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  1. I want to know where the Klipsch "light up" sign came from?
  2. I have a '73 Belle project with the stock K500 Lens (heavy little thing) and the K-55-V driver. I am remodeling (literally building a new hat @ 1-1/4" taller) to accommodate the bolder and better K-401 I am seeking. Will become my new center channel. Any leads appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the tip Emile. Decided to try this on my new KPT-884-SW.
  4. There's no mention in the ad but, they're worth the 150 bucks all day long if they have the woofers.
  5. I'm wondering, are those the KPT-684-SW or the KPT-684-SW-SMA models? There are technical differences between the two despite the close model numbers. Klipsch rates usage as; "small to medium venues" or "medium to large venues" depending on which model one is using.
  6. Anxious to hook up to my Utah system. Hoping to get it up there in a month or so. Thanks for the help loading!
  7. Has anyone ever had experience with this passive sub? Claims to be a Cinema/Auditorium sub. Want to use with my 2 Khorns & 2 Lascalas. Thanks for any input.
  8. Hmm, gonna look closely at the map. thanks
  9. without pulling out a map, where are they in relation to your location? Far away?
  10. stgeorge.craigslist.org/msg/d/cedar-city-leslie-720-rotary-speaker
  11. NOT Affiliated ... Without doubt, one of the coolest rotary speakers I've seen. While Leslie speakers are designated organs speakers, I've heard them playing old rock (Doobies, Trower) and they sounded remarkable! Look closely and you will see the upper twin horns, and bulky lower wheel (looks like large cheese missing middle section) that literally disperse the sound. It was lots of fun watching them rapidly spin around while casting out the sound. Cool Stuff! https://stgeorge.craigslist.org/msg/d/cedar-city-leslie-720-rotary-speaker/6802246084.html
  12. Must I be SPECIFIC? Who as in; PEOPLE IN GENERAL? Or who as in; PEOPLE WHO'VE ALREADY RESPONDED? Is this site about friendliness or sarcasm? Have I come to the wrong place? I personally enjoy this site for learning and educational purposes. I've detected a fair amount of sarcasm while here but must it be so?
  13. I'm lost. Who won't sell what?
  14. Personally not into Heresy's but thought this might be a good deal. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/ele/d/classic-vintage-audiophile/6715524917.html
  15. True, it did state is was "for all four" speakers. Then he changed the title to indicate otherwise. DA
  16. I assure you gentlemen, the original ad title was posted differently last night. It now suggests 1500.00 x 4.
  17. That's how I see it wvu80. I'm already considering the drive and left a message
  18. I gotta say, I don't think I've ever seen Lascala's for less than 400 bucks each. Not in decent shape that is.
  19. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/klipsch-lascala-1-speakers-x4/6718138515.html
  20. I realize it's a bit odd but, I'm in need of a single & complete K401 … lens & driver. thanks, Tony
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