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  1. I like EL 34... currently I'm using KT 77 , which in my amp put out 40 watts. More than enough to drive the Heresy III that I was using. Plenty of power for new Forte IV. Like a EL 34 on steroids, great bass and better top end but with plenty of that awesome midrange that family of tubes is known for.
  2. Cool look forward to your thoughts on them.
  3. So did you listen to Forte IV? I have heard CW IV , but not side by side....
  4. For me it was "A"..... sometimes "D"....
  5. Pretty sure it doesn't start with B or H........
  6. The Mrs bought you KT 150s and she loves the Fortes? She is a keeper....does she have a sister?
  7. So,you were able to order those grilles additionally? Like a part ?
  8. Wow, 4 KT 150 per channel? How many watts is that PL? I was listening to the EL34 smaller PL and it sounded damn good
  9. I just re-tubed with some Gold Lion KT 77 and they compliment these speakers very well. I'm glad I took a forum members advice to wait for the "upcoming Forte IV" , a while before it was announced or leaked. I had been throwing money in a box for the past year not quite knowing what for... After some experimenting with placement I still felt the bass was a little wooly.... the tubes I was using were pretty old, they have a lot of hours on them. After pulling the speakers away from the wall and putting them a little wider apart the sound was better balanced and fresh tubes really make them sing. Curious to see what the press and other users have to say about them. They really have the dynamics,tone and realism I was hoping to get in a small box. Small compared to its big brothers....
  10. That looks sharp with the matching credenza and the other Klipsch ...
  11. The Cornwalls are wide but shallow, you won't be disappointed....I think they look big next to the Heresy but are compact compared to K Horn....so if the room is 18 x 16 they may be fine. but I don't think you'd be disappointed with the Forte IV, they throw a huge Soundstage.
  12. Its nice to see showrooms that display the whole Heritage line like Paducah ! Cheap plug for my dealer , Audio Visual Therapy in Nashua NH .... great people to deal with and usually have all Heritage speakers on display.
  13. Exactly ! And they are potential fire hazards.
  14. I can't stop listening to them....... they are voiced so well. Im using a pair of Mid Mono Quicksilvers with Gold Lion KT88 and the sound is addictive. These speakers have exceeded my expectations. No Bullshit....
  15. I would have also liked to be able to fit Cornwalls....I heard the IV and they are incredible, but like you said the Forte is a much better fit for my space. They sound huge !!! For me they are the perfect fit, they aren't too obtrusive but have a large sense of scale. I don't have surround , but movies through these and a sub are awesome . Last night I was throwing all kinds of music at them and I was amazed what I was missing in that critical mid bass area, where small speakers can't go and where subwoofers shouldn't go. These need no sub , but there is material that goes down low so I set my sub's low pass really low with a steep slope. It barely kicks in and it doesn't muddy the sound .
  16. I know....I feel lucky to be among the first to own these.....listening to them right now. They are AWESOME !!! My last full size speaker was the CF 4 , and as great as they were these are much better.
  17. Fido, I'm glad they arrived safely... Enjoy
  18. Yes, like as if the cabinets were inverted going down the line....
  19. Don't be worried, I'm sure that doesn't happen often... I was wondering if the top of one of those black Cornwalls matched the bottom of the other . The Cherry pair I got was ser# 0073 and 0074 and they look like identical twins.
  20. I was up til about 1 AM listening to mine last night. I'm really happy with the IVs , money well spent. My brother's jaw hit the floor when I played a few tracks that most speakers struggle to get right.....the Forte's sense of scale and dynamic range is amazing. The sound big and bad..... being a family friendly forum its really hard to describe how awesome they are without using expletives......
  21. I listened to Forte III and Heresy IV driven by the Prima and it sounded Primo !!! Enjoy !
  22. Those look amazing in Walnut. I’ve had dark speakers for years, I took a chance on the Natural Cherry buying them sight unseen ... I’m glad I did they look better than anticipated
  23. I loved my Heresy III and wondered the same thing.... I went in to my dealer to buy a soundbar for my daughter and while there I asked to listen to the Heresy IV.... No doubt they are a great speaker. I doubt anyone could tell they are not a sealed design. They sounded great. But for me I thought even though its not quite a lateral move , my money was better spent on the Forte. Listened to the F 3 and liked them so much I put a deposit on the Forte IV Just got them Saturday and they are awesome .... I'd be shocked if this speaker doesn't get a ton of favorable reviews
  24. I remember going there and hearing Stevie Ray's "Crossfire" on Cornwalls ....I was blown away by the opening of that track on those speakers.... there were many great audio stores in the Boston area....most are long gone.
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