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  1. There's a set of KG3.2's here in Utah. Not sure where you're located but these may be an option. Klipsch KG 3.2 Oak small tower speakers vintage | ksl.com
  2. This is an auction (a reputable site I have made bids with). Auctions sometimes go crazy on price, but it's worth a shot! There's an actual address in the Auction Information dropdown. 2 Klipsch Speakers-14"W17"Dx45"H | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  3. H1's are usually anywhere from $300 - $600 depending on finish and zip code. Still a great speaker and easy to work on if you want to try different updates to tweeters and horns. I've owned 3 sets of the H1's and currently have a set from 1977 (my favorite sounding so far). If you're patient you can find a good set for a good price.
  4. Nice find! Hope it works out for you.
  5. Hey Oicu812, I've searched the forums and am not finding any patterns. Do you have a post with those at your fingertips? Thanks!
  6. Sequential serial numbers, AA crossovers, and the added 1/4” Baltic Birch on the sides. Made in ‘76. Recapped the crossovers as well.
  7. Hey, if you know anyone in Salt Lake City there's ALL of those currently listed. Pair of Forte right down the street from me. Some are overpriced but you can always negotiate! Maybe meet in St George and make it a weekend getaway! Klipsch Forte' | ksl.com
  8. Howard, I think my brother in North Ogden has a pair he will sell. Completely gone through and refinished in black (they were raw Birch I believe). Easy to get them down to South Jordan if that interests you. I'll get model year and pics for you. Ping me at utahman_1@msn.com
  9. I have a line on a local pair of K33E's (square) if you're interested.
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