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  1. Second Time around was a success.... The RS3's really round outs my set up...
  2. Update: The RS3's that I purchased last arrived... Raced home, I was excited to plug them and then my joy went away.... On one the speakers, both horns did not work and on the other, one of the horns wasn't working either. I knew I should have went with my gut feeling when they were listed for $80 that it was too good to be true and they "sounded great" according to the posted ad but live and learn... Boxed those up and going to send them back for a full refund. Found another pair for just under $200 yesterday and they just arrived this morning @ my office. Anxious to get home and to test them out.
  3. I was able to secure a deal on a pair of RS-3's shipped to me for $110.00. The removed vinyl doesn't bother me, I can always spray paint them with a rhino top type paint. Thanks for all the insight and suggestions.
  4. You will to ship to Texas ?
  5. Any thoughts on the RS-35II ? I found a pair of RS-3's but one of them has this scar on the cone, would this be an issue?
  6. Good Afternoon Y'all.... Been looking at surrounds for the past week to replace my JBL-Northridge E10 surrounds. I've looked at RS-3. RS-35II, RP-402S. Picking up a RC-62II to replace my RC-52 since the RF-5's seem to be overpowering it now. I am running 5.1 set up for the time being in a 20 x 16 viewing area... Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Good Morning from West Texas, I just acquired a pair of RF-5's and Ultracube 10 sub over the past weekend for $300 in pristine condition. I already had a RC-25 and a pair of JBL Northridge E10 surrounds and Dayton Audio Sub1000 which the Ultracube 10 absolutely kills it over the Dayton 10, all powered by a Onkyo TX-SR393 but, I would like to complete the box set with Klipsch but not sure what model would be that family lineage of the RF-5's. Any suggestions ?
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