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  1. Verbatim what I hear. At the volumes I often listen to my JBLs at, they are quite smooth due to distance apart and this amp makes too relaxed up top. Too much of a good thing if you will. I do believe based on what I see many post here about their gear and listening impressions that this amp would be what many here would like.
  2. You might be right. I've tried a few of them now. I do really like my hypex ncore NC1200... Primarily because it is still the best value to performance amp I have found. What I DO like about the plinius is that some music I preferred class A/B and other styles of music I preferred Class A. Anything that was very rhythmic with lots of energy, I preferred class A/B setting. Music that was more mellow/ acoustic or vocal, I strongly preferred the class A. This amp is truly the best of both worlds.
  3. @dkalsi with a comment like that, you are making me think that I should keep this amp and give it more time....
  4. Well damn.... Haha. According to Ralph that performed the work, this amplifier has a LONG break in period after the work was done. It honestly sounds great, it's just a little too sweet and smooth for my tastes in class A, which is why I bought it and yes, it runs hot of course in that mode as well. Wanted to give it a shot anyhow. I can understand why you like it. Thanks for your input.
  5. Price is $2700 FIRM Located in Torrance, CA 90504 Up for sale I have a Plinius SA-100 MKIII 3 Class A, A/B Power Amplifier RECAPPED RECENTLY. All work was done by authorized plinius tech. Cardas binding posts installed as well. Basically a brand new amp inside. Work was $1000 plus shipping both ways. Last picture shows work done to the amplifier and price. Work was completed 9/19/21. Receipt will be included. The difference was immediate. Better speed and resolution drawing you further into the music. This is truly a special amplifier. One of the best in the world as far as I’m concerned. All work performed by Ralph of plinius repairs in California There are a few unique features of this amplifier. One is that you can change from Class A to A/B on the fly. What’s nice about this is you can leave the amplifier powered up all the time and just put it into A/B when you’re not listening and I’ll cool down to room temperature. When Class A is engaged, it will immediately sound better but will slowly raise in temperature over about 30 minutes. It gets pretty warm but not too hot to touch thanks to the large heatsinks. Another neat feature is that there’s a mute switch which mutes the inputs. I used this all the time as I had a tube preamp that I would turn off at the end of the day and didn’t want to send any noise to the amp. It’s rated at 100 watts per channel into 8 Ohms into both Class A and A/B. With most amplifiers of this caliber, this is a very conservative rating. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s close to double that. The amplifier is in wonderful condition. The binding posts were replaced with Cardas ones. There was some glue applied to the outer plastic rings so they would not rotate as you tighten them. A bit of glue is noticeable at the base of each one. Not a big deal but worth mentioning. Triple boxing for the amplifier included.
  6. I've been good at avoiding buying ridiculous high end and spending crazy amounts of money. I was digging that Topping thread. High end sound on a budget in compact form factor. It's much easier for me to be impressed with gear that fits a given budget vs. No budget on gear..... So I understand your constant swapping of gear as a result to get that last little bit.
  7. Class g..... 90+% efficient. Only way it can deal with the torture he's subjecting it to and not blow all of the tweeters (super hard clipping).
  8. @babadono, disagree with me. It's a CLASS G Amp....
  9. 4 ohms bridged, the amp is SEEING 2 ohms stereo. Split the watts, that's what it is.
  10. Actually that's Mono only when bridging. Per the manual.. Read my post above, Eric will agree. 4 ohms bridged IS two ohms stereo.... As far as most solid state or digital amps are concerned.
  11. He's BRIDGING 2 ohms or less. That is a KILLER amp to even support 0.5 ohms or so dips for 30 minutes. This ain't the car audio 160 dB showdown son....
  12. Uhhhhhhh.... You are an electronics guru.... 4 ohms bridged is 2 ohms stereo. Que no?
  13. Thank you for clarifying, I don't have and never will have social media of ANY form unless necessary.... I'm one of those and I ain't old and out yet..
  14. Don't encourage him. Again 15k or more worth of gear, let's not make extremely foolish decisions here. If you need danley sh50s and subs, buy them. I can recommend you a guy. If not, 2 speakers for a 2 channel amp, PERIOD. You will lose 50% of you damping factor doubling 8 ohm speakers.....
  15. They aren't all on here, don't associate them. This ain't AVS forum....
  16. Its common sense. You aren't ruffling any feathers. I'm happy with what I have and what I paid for it.
  17. Yes, power cords. I will put a Pangea, AC14 on my computer (pc) though. Way overkill, but let's kill the digital noise since that's all I listen to.... And, I'll have one leftover...
  18. Car stereos can be fantastic, but you will drop just as much money OR MORE into one from a quality klipsch setup. Think Cornwall IV money with the proper setup.. (focal speakers, zapco amps, JL subs and so on....) Keep your blown speaker mate 😂
  19. All good discussions here do. I try to keep away from as many as I can.... I know what happens
  20. I would love to say A LOT here, but I won't. I will just say good on you and nothing else (and I mean that).
  21. That's for sure. I want my daughter to succeed, my wife and I are dying to vacation regularly again and I'm damn sure not working until Medicare will "take care of me" (no they won't and it won't exist by the time I come to age surely). I hear you, I love audio and admire seeing your extravagant purchases. I know what many of them are and have experienced more than a couple in person.
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