125-watts-networking-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html
  3. One issue I see is it is setting the sub at -12. At least on my audysse the most it can reduce the speakers is by -12. So if it say needed to reduce it further, it is maxed out. I would suggest turning the volume down on the sub so when you run audysse it is more in the -1 to -5 rage. Also, you are right 40 hz seems too low. I would do as you suggested and try them at 80 hz or 70 hz and see how it sounds.
  4. At least the blu ray has 3D. The vhs didn’t and looked worse.
  5. That Chicago picture is just a regular canvas painting...I wonder if it acts as a sound absorber anyway? If not can you just add some foam behind it to make it one. As as for the speakers....love them! I had people over because my wife passed the nursing exam and I put in IT....man everyone thought it sounded like s movie theater. That rain scene at the beginning is fantastic!
  6. Yes my Sergeant follows me everywhere. Every speaker picture I post has him in it. That was the first day in my house and as you can see the first thing I did was set up the grill and install the speakers
  7. I vote for the RC-62 II....it’s the perfect match for the RF-82 IIs and an amazing center. Plus it had been onsale at Frys as low as 138. Win win.
  8. I sit close to the back speakers and my RS-52s do a great job on surround duty. You could probably get away with a pair of the new RP-240s if you wanted something smaller. Online Klipsch dealers have a much better price than retail. If you wanted to go with a Synergy surround like youthman suggested an S-2 or s-3 would work. I do prefer the RS-52s to my old Synergy. Some photos for comparison
  9. The rain storm in the beginning is amaxing! My new svs sub makes the movie sound super detailed and spectacular bass.
  10. You can use them for both back and surrounds. I like it because you cannot localize the sound and it really feels like it surrounds you. The other option would be to get a pair of direct firing back speakers like the RB-81s. I have the RF-7 IIs as well and I use two pairs of RS-52 IIs and they match well and create a nice sound field.
  11. Same with mine. First picture is with natural light in the day time from the windows. Second picture is at night time with the room lights on. Makes a big difference.
  12. I must say the color of the natural cherry on your living room looks much different from your first video in your theater room. It’s amazing how lighting and such can make them look totally different.
  13. To add to that, dreamworks like Kung fu panda 1-3 are great!
  14. https://www.avforums.com/review/svs-pc12-plus-and-pc12-nsd-subwoofer-review.268 I found this from the article: Clean upper bass is less aurally locatable, allowing a higher crossover, which in turn allows the subwoofer to handle more of the onerous bass duties. This not only increases your speakers headroom and lowers their distortion; it allows you to EQ more of the bass response on the one channel that it is cheap and easy to do it on. This increased proficiency in the upper bass increases the impact and speed of musical transients, regardless of crossover point and it gives the current SVS subwoofers more rhythmic drive and pace. They simply sound more engaging with music, rather than the slightly disinterested, slightly detached presentation of years gone by, that seemed at odds with their gusto elsewhere. To me what I am noticing more now is the speaker head room. It is noticbly clearer now. It sounds like I have a whole new system. Ran audyssey and so far so good.
  15. It’s a great deal! Bought this s few months ago in cherry and it was $200 more.
  16. So far with some listening last night....the biggest thing I noticed was the clarity of the RF7 IIs. There must have been some cancelation going on with the sub 12. For example, I watched IT again and the rain storm was phenomenal. When he is talking to Pennywise in the sewer, the water rushing down was crystal clear. I also popped in Star Wars episode 3 which I thought sounded great on my old HK receiver. I was getting that same feeling again. The highs were great and sounded fantastic. I was hearing every little detail. I am also hearing more definition in the louder bass scenes. The lower notes in dark night are not struggling now. It is amazing
  17. 3 more coming! I love they are lower price now.
  18. I found this: https://www.svsound.com/blogs/svs/75346755-understanding-dsp. I think that this will help
  19. Anyone else have a svs pc 12 plus sub? I’m just now getting it set up. Lots of features. Love to hear if you have suggestions on setting it up. Have not run audyssey yet. And of course, photos!
  20. Let us know how you like the Marantz Klipsch combo!
  21. Yep I went through the same thing. I had the HK 635 no hdmi, logic 7 and ez set. I liked it. But hd dvd and blu ray were just coming out. I got an HK 645 with hdmi. Lots of problems with HK and they sent me a brand new HK 745. The ceneter channel went out after 6 months of use. After they replaced it, I got the Onkyo and it has been reliable for 10 years. HK definitely had reliability issues. I’m glad dmb you had good luck with the newer Audyssey.
  22. Audyssey set my center at -12 and mains at -9.5 and -8.5. So I was increasing the volume, but always had low voices. I manually adjusted the all front speakers to -9.5 and now it is much better. I’ll have to play around and maybe bump up the front left and right some more and see if that improves the sound. I was curious if the Audyssey XT 32 had some of these same issues and with the addition of dynamic eq and Dolby volume if it puts they dynamics back in the sound. I bet the ez set in HK just adjusted the distance and delays and didn’t set everything to -10.
  23. I guess that’s what I was wondering. If different receives can have different sounds. I didn’t know if a receiver can make the sound more distinct and have better separation. That’s what I felt the HK had and didn’t know what other receiver brands would be similar.
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