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    If I could afford it I would have bought every single thing you have listed for sale. Beautiful stuff man, I wish you the best and hope everything works out for you.
  2. Veaux


    I’m thinking you should just not pay your medical bills....
  3. Thanks for everything @justinsweber! Looking forward to pairing it with Heresy II/III’s I’m getting from @Gregg357 next week!
  4. Your level of tact and politeness is admirable.
  5. I might have to drive to ATL....
  6. I do prefer tighter bass, I have a ton of house music.
  7. Sorry!! Maybe I worded it incorrectly in my search but I only saw one other post and I was hoping for more information than that one post provided. Have you done the cabinet bracing upgrade?
  8. I have line on a pair of both, they are both completely original about the same price and whichever pair I get would probably get the full Crites treatment. What are your thoughts and past experiences with these two?
  9. Glad it worked out, thanks for everything!
  10. Posting deleted by author
  11. Thievery Corporation: The richest man in Babylon One of my favorite albums of all time.
  12. Are these still available? I am about to be putting in a bid to redo the sound system for a 1600 person theater at a local university where they would love these...
  13. Veaux


    Those are GORGEOUS!!!!! If I wasn’t afraid of damaging them in transit I would inquire about shipping costs....
  14. Planning on taking my girlfriend to North Carolina to see her dad in the next couple months if you want to test em before you buy
  15. I’ll send some when I get home, but the rear sides are blank, all controls and connections are on the front.
  16. I know!! They are gorgeous, if nobody ends up getting them I won’t be too disappointed 😀
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