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  1. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Uses a microscope instead of a stethoscope.
  2. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Bo is cool. My Michigan alum doctor is a great guy. Unlike Dr.Robert Anderson, my doc has never rubbed me the wrong way.
  3. Hamilton on Disney+ I was skeptical about the rap, but I liked the production very much.
  4. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Great looking dog. What’s his name? Please don’t say Bo or Belein, like my doc’s dogs.
  5. I’m still hoping to amortize a vasectomy.
  6. DizRotus


    Good to hear from you Amy. Stay safe, and don’t forget 50 is the new 45.
  7. DizRotus


    Now what are you going to do with that suit?
  8. OK, sit up straight. Does that make you happy? Those are not Klipsch.
  9. DizRotus


    Gives new meaning to being thrown into the breach.
  10. Was “at 50 Hz” always there, or added by an edit? If the former, my apologies, and I need a new pair of Warby Parkers.
  11. DizRotus


    The beaver video prompted me to look for a cartoon that appeared in The Detroit Free Press many years ago. Cartoonist Richard Guindon was an area delight for many years. There is a road in southeast Michigan that traverses several of the northern suburbs of Detroit. It is called Sixteen Mile Road, but in Macomb County it’s known as Metropolitan Parkway, in Troy It’s Big Beaver, in Bloomfield Hills it’s Quarton Rd. The Guindon cartoon showed a couple in a car asking directions from a giant flat tailed beaver with a quizzical look on it’s face. The caption read, “Quarton, Quarton, Quarton?” A search of the Internet for the actual cartoon came up empty. Instead, I’ve attached a different Guindon cartoon to provide a sense of his drawing style and his humor. Also attached is a cartoon not by Guindon, but which seemed appropriate. FYI: Big Beaver is at exit 69 of I-75.
  12. Not to be pendantic, but “top to bottom” where? Starting with the four lines at the lower left, each of the blue lines crosses over another line or lines. Which is represented by the far left blue line, the second and third blue lines, and the red line?
  13. I’m curious. Is this modification compatible with running the amp in balanced mode?
  14. I believe B&K Enterprises and B&K Sound are part of Crites Speakers. I believe Bob Crites has speakers made for B&K. I don’t believe Crites manufactures speakers. I welcome correction from Bob @BEC. It would surprise me if Eminence does not manufacture to Bob’s specifications the woofers sold by Bob. Irrespective of the source of the various Crites offerings, it is my belief that each represents excellent value, given Bob’s expertise, integrity, and excellent customer service.
  15. A gentle spelling correction would have been to spell bass correctly several times in your reply. There was nothing wrong with his grammar, possibly his mother’s mother, but not his grammar.
  16. I believe the fur could be easily removed. They seem to be a bargain at that price.
  17. Thanks for the update. Best wishes to her regarding her college experience, especially during these bizarre times.
  18. As the OP, it was my desire to alert the forum to the passing of an entertainment legend, irrespective of what his politics might have been. Were Clint Eastwood or Alan Alda to pass, I would do the same, despite the fact that they represent polar extremes of the political spectrum. It is not necessary to agree with someone’s politics to respect his/her talent.
  19. I think the child is probably playing professionally by now.
  20. A long and funny life has ended after 98 years.
  21. Now that they’re working, they’re behind the TV firing up. I’ve ordered stuff needed to hide the wires behind the TV. My wife doesn’t want to see the speakers or any evidence of the speakers.
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