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  1. Hope everyone's having a good weekend and thanks for stopping by! I've been looking for a cherry RC-7 to match my RF-7 mk I's(eye candy of mine attached). I always seem to just miss them, SO I decided trying be a little more proactive and make my first post. I'm located in New Orleans, and would be willing to drive a bit to meet up. I know I'm new here, but I have rep over reddit if you need some other verification I'm real. p.s. I would also consider a cherry RC-64 II or combos, if I still come up dry. Basically if you're in driving distance, feel free to let me know what you've got. p.p.s. I know he probably won't see this, but shout out to youthman for having some great rf-7 videos and posts that have helped me 👏
  2. Hi There, We've had a pair of RF-52 II floor standing speakers and an R-12SW subwoofer for a few years. Unfortunately our subwoofer stopped working recently and we needed to take it back to have it serviced, repaired, replaced... We're still waiting on the result. So we figured, while we're getting that fixed we might as well add the centre channel speaker to round our our setup. At this stage we're only going for a 3.1 configuration. However... Upon looking into the range of Klipsch centre channel speakers available I am thoroughly confused as to which one will be the best for our setup. This is made even harder to nail down as the RF-52 II has been discontinued. My confusion is compounded by the fact that I am no audiophile... So telling me the size of the tweeter and woofer and what materials they're made of doesn't really help me make a decision. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Greetings! I am in the market for a Klipsch Academy center shelf speaker. Hoping to find the clear or oiled oak finish to match for my Forte 2s. I am in the greater Chicago area and would be happy to pick it up if not too far. Otherwise, shipping would be needed. Thanks, Paul Academy-brochure.pdf
  4. any one who is selling this particular center channel?
  5. I was set on getting an RC-62 II then I stumbled across this RC-62 on Ebay in excellent condition for about half the price. Should I pick it up or pass?
  6. Moving into a new home and want to add a center to my bookshelf speakers (rb-61 II) .. the catch is this, I have a small space (8” deep) and a wife who would prefer no center. Any recommendations for a center that would pair decently well? I know they should match, but most of the matches won’t fit on that ledge... any thoughts on gallery (or the new RP version of the gallery on wall), the center from a quintet, or maybe one of the older synergy centers? Open to ideas here, just needs to be small and compact.
  7. Howdy Klipschters: I want a 3.1 set-up with 8" Floor Speakers as the "center-piece," plus a Subwoofer, and a Center Speaker, because I am more concerned with stereo music listening than for watching movies in surround. Also, wireless is a goal, but my primary concern is trying to do this without an amp. I'm ready to make the leap to go amp-less which should be possible with all of the features in the R-28PF. It is going in a small room, so I know this is plenty of power for the space. I'm sure we'll see more options from klipsch and other mfrs for going amp-less soon and is the natural progression of the tech, but we're not quite there yet. I think a pair of R-28PFs should work , but the problem is probably going to be the Center Speaker (CS). The R-28PF will manage a powered sub and I'm not concerned about the few cords required so far. Unfortunately, Klipsch has no Powered CS - so I'm left with 2 options to make this work: 1) can I somehow get enough power and audio signal from the internal amps in the Floors or Sub to run the CS? or 2) find a way to make the Wireless CS - the RP-440WC - work with the other 3 without needing to buy the HD control Center because I'm not even sure the control center would work with only the RP-440WC being in the Wireless series. The easy option would be to buy the wireless 3.1 set-up, but I don't like the floor speakers in that set. Does anyone know if the R-28PFs and Sub will work with the klipsch wireless control center if I got one of those? Or, would it work to run only the CS straight off of my TV? Any tips greatly appreciated.
  8. I recently replaced the ML SLM wall mount Center Channel speaker with a Klipsch RP450C in my system. The change was a major improvement in the sound field of the system. I reset the speakers manually and did not use the Yamaha YPAO. I set the receiver crossovers to those specified in the speaker manuals and then adjusted the volume levels using an SPL App on my phone. The results were a significant improvement over the previous setup. I have been happy with the results. BUT, I've noticed on some (not all) surround sound videos (streaming) the voices, specifically, the male voices will sound "grainy" or sort of like old turntable rumble. Sorry, hard to describe but so far that's the best I can come up with. The issue does not happen with all videos 1- I guess it is possible that the problem is more related to the recording then the system. 2- The 450C is a ported, could the port be part of this issue? 3- The 450C is placed 9" from the wall. I currently have a rag stuffed in the port to see if blocking the port will make a difference. So far the sound is still good but I'm not sure yet if it is affecting the problem. Has anyone closed off the port on the 450C? Has anyone lined the interior of the cabinet with Dynamat? Any other ideas?
