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  1. Do you think the sound was thin compared to other audio sources like vinyl records and CDs? Or are you listening to this entire set for the first time, and is this your first impression of the LaScala?
  2. May I repeat it to check if I understand correctly? By making a donation, you have a chance to win a pair of AL-6 that are given away for free, and the higher the donation, the higher the chance of winning? Did I get that right?
  3. I own the AL5 myself and have tried several tube amplifiers in the meantime. Of course, everything is about personal preference, but what I personally think sounds the best so far is the 45 SET. The reason why I think this is the best match for the AL5 is because this amplifier sounds very open and fresh. I would describe the overall sound of the 45 SET as very musical, dynamic, very detailed, clean and maybe a bit thin in the bass but the bass is tight, good placement, and a strong sense of realism. What I like the least is the 300B SET (I've owned 3 different 300B SETs). Personally, I find the La Scala sounds a bit colored (which doesn't necessarily have to be bad), and I think this coloration plus that of the 300B is just too much coloring. I have also tried two Decware amps, EL84 SET, which also sounded nice but had a somewhat smaller soundstage. Another one I really like the sound of, and this is my number 2, is the 2A3 PP. It has a bit of the same sound as the 45 SET, only the 45 SET sounds just a bit better in several aspects. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to listen to a 2A3 SET on the AL5 yet, but I hope that will happen sometime. My ranking of what I find sounds the best on the AL-5: - 45 SET - 2A3 PP - EL84 SET - 300B SET
  4. Have you also heard anything about the Heritage hornsub and something about a date?
  5. @tube fanaticThis link was familiar to me, but thanks for sharing it.
  6. A while ago, I was able to acquire a 45 SET from someone. To be precise, it's the Welbourne DRD45, but I never really gave it a fair chance. I quickly went back to my DIY 300B SET or my Melody 2A3 PP. However, for the past two weeks, I've reconnected the 45 SET to my AL5, and I'm genuinely amazed by how good it sounds. Maybe everything is falling into place now that I've also addressed my room acoustics, I have no idea... but what an incredible match with the speakers this is. The sound is very realistic, the imaging is excellent, it sounds open and fresh, dynamic with more detail, and especially the vocals have gained a kind of magical realistic glow. This is the best amp for me so far, and it makes me want more. I read that many people who appreciate the 45 tube find the 46 to sound even better than the 45. Are there any Klipsch enthusiasts who have experience with the 45 vs. 46 SET? And is it true that you can use the 46 tube in a 45 SET with an adapter?
  7. Can it get any better? Amazing speakers placed in an amazing audio space. Very impressive photos. Would love to spend an evening playing my favorite songs on this setup.
  8. Come on Klipsch, don't keep us waiting any longer. Give us a guideline of when all this goodness will be available. 😇
  9. I'm curious about so much that's coming up. I can't wait until some more official information about the new subs and La Scala upgrade finally comes out.
  10. This is exactly my experience with more expensive "better" DACs as well. I couldn't hear any difference myself, no matter how much I wanted to hear it.
  11. But why would you need to saw the La Scala in half? You just need to remove the bottom and then place that base with bass ports on the bottom, right? As I understand it, this is a mod that can easily be reversed.
  12. That's definitely true. And I'm also eagerly waiting for them to be released. But we have no idea what the asking price will be. And the expectations are that they won't be particularly cheap 😏. Perhaps for some, this port mod could then be a good alternative.
  13. Am I the only one who finds the explanation above insanely interesting but really doesn't understand a thing about it? 😅
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