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  1. That was exactly the advice my tax law professor gave us. Good records work like a charm when you use a good accountant.
  2. Travis: I stand corrected. I found the Klipschtape insert announcing the organ recital which was hard to find. However, the best part is I have on cut from it on a CD! Alas no button even though it was the first item I put in the cart. No big deal; I'll get one later. Please save your postage. Thanks again. Mike
  3. This is an interesting post from a Carver owners on Audiogon: "i just had my amp in for a check (some tube noise and transformer hum) at wyred 4 sound - w4s is the exclusive contract manufacturer for these crimson amps had a friendly chat with their senior tech who worked on my amp - i know the w4s guys reasonably well, like them, have several pieces of their gear (digital, power supply, class d amps), w4s is a good company, well designed well built, good sounding high value gear, good reputation, and straight shooters in my book i was told that based on their bench experience, the crimson amp can make 75w driving one channel... (didn’t ask for frequency range spec, sorry), can’t in both channels though (’more like 60 thru both channels’), but this isn’t due to the output transformers as limiting factor, but rather, the power transformer, which can’t quite deliver the juice for 75 wpc asked how such a small light tube amp makes that kind of power, was told that the reason is the kt120’s are pretty strong, plus ’the neat feedback circuit employed from the output, holds the distortion in check, other guys don’t do this, we were kinda surprised it can do that through those small output transformers...’ " https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/peeking-inside-a-carver-crimson-275-tube-amplifier?lastpage=true&page=3#2314379
  4. Agreed and perhaps our salvation as the best marketplace to allow upgrades. I am still a wee bit concerned; corporate gave us a playground and told us to play nice, but that sometimes doesn't happen and on occasion, gets personal & ugly. If I was retained by corporate to assess risk & potential liability, my first advice to them would be the shut the entire forum down. My second option would be to eliminate the lounge completely substituting a strict music section instead and to clean up the garage sale. Then I would implement active moderation to cull out repeat offenders of the terms of service. At that point, corporate accounting see my bill, ask "WTF?" perform a risk benefit analysis and i think you know the outcome of that. What we must ry to avoid is pushing them to a position where they hire an a** like me to do that. Just my opinion, which with 99 cents, gets you a large coffee at McDonald's.
  5. When you suggested changing to the correct size transformer for the claimed output, will the Crimson power supply as designed handle that improvement? Would they be able to have the proper taps? BTW, did you review the schematic for the specs of the transformers specified in Bob's design?
  6. I never read or heard why; it was just gone when I began looking for a "new to me" network card. But RandyH may be on to something. The cessation occurred about the same time PS ended its retail relationships and took sales direct.. It would not be unreasonable if one was creating a direct sale model to remove both the current retail side and the [corparately sponsored] pre-owned marketplace. Why would you want to sponsor something that potentially cuts into your retail sales? That's why I was there: to save a few bucks off retail. And that potentiality worries me here if corporate takes a close look at the forum garage sale (not to mention some of the other postings...). Humor me, but if the garage sale took just one retail sale of a pair of LSII away by someone buying used on the forum instead AND I was paying the freight for the hosting and bandwidth of that forum which facilitated that sale, I might be asking: why? Corporate needs to support (and needs the support of) Heritage retailers. The loss of that one sale may not be significant to B&H or Cory, but would be a big hit for New England Hi-Fi. Just saying.
  7. I'd favor the guidelines Crankysoldermeister posted from the Hinderer page. The Garage Sale is for sales & WTB. The are multiple other places on the forum we can post our thoughts, opinions and preferences (within the TOS) other than on the Garage Sale. BTW, PS Audio did away with the marketplace section in their forum last year. I'd hate to lose this avenue because Corporate carefully reviewed the postings.
  8. I think we need to keep in mind several of our forum mates now find themselves in a very uncomfortable position & empathy for them is the order of the day. But on the silver-lining side, we have the speakers to mate with this amp and make it sound as was intended.
  9. At the end of the day, I have yet to see anyone on any forum say the amp does not sound fantastic. While it's tough to see what may have happened, isn't that why we do what we do in our spare time? Reach for fantastic sound? Bob should be congratulated on that, but I suspect someone will have to pay the piper for how it was marketed.
  10. Oh my; not good. A Crimson owner on Audiogon removed his transformer covers and they are 15w Edcors. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/peeking-inside-a-carver-crimson-275-tube-amplifier?page=3 Wow.
  11. I wish I had said this: "If an audio company is able to violate some fundamental law of physics, chemistry, magnetics, etc., these are the kinds of discoveries that win you Nobel prizes and millions of dollars. A transformer lamination alloy that would allow for significantly higher flux density than what we have now would be worth a lot of money. This kind of tech tends to trickle down into audio rather than the other way around." https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/carver-crimson-275-measurements.29271/page-13
  12. That's the real issue; you love the synergy in your system and had someone said nothing about the specs, but to just listen to the sound (like we all should be doing), you'd be happy. I shudder to think of the equipment I've knowingly purchased and not kept because it ultimately didn't work out or overpaid for but decided to keep it.