  9. Looking to add to my current setup, and I want to stay in the Premiere line. If anyone has the RP-250C or the RP-150M/160M for sale, please let me know and lets talk a price! Thanks in advance! -Craig
  10. Selling a RC-52 ii for $175 including shipping (US only). Speaker looks and works great. There are some minor surface scratches on the bottom only. Selling because I finally upgraded to the RC-64!
  11. Hi everyone, first time posting. I am putting together a 5.1 system to compliment a 4k tv and had a few questions about picking speakers. I currently have a subwoofer and a pair of R-15m's as part of a stereo system that I want to expand into the 5.1 system. I was planning on getting a pair of RP-250s' as my rear speakers. My main issue is picking center channel speakers and whether I need to upgrade my R-15m's to something beefier to match the center channel. I was looking at either the RP-450C and the RP-440C, I am not sure if there is much of a difference or if they will be overkill with just the R-15m's. So my question is, which center channel would be more advisable, and do I need to upgrade from the R15's? If I need to upgrade, does the left and right channel speaker need to match with the center, or does it not matter? For example, would it be advisable to pair the RP-450C with the RP-280F's and the RP-440C with the RP-260F's or does it not make a huge difference? I am also trying to pick a receiver, but it is difficult to differentiate between receivers. I am mainly looking at sony 7.2 receivers with HD audio, are they all mostly the same, or are their certain features I should look out for on them? And one last bonus question, are the RP-250's better rear channel speakers than regular bookshelf speakers? I am still learning how they work. I appreciate any advice you guys can give me.
  12. 150.00 (lowered price). Excellent condition. Works perfectly. Includes original packaging. Willing to meet for pickup if within driving distance of northern Delaware. Otherwise, shipping will be about $20 additional.
  13. I posted my RP280 up awhile ago and have decided to keep those and sell this set I have. They are in cherry and I am the original owner. I bought these new in 2007 and they are immaculate. I am going to sell them for $800 which is pretty fair going by ebay prices. These are located in College Station TX and I do not really want to ship them.
  14. I have a dilemma. I have a set of Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62 and a set of RS-52. My problem is that I currently have a Yamaha 3070 and set of RP-280FA, RP-450CA and the RP 240S and I need to get rid of one of the sets. I think I would keep the RS-52 and still use them as my sides or rears but have not decided yet. Would it be worth keeping the old or just go with the new speakers?
  15. Hello! I am a new owner of a pair of cherry RF-7's. Could not be happier with the purchase! Now for the challenging part - finding a matching cherry RC-7. Found one on US Audio Mart, had the sale ready to go, but THE DAY he was supposed to be shipping it out informed me that the post was incorrect, and that it was in fact black. Found one on CL in Minneapolis, but the owner is unwilling to ship. If I weren't booked for the next 3 weekends, I may have just bit the bullet and flew there with a huge suitcase. The struggle is real... if your struggle is to stop compulsively buying speakers and upgrading, anyways. At any rate, if anybody is by chance willing to part with one or knows the whereabouts of where I might find one, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Bob
  16. Hi, I'm just about to purchase some Klipsch speakers but really need the help. I am planning on going with the RP-260F for my front left and right, and the RC-64ii for my center. I don't think I need the RP-280F as I will be buying 2 SVS PC-2000 subs to stand next to the towers so I don't see the point of the extra money spent on the 280f for the bass. My question is, that the center channel I have chosen - will it run well with the RP-260F? It's the same brand so I assume it will correct? I use my setup for movies and TV 90% of the time. If it makes any difference, the amp being used to power all these is the Onkyo TXRZ3100. I'm wanting to go for the premium center channel as speech is a big part for me and I wanted to make sure I get the best and the RC64ii is better than the 450c center speaker Klispch offers. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hey everyone first post here! Recently just purchased the RC-62ii center channel and I currently have the R-28f hooked up as a stereo setup for mainly music and have a pair of the R-15M stored away in the closet because I'm slowly working my way up to a 5.1 setup for more movie focused sound. So my question is will my RC-62ii match well with these 4 or will it be a problem that its the reference II series vs. reference I. It didn't cross my mind at first but then I read that all speakers should have the same exact tweeters for the right sound. Thoughts? Also, any subs that you guys recommend? if any component of the system I would be open to another brand would be the sub. so throw any and all recommendations out there. I'm currently looking at the BIC Acoustech PL-200 and the R-12SWi and R-112SW if I can find them for the right price (under $500) Thank you!
