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  1. What's the SWAG (event) I've heard people mentioning? Google's been no help in finding it...
  2. The reason your XBOX is showing on your TV at 1/4 size is because your XBOX is only outputting 1080p to your UHD TV. When you get full screen it's because your TV is upscaling the 1080p image, hence why it doesn't look any better. I would check all your HDMI cables first, make sure they aren't old damaged. If your XBOX doesn't recognize the TV as UHD then I'd contact Microsoft support and see if they can help.
  3. I have my 88 pound 60 inch Plasma on top of my RP-450c. Works great.
  4. I've been waiting on 4k since it came out. I'm still hoping the settle this HDR war soon. Once they have enough content in 4k out I'll upgrade. But my 60" Panasonic Plasma still looks great.
  5. That's sweet. My wife might actually go for something like that in the family room. :-)
  6. Thanks for all the info everyone. I'll be sure to go check them out.
  7. I've never seen these but was contemplating going out to take a look. Has anyone ever heard a pair of Industrial Heresy's? https://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-matched-pair-klipsch/6326858197.html
  8. Are these passive subs or do I need to by an amp that installs in the rear in addition to the bundle? I'd love to build a sub, sounds like a great project. And saving money always makes my wife happy.
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