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  1. So Rich @rplace Please tell me you took the time to travel to College Park yesterday.
  2. We just finished watching the PBS Ken Burns Country Music documentary and enjoyed it immensely, way more than expected. The wife (who was reluctant at first) described the episodes as “compelling.” It was a reminder of the all too often link between artistic genius and excesses regarding alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. The world would be a poorer place without the suffering of artists from van Gogh to Van Halen.
  3. So, if I come by with a trailer and a few hundred bucks you won’t be able to say “no” to an offer on a pair of Klipschorns?
  4. Hi Gary, That seems like a fair price, I don’t need them but it seems fair. If you know, how did they come to be empty? I forget. Is that an Elan and does it run?
  5. Perhaps it’s no longer level since it walked away from the wall. When it’s back against the wall, make certain that all four feet touch the floor and that it’s level. If that all checks out and it still shakes, you might have found that $5.37 worth of change you’ve been missing.
  6. Three important food groups.
  7. Did you try Googling “Metropolis Lakes Outfitters?” This is what I got: https://paducahhometheater.com/
  8. On a more serious note, getting ready to go to the funeral of the mother of an old (redundant) college friend. The PBS Country Music documentary provides appropriate music to help her surviving children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren celebrate the life of a 95-year-old who lived life well.
  9. Who’s the bird? The one in jeans.
  10. Thank God they haven’t put feet on Belles . . . yet. They seem to do excellent work. The market will decide whether to reward or punish their sense of aesthetics and asking prices.
  11. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Freudian slip Carl? Even the joys of parenthood should not force @Westcoastdrums to say goodbye to a good buy. I blame that damn autocorrect; may its inventor roast in piss.
  12. Enjoy them as they are for months before changing things.
  13. Keep in mind that great opportunities that are lost to one are enjoyed by another. The Belles did not evaporate, they went to someone who will enjoy them for decades. Even when great items quickly pass through hands only for profit, they ultimately end up with someone who values them and will enjoy them. They produce music after all, and music is message. The media and the hardware are but a delivery system of the music.
  14. Sparty has a bye this week, but they managed to lose anyway. Star linebacker Joe Bachie suspended after positive test for PED. Detroit News columnist, Bob Wojnowskl, described MSU accurately, “ . . . it’s a bigger mess in East Lansing than a White Castle bathroom at 2 am.” Wojo, a Wolverine, has got that right.
  15. Mods @CECAA850, @dtel, @dtel's wife, @dwilawyer, did I not post this in “Alerts.” If not, please correct my blunder and move this to Alerts.
  16. DizRotus

    World Series?

    According to this site: https://www.baseball.ca/mlb-canadians Abraham Toro is the only Candaian on either World Series team, and that's no bull . . . eh?
  17. The only downloads I ever purchased from HDTT are the two Klipsch Tape reissues, which are excellent. Here’s your chance to get them on sale TODAY HALLOWEEN. It's a Treat not a Trick.. https://www.highdeftapetransfers.com/
  18. DizRotus

    World Series?

    What an improbable story. Nats started the season 19-31, had to win the wildcard game, repeatedly came from behind in games and in series to get to the World Series as the heavy underdog. Then, for the first time ever, home field advantage is replaced by visitor’s advantage. The Astros won in 2017, this incarnation of the Nats never, the DC team last won it all in 1924. They were due.
  19. Today is the final day of the 20% OFF Halloween sale. I highly recommend the Reissues. As I type I’m enjoying Paul Desmond’s Take Ten. The customer service from HDTT is top notch. I accidentally downloaded Desmond in the wrong format. A few exchanged emails solved the issue so now I can play it on my Pono player.
  20. You’re right on pricing. Many years ago I paid $400 for a pair that had hung in a bar in Ohio. They cleaned up to be used in a high school band room. Age alone is not a problem with the drivers. You probably won’t need to do anything more than replace the gaskets in the squawkers and clean things up.
  21. That reference to “legal weed” a few posts back may just have derailed your clearance. If not, enjoy your stay in California and tell us about the Tesla.
  22. DizRotus

    World Series?

    Home is where the loss is.
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