  18. Excuse me for my bad English. I possess 2 Klipshorn who are taken away one of the other one. I would want to connect a central (mono) Kplisch Cornwall III, can you indicate me the electric plan. Thank you
  19. I am currently looking to buy an Academy center channel speaker. If anyone just happens to have one for sale, please hit me up. I am in Texas BTW.
  20. Hi, tried searching the forums, but not having much luck. My speakers are almost 20 years old, I have KLF-30 fronts, KSF-C5 center and KSP-S6 rears. All driven by a Yamaha RX-Z9. I'm starting to look at new receivers to gain some of the new features from the past 10 years. As part of this, I started wondering about my speakers and how well they're matched up, and my gut says that my center isn't a good match. Given that the KLFs are almost 20 years old, is there a center in the current lineup that would be a great sonic match? Since I'll end up buying ATMOS speakers as part of the upgrade, I'm also open to changing my existing center/rears. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
  21. I have my barely used Klipsch C-3 center channel for sale here in Greenville, SC Here is my local craigslist link with photos of the speaker. http://greenville.craigslist.org/ele/5953617294.html If you have any questions please use the email link provided on craigslist as it will get directly to me.
  22. Hello! I am building a dedicated theater, and I will be using an acoustic transparent screen, but I am having trouble finding good sounding speakers, with a good price in Toronto Canada. I am building a 7.2.4 system, and don't need any subwoofers as I already have a few. I have been looking 3 x Klipsch R28F for the front LCR, 4x Klipsch R1650C for the ceiling speakers, and I am still looking around for 4 surround speakers, as the RS400B at Best Buy are too small for me. Anyway, from what I am reading here, people are saying the Klipsch speakers at Best Buy are rebadged and are not as good. If so, what model fronts should I be looking at, and where should I be purchasing it from?
  23. I have reconfigured the family room and used the opportunity to replace a few speakers. I am looking to sell an RC-3 II center channel and pair of RS-3 II surrounds. All 3 are in perfect working condition. The RC-3 has a couple of minor scuffs on front/bottom -- invisible when speaker is sitting on something and the grille cover is in perfect condition (including all "pegs"). The RS-3's are in mint condition. These were originally purchased somewhere between in 2001 or 2002 and have been in a smoke-free environment the entire time. I'm not looking to get rich here, just hoping to see these great speakers find a good home and help to defray the cost of the replacements, just a little. Asking $150 for the RC-3 and $100 for the pair of RS-3. Local pick-up only. Prices are negotiable. Additional photos available on request.
  24. Hey all, I just got a Quintet V system and so far am pretty happy. But, the center speaker is currently blocking the very bottom of my TV, which of course is not really acceptable. We don't want to wall-mount the television, so the solution is getting a riser with (a) sufficient clearance for the center speaker (4.9" height according to Klipsch) and (b) large enough to accommodate the base of my TV, which is about 23" wide and 10" deep. So far, (b) hasn't been too hard to find, but (a) is proving daunting. The closest thing I could find appears to be a smidge too low for the speaker to fit. There are a few other ones at Amazon with similar dimensions that also fail to make the cut. There are larger ones, too, but it looks like they'd be too tall (lots of empty white space), or I wouldn't be able to effectively center the speaker under them, because they're divided into two compartments. This one appears to be perfect, but also slightly overpriced. Presumably I'm not the first person to run into this issue, so I was wondering if anybody here had a positive recommendation. Thanks!
  25. I am hoping to sell my RC35 (Black) and have listed it on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Center-Channel-Speaker-RC35-Black-Excellent-Condition-/132006266527?hash=item1ebc2fc69f:g:Lw4AAOSwiONYLd34 It is in excellent condition! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, jt
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