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  1. I love the Big Sound of The Klipschorn and The Lascala plus the Bell Klipsch as well. Depending on your Room Size .and if your lounge is about 25' Long by around 22 ' Wide with Corners then I would Consider the Klipschorn Korner Horns and should the Lounge be a bit Smaller I would consider the Lascala or the BelleKlipsch or even the JBL Sovereign and I personally think you will have your Sound Longer filled with Music Kind Rgds Francis Jansz Australia
  2. I myself got rid of my Lascala Cabinets and spoke to Bob Crites who helped me re Design my Cabinets so I Can Front Mount my Woofer Bob was very Helpfull and he Sent a Drawing free of Charge and advised me to Get a ,50 Ohms WIREWOUND Rheostat and install it to my Midrange Driver this way. I can Tune it Down to my Room Acoustics as I am Tri amping my Cabinets with a solid state Amcron Powerline Three for my Bass Woofers my mid Range is driven by a All Tube Cary Sixpac Mono block Power amps And My Tweeters use a ,16 Watts Mono Block all tube using The 845/211output Tubes active All tube Crossover is The Luxman A2003 All Tube 3 Way Active that has a Frequency Shift And Variable that can be Fine tuned this way I can adjust my Variable Crossover and adjust the DB Out put of my Midrange K55 Driver to Tone the DB Output to balance out to the DB Output with my K33E Woofer which is around 96.6 DB at 1Wstt at 1 Metre .I also use a DB Level Meter and play my music and individual DB Readings on my Bass then I switch off my Bass speakers and set my Midrange to the Required DB Level with my crossover Volume Control and my Midrange K,,55V Driver and adjust my Rheostat Wire wound Resister to get around 98 DB Noise Level very close to the Woofer output and get a very good Coherent Sound Level. Kind Rgds Francis Jansz fsj@iprimus.com.au
  3. I am using the JBL 2308 A Horn Flare and it states that it starts at around 4 Hz to around 7000khz RGDS Frank Jansz
  4. I need to know at what impedience is the Klipsch K 55 V Driver is it 16 Ohms or is it ,8 Ohms Rated Please inform me. RGDS Francis Jansz
  5. I built mine 48" Tall X 21 " Wide X 19" Deep Corner Shaped with 2 Ports . And it sounds Fine.
  6. I got a pair of Klipsh Professional Korner Horn Cabinets . And my Badges are disfigured I think that they be made in Copper what will it cost to have a replacement Pair of Badges. Please reply. RGDS Francis jansz
  7. My Friend Mr Nicholas Apostolou . Built his Room 34 Feet Long 24 Feet Wide and 14 Feet High with a 12 zfooy Diameter Doom in the Centre he has got 2 side Walls with Ref Velvet Drapes Motorised and one 24 Foot wall With a zvelvet Drapes Motorised and behind the 24 Foot Draped walls he rendered and used Plaster and Painted the Wall White with a 21 Fgoy wide White Screen and used a 16 Lumens Projector for his Home Theatre. He has got a pair of Klipsh Korner zhorn Cabinets in his corners and s Pair of Cornwall's in the Centre and behind his draped he has got 2 15 " Canton Powered Subs . The side walls are done on Double Hebel Brick and does not have any sound escaping from his sound and theatre Lounge. When I visit him it seems like that I am in a actual Cinema theatre. And he used a Roksan power amp for his Korner Horns a Phase linear for his Cornwall's .and I sit there listening to music for at least 4 ton5 Hours every fortnight. . Never have I heard sound like this sounds like the whole band is in the Centre of the room and alive. His E mail is. Nick6.apostolou@gmail.com Should you write to him he will be happy to send you some photos. RGDS Francis Jansz
  8. Personally I would go with the K Horns in the Corners and ask Klipsh to Front Mount The 18 Woofer using the same Crossover and using a L Pad Styunator to reduce the Mid Horn and get it zbslsnced this way it will create a more accurate soundstage and either use the Cornwall or The Bob Crites Cornscals in The Centre or the Bell Klipsh in the Centre you will need a room at least ,22 Feet wide X at Least ,30 Feet long with heavy Velvet Draped to get it Sounding Perfect. By Francis Jansz Australia
  9. Hi my Friend. I got a 4X 6sn7 pre amp and it has got 1 pair of Line outputs which i connect to my all tube 3 Way crossover network and use 3 pairs of all tube Cary Sixpac mono block to drive my Klipshorn Lascala speakers i now got hold of a Kbl Powered Sub and have no idea how to connect it to my Pre Amp which only got 1 pair of out puts. Can i use a 2 way adapter rca to connect my sub to the line output of my pre Amp. Please help Rgds Francis Jansz
  10. My Amps are as Follows Bottom End Amp Solid State Amcron Power Line 3 about 70 watts per Channel in Class A and it work at 8 ohms at 4 Ohms and at 2Ohms Midrange All Tube Cary 6 Pack mono Block class a at 8 ohms and 4 Ohms 50 watts on Class A operation My Third Amp for my JBL 2402 Super Bullet Tweeters is . Single Ended Class A 15 watts per channel ising 1150 Volt Double C Core Transformer Gives out 15 watts on each mono block and uses 2 X 6SN7 and one 211 Output Tube. Great Amp Designed by a 80 years Audio Engineer who has been working on Tube Amps for Just over 57 years . Hope this will Help
  11. Dear Friend. I too own a 3 way All Tube active Luxman Crossover. This unit is factory Set at 500hz to 4000 Khz. I need the Caps Values on The C 1 and C 2 So i can chsnge the Frequencies to 600 hz to 5000 Khz any ideas will help. And this model has a Frequency Shift Knobs on it i need to know what does it do can it Change the Frewuencies from what it is set at any help will be Appreciated. Kind Rgds Francis Jansz My Low End Klipsh k33E specs state that it works from 50 hz to around 600 hz my 2 "Throat Midrange Horn Drivers works fown to 600 Hz and up to 12.KHz my tweeters start from 5000khz and works up to 18.000 KHz. Please explain . Kind Rgds Frank Jansz
  12. Dear Friend. I too own the A 2004 3 Way Crossover. And it is Factory Set at 500 Hz to 4000 k Hz . I need to change the Frequencies from 600Hz to 5000 Khz . Any idear what Value Caps on the 600 Hz c 1 and C2 and on 5000 Hi Pass cap Values on c 1 and c 2. Your Help will be appreciated Kind Rgds Frank Jansz E.mail. fsj@iprimus.com.au
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