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  1. Looking at the specs, that Denon is quite impressive! Think it pushes your speakers to their limit?
  2. Last night, we went to a Christmas Music concert. This was a professional string orchestra, with a really good director, the venue was a rather small church, there was no amplification. So you can call this analogue and acoustic in the purest sense, or as PWK would say, not a caricature of music, but the real thing. Part One was Vivaldi, Mozart etc, Part Two was film music (Johann Johannsson, James Newton Howard, John Williams, and then of course also some classics of the Christmas music genre). I always enjoy these concerts in se, but I also listen very critically to the way it sounds. It's a way of 'callibrating' my ears and brain to live, accoustic music. In this case, I noticed that there was in fact very little 'stereo' or 'left/right' separation, thanks to the church accoustics, I guess. Maybe I wasn't ideally seated? Maybe the extreme left/rigth separation you can hear on some recordings is unreal, unnatural, exaggerated?
  3. Tokyo Tapes is from the 1970s, when both Schenker brothers were still in the band. Two great guitar players!
  4. In my opinion, this is the best live hard rock album ever! When I was 16, a friend gave me a copy on a cassette tape. It inspired me to write my first short stories. In trance, Dark Lady and Fly to the Rainbow... Good memories!
  5. On side 2, that horn section is really good!
  6. I held this one in my hand in the record shop and hesitated a lot and finally put it back. Thought the asking price, 27 euro used, was too much. Seller said it was worth tripple that amount. I checked on discogs and he might be right. Love the music on it. Kenny Burrell with John Coltrane. Recorded in 1958, album release 1962.
  7. Bought these two LPs today at a new local record shop. 26 euro. Hope they are any good... 😉
  8. The Gaucho cd is the only not remastered one, but it sounds fine. It comes with an interesting booklet with a long text shining a light on the end days of Steely Dan. See attachment. Track 5, Time out of Mind, has a special guest guitar player... Mark Knopfler!
  9. This morning, my Steely Dan order was delivered! Somewhere around 2018 I bought my first Klipsch speakers, soon followed by my 1972 Heresy set. The amazing thing is that when you buy Klipsch, you also buy into the Klipsch Community on this forum, and you get to know and appreciate a lot more great music! For me, Steely Dan I got to know here on this forum. The group hadn't been on my radar, though I must admit I knew some of their popular tunes, of course. So a big thank you to all of you out there!
  10. Well, I just ordered Gaucho, Pretzel Logic and Can't buy a Thrill on CD, each for €6.99, which is a good price. The new 45rpm vinyl remastered albums that are going to be released in the months to come will cost $150, which means in Europe they'll be priced €175 each. Or much more...
  11. I have Aja on CD, and wish to expand my collection with more Steely Dan... I've read great reviews of the remastered albums like Gaucho, and I like it a lot. I just doubt whether to buy the CD or the vinyl record. Anyone can help me? https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2022/09/16/remastered-steely-dan-catalog-starts-november-4/ https://www.soundandvision.com/content/remaster-class-steely-dan-gaucho
  12. I read that article in the Klipsch blog a while ago. As far as I remember, these were no standard Heresy speakers, and they hung upside down, I mean with the woofer closest to the ceiling, which makes sense.
  13. It's not a crazy thought. Back in the 70s and 80s, many people would hang their speakers against the ceiling. Of course, you can't do that with floorstanders...
  14. Living in a multilingual country myself (Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French and German), I'm curious about how Jeannie Lewis, Australian, is multilingual?
  15. Why don't you give it a try en then let us know? Seems pretty robust. You could wait until Macintosh puts their label on it and asks $1,640 for it...
  16. I want to thank you, and others, for not reacting in an aggressive way to me. After reading your answers, I have googled for 'large speakers in small room' and it seems you can't go wrong with (really) big speakers in small rooms. This was new to me, and counter-intuitive. I stand corrected. Enjoy the music!
  17. I've been reading your posts, this one, and the previous ones, with great interest and a great bit of jealosy as well, I must admit. And I have hesitated about reacting to it, because these days, any 'negative' reaction online is seldom tolerated, even if it is an honest one. Here's the thing: in my opinion, Klipsch Heritage speakers come in different sizes, proportional to the size of the room they are put in. Each model has its 'sweet spot' size of room. Put a pair of Heresy speakers in a large hall, and they won't sound right. Put La Scala speakers in the average teen's bedroom, and they won't sound right. If you put Heritage Jubelee speakers in a room that is too small, they won't sound right. They are truly mammoth in size, and according to the user manual (yes, I read it) they should be between 12 and 15 feet apart, and the MLP (main listening position) should be equally 12 to 15 feet distant, forming a triangle. My instinct also tells me there should be reasonable 'breathing space' behind the back of the MLP too, though this is not mentioned in the user manual. In other words, you need a really big room to do justice to these really big speakers. It is quite obvious you are aware of the fact that your listening room is small-ish for these speakers, and your observations and tweaks are certainly worthwhile, but often it reads like this analogy: you bought a marvelous muscle car, and you ride it on you driveway, while you should be taking it out to a race circuit and enjoy its full potential! I am aware you are not the only one putting these speakers in a small room: Compare the above with a still image from one of Klipsch's official youtube videos:
  18. Are Klipsch Pro speakers made in the US? (relevant question if you want to compare with the Heritage line)
  19. In my humble opinion, there will be very little difference. Keep it lean and simple.
  20. I enjoy both digital and analog. I say live and let live. The ritual and tactile experience of spinning vinyl is great, accessing millions of albums online is great too!
  21. It says 'space commander'! Must be a hand held device from Start Trek!
  22. Here's a nice list of idler turntables https://theanalogdept.com/idler_drives.htm
  23. Rather than to a/b my Heresies with my RP160Ms, I just hooked the latter on and enjoyed listening to them all morning. They are less room filling, and have less bass, but none the less very enjoyable.
  24. There shouldn't be white noise. Try to track down the cause and eliminate it, rather than filter it out. Check volume settings of your sources.
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