  13. Bob knows this; the specs for his Silver 7 state: Amplifier Chassis: 55 lbs. (25 Kgs) x 2, Power Supply Chassis: 45 lbs. (20.4 Kgs) x 2
  14. I just found another link to that manual, it does not state "peak" either. https://9d0691c9-2bb0-4a51-acf2-a4e121ccc931.filesusr.com/ugd/7c4708_fe81ce14b4b54e618bcfd77c7628d241.pdf
  15. This version does not use "peak" in the representation of power. https://carverstereoforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Crimson-275-Owners-Manual-REV100.pdf
  16. You think we have heated discussions here? Get a load of ths thread: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/prima-luma-fires-back-against-raven Kevin's video is with the price of admission.
  17. When you get really, really bored today, there are some interesting comments by Frank Malitz on Audiogon's forums re: the Crimson 275: https://forum.audiogon.com/users/fmalitz/posts Its worth reading if only to find this comment in an early review of the amp: "Concerned about the unit’s lack of weight, I called Frank Malitz, Bob Carver’s partner, and who is the current owner of the Bob Carver Corporation, he explained the light weight is due to the proprietary output transformers which actually had a better signal-to-noise ratio due to the nature of the winds, he advised adding more heft was destructive to the soundstage. The other reason he mentioned its lighter weight revolves around the power transformers, all three use a special steel, high-efficiency alloy, due to “magnetostriction”, which forces changes to steel’s molecular structure, which is common in transformers, requiring more sophisticated materials if the transformers are intended for high-performance audio use. Frank also explained Bob claims his specifications for the alloy and the winds are unique to this brand resulting in a high-efficiency yet lighter design. Mr. Malitz claims 90W x 2 within specification, and 130 W at 3% THD which David Manley, founder of VTL, Manley Laboratories,claims is not audible in a tube circuit, but Frank mentioned you can contact him through the Bob Carver website and he’ll send you a white paper on the topic. " Of course the bragging that Carver has no service department because they never need repairs is good too.
  18. Agreed. There is a reason Linn turntables have only improved, not become "gee whiz" concepts, since 1972. Think of them as the La Scala of turntables... Ditto for Technics if DD is your style.
  19. When I began smoking, the cigarettes from the manual pull machine (too young to buy them face to face) required a quarter and two pennies were taped to the pack. God bless the Keyhole Tavern. But then In the eighties, North Carolina did not tax tobacco so Camels were $2 a carton! Deflation: it cost less to pollute my lungs twenty years later. Gas was 17.4 at the Hudson station. They washed your windshield and offer to check your oil. While Coke was a nickel, there was a two cent deposit on each bottle. You could gather movie money from the shoulders of the road. Ah the good old days; its was a miracle I survived to type this. Happy New Year!
  20. First, this is just random thoughts, not a legal opinion, how this all might pan out ASSUMING the specs as as found in the tests. First, you are hardly wrong feeling you may have been hoodwinked. And the anticipation of getting to the bottom of all this is not pleasant. But, until then, keep enjoying the sound! It has been speculated it may not be rated according to FTC rules. If so, one can file a complaint with the FTC. As a buyer, what are your damages? You like the sound, you have sufficient power for your speakers and have no complaints about the amplifier. You even admit you might have purchased it if only putting out 20 watts and that the price point, regardless of the output, is not unrealistic. The thrust of that is if you had been told the accurate power rating (and perhaps auditioned it) you would have purchased anyway. I could just image a class action lawsuit based upon misrepresentation and the ultimate settlement being a retraction of the hype, a more accurate representation, a coupon for owners for $25 off a matched quad of full price KT88s and $2.5 million for the attorneys .In reality, if the ratings are not correct, its probably a reputation destroyer for Carver. Although, interestingly, the info I find on the web does not indicate it is Bob's company, Frank Malitz' Linked In page says he owns the company.: Principal - The Bob Carver Corporation 2020- present Purchased the rights to the Bob Carver brand in December 2019 https://www.linkedin.com/in/frank-malitz-11b2a112 These articles (press releases) indicate he and others are marketing and manufacturing the equipment: https://www.monoandstereo.com/2020/01/glass-audio-america-licenses-bob-carver.html https://www.av2day.com/2020/02/wyred-4-sound-to-make-bob-carvers-tube-amps-under-licence/ All this leading me to speculate Bob merely licensed his name & designs and has no control how the equipment is marketed. Gotta fund your retirement somehow... I really hope the is just a pair of faulty units. But as Captain Beefheat has pointed out, physics is difficult taskmaster and requires significant effort to counter. But hey, how many remember Bob's magnetic field amp, the little cubes with next to nothing inside that put out 400 watts? Physics be damned! Happy new year!
  21. This is exactly my experience. I ran EL34s or 6550 is my Cary SLI 80s. I don't need a solid state sound from a tube amp, especially into La Scala II or Harbeths. KT88s are not my cup or tea, but your opinion may be different. Oh, and there is a slight sonic difference between bands of KT88s (as well as EL 34 & 6550). Its a slippery tube rolling slope you are headed down . 😱 Have fun!
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