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  1. Thanks. The engraving depth is quite a bit deeper than mine.
  2. Mine are from 1987. Could be copper?
  3. Looking for a grill badge for my CW II The one I have measures 3” x 1/2”
  4. Sorry about that!!! Willington Estate Electronics Sale | Willington, CT 06279 | EstateSales.org
  5. Estate auction with lots of electronics. Looks like some nice things to be had. The description mentions Cornwall IV, but pics show CWO's from 1984? Willington Estate Electronics Sale | Willington, CT 06279 | EstateSales.org
  6. Don't know what the reserve might have been. These might come back up sometime soon.
  7. Get em while they're HOT! DJ Speakers Klipsch Professional 400 Watts Each - electronics - by... (craigslist.org)
  8. Klipsch La Scala Speakers Pair | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  9. Guy getting evicted from his shop space. Has a TON of stuff to get rid of by tomorrow. I saw his listing an hour after he posted. Consecutive serial numbers but one was stained. Gave him a call and they were gone. So close.....😭
  10. I've got the Kenwood KR-2090 pushing my KG 2.5's, and the KR-3090 pushing Heresy I's. They both sound fantastic. I've also got the KA-3500 (and tuner) in my wife's office running a pair of Altec's. My other systems are all Harman Kardon, which are a little more temperamental so far, but sound great as well.
  11. KLIPSCH "HERESY II" SPEAKERS | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  12. KLIPSCH "HERESY II" SPEAKERS-NO COVERS | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  13. Oiled Oak KLIPSCH "HERESY" SPEAKERS | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  14. Are you interested in K-43-K ?? I may have a line on a pair of those.
  15. Yup. A pair went for only $500 a few weeks ago in Florida on the same auction site. There's a set of H1 HBR's that are at $650 with 15 days still left! People sometimes go nutz on these auctions.
  16. I've done a couple. I'm partial to black Satin (rattle can). Tried black gloss on my last pair and didn't really like it.
  17. Looks like you'll be watching them for about a month! 😅 Pair Klipsch Heresy speakers model HBR | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  18. Klipsch Speakers Mid Century Modern Type H BR | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  19. This was my 2nd set of H1's that I added Crites slanted risers on.
  20. Took my old ones down to the local High School wood shop. They have a CNC router and they did new ones for me (for free!)
  21. I only have Vintage gear and have been partial to Harman Kardon and Kenwood. I'm currently driving my CW II's with an HK330b as a pre-amp and HK870 amp. It sounds super good! I blew up the HK825 pre-amp a couple weeks ago, and when I get it back, it really better be good to replace the 330!
  22. I've done a few different sets and used spray cans that have turned out quite well. The last set of Heresy (just sold them yesterday) I used a gloss black rather than satin. I prefer the satin. My CW II's and my brother's LaScala's are satin rattle can as well.
  23. My daughter wanted to have her name in graffiti in her bedroom. So I put up some brick paneling and she hired a couple guys to come in and tag it. The last pic is one of her college graduation pictures 7 years later.
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