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  1. To be honest, I do not know how to tell the difference between the two k69a drivers. The emblem is the copperish Klipsch badge. I'm happy to send you a picture or 3 if you allow me your email address. I'm hoping it is the same driver. That would help me out A LOT! Put my name on those 1133's please. Either way we'll do business. Thanks, Tony
  2. Finally found horn Lens' (K-402 & K-501) for my KPT-415-LF combination. Now in search of necessary DRIVERS. Only in need of ONE EACH of K-69-A & KT-1133 Thanks!
  3. I will trace (transfer) the actual curvature from my only K402 Lens onto a flat surface. In addition, I will cross check it with a little math. Once again, I used to be a journeyman sheet metal layout tech. I produced a great many "square to rounds, compound offsets, drop cheek elbows", etc. through many years of standing in front of a layout table. No difficulty whatsoever for me. These sheetmetal patterns will be exact.
  4. Just researched and found this old thread below. Cool step by step pictures. Bruce Edgar Tractrix horn project By Arash, November 18, 2014 in Technical/Modifications
  5. I have access to a wood shop that has everything imaginable for such a project. A large CNC machine, typical cabinet making machinery, and much much more. This is a commercial wood working shop. No backyard garage approach whatsoever. My friend builds custom furniture and we've "bent wood" together in the past on an entirely different level although, the principal remains the same.. This guy is a master of wood crafting and he's anxious to give it a go. It helps I assisted in funding his shop 15 years ago and what's best, he's always up for a challenge! This is something he's been looking forward to taking on for some time. I'm and ex Sheet Metal layout tech. I am going to build a prototype of all 4 Lens Walls out of 24 gage sheet metal which will assist in the input information of the computerized CNC machine. No need to go into the rest of the process but rest assured, it will be very precise. Yes it will take some time but hey, what's life without an interesting project. Heck, I have nothing but time on my hands after retirement.
  6. Out of curiosity, I wonder if anyone out there has ever taken on the task of actually building a wooden horn lens. Perhaps a 402, or whatever? I've seen A LOT of them in pictures. I'm curious of any challenges that were encountered. I'm most curious as to ones approach of the adaptation from the actual wooden lens itself, to the driver mount. Joining the female threaded housing section (round thing that receives the driver) to the newly formed wooden lens is my only challenge. Fabricating the wooden lens and face frame isn't too difficult for me. I've bent wood before. Due to the fact this is not a "mold" that you would normally pour a black substance into at the Klipsch factory, the rear of the wooden lens would need to be mated with the receiving end of the driver housing. I'm starting from scratch here. Any known shortcuts and/or time saving ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  7. By my calculations, that's 1566 (29x54) replies within less than a minute! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new record!!! Now onto new business, has anyone ever attempted to make their own K402 out of wood?
  8. It's likely not gonna happen but I'm putting it out there with high hopes. Needing a single one of each. Thanks!
  9. Well, my response would be, because I already own Lascala's I'm looking for something different and something more of an experiment for my theater. Since I own 2 homes I've spread different ideas between theaters and music rooms between the two homes. No different than garyrc, I'm going to enjoy a similar frequency in between 2 Khorns. My collection of Klipsch speakers range from (already owned) Lascala's, Khorns, different KPT speakers & theater/auditorium subwoofers. Trying a new and already proven project will be fun. Heck Mr. Frzninvt, let's enjoy and respect one another's different views. No need to take matters to such an objective point of view.
  10. And yes avguytx, your are so correct. A standard AA xover will suffice although, I will be installing a better approach. Thank you for your kind entry
  11. I'm doing an identical approach pursuant to a conversation between Garyrc & myself. Gary successfully completed an intriguing approach which he illustrate's in the following paragraph. Please read forward ... My high frequency hearing is still more or less O.K., but I sometimes have trouble with dialogue, especially rapidly delivered dialogue in a Cockney, Scots, Irish or other difficult British Isle accents. In our HT, we have a modified Belle Klipsch center speaker (with an enlarged top hat to accommodate a K401 horn -- the one in the La Scala II). Although the Belle speaks through an "acoustically transparent" [sic] projection screen, it was EQd by Audyssey, with the screen down and in the way, therefore gets some help in the high frequencies. Also we have it high so the tweeter and midrange are the same height as the right and left channel tweets/mids, and the top hat is pointed down so the tweeter points right at the height of the average ear of someone sitting on the couch. Even so, we have the trim turned up 2 dB on the center. Anyway, with all of these efforts, the dialog is now clear with almost any film except Trainspotting. Mr. Frzninvt, Regarding your question surrounding PWK's ability are you kidding, he was a genius! After all, he is the reason we've come together, and remain together. I would never question the ability of a master engineer especially PWK! As Garyrc made clear in his (what I consider to be) very cool Belle remodeling project, altering and playing with this particular Belle re-configuration will be fun. The hat needs to be 2" taller and since I know my way around a professional cabinet shop, it'll be a breeze for me to make a new hat to go atop the old bass bin. Furthermore, the idea of "horns sticking out of the back & crossover modifications" mean nothing to me. Heck, modifying a crossover is part of the fun ... right? As one of my retirement hobby's, this stuff is right up my alley! Never had so much fun than spending large amounts of money on my love for MUSIC and THEATERS.
  12. Hi Mark, The 501 is what I've removed from the Belle in order to install a K401 in it's place. I am now left with a single 501 which I will not be using. Thank you for the kind offer!
  13. Awhile ago I was intrigued by "Garyrc"s suggestion in introducing the K401 into my single Belle. I posted the single K 401 request sometime ago and of course, no one had a single to spare. I thought I'd try my luck once again. Hopefully there's one out there? On the other hand, does anyone know where I might obtain a decent after market? I'd prefer to keep it Klipsch but I'm starting to think otherwise. Thanks
  14. Here's what I'm thinking about. Problem is, with Pat's "Faital Drivers", where am I going to find a pair of K-402 bodies? Horns, Horn Lens', whatever. The K-402's without and/or absent of drivers. Been looking online for awhile and so far, it's not looking good.
  15. I'm curious to know as well Pete. Wondering how those would do on top of my two KPT-415-LF's (Quad 15" Bass Units)? That would turn them into two way instead of the current three way. I'd likely have to retro in new crossover boards designated for 2 way. Anyone have a greater knowledge on my approach? Glad to hear any replies supporting the idea.
  16. Asking price reality will kick in. Only a matter of time if the seller truly needs to sell them.
  17. Did you seriously pay 75 dollars for that? Wow, what a deal
  18. Agreed. Classy and good sense.
  19. Easy Peasy, Thanks! Now I'm curious, what range would be considered sufficient for these?
  20. I know there's a very simple way of testing these with a meter, just don't know how. Can anyone help guide me on how to go about this task? I have volt/ohm meters. Thanks!
  21. I'm curious to know, why (on some Lascala's) is there horizontal bracing on the bass cabinet? You know, an introduced piece of plywood that attaches from the inner sidewall to the "V" within the bass bin. I haven't seen many with this application but it appears to be an add on after the fact. I'm guessing the idea is to stiffen the cabinet to lessen vibrations? Could it be some Lascala's came from the factory that weren't quite as solid as they should have been? Hard to believe (due to small numbers) that this idea came OEM from the factory.
  22. Since I am a potential buyer, I do not have pictures. Does anyone have an estimate of rough Cornwalls?
  23. Looking to see what a fair asking/selling price is for a pair of older Cornwall's? Consecutive #'s beg. with 8638081 Original everything and little rough around the edges but, nothing new veneer won't take care of. Grills are in nice shape. Thanks for any input.
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