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Found 7 results

  1. Any news about availability of equalizer settings via app for the Fives?
  2. I’ve owned my Fives for about 6 months. I use them exclusively with a turntable. I’m generally very pleased with them. One thing however has always puzzled me. Their reputation is that they are very bass heavy, too much so for some. I also know there is a dynamic bass EQ function that allows you to add or reduce bass. I do not experience the heavy bass as others report. And when I enable or disable the dynamic bass EQ I hear no difference. (I’m speaking here of the function enabled by the remote and confirmed with two flashes on the LED readout. I have not installed the firmware update that allows you to cut the bass.) I recently tested this again playing the bass heavy “hot mix” of Led Zep II. Again, no difference with function on or off and the bass just seems normal on both settings. While I’m happy with the speakers as they are, I wonder if I have somehow not installed them correctly or they are for some reason not working properly. I did read one review that noted the same thing — no difference between the two settings. Has anyone else has had or heard of this issue? Thanks
  3. Was reading another thread re perceived brightness with the new Forte III. Years ago (early 80s), I had a pair of EVs from the Interface series. They were my first good pair of speakers. They came with a very small outboard unit you had to use that adjusted the sound for your room. Memory a bit fuzzy on this. Has anyone ever built something along this line for specific Klipsch speakers as an alternative to crossover rebuilds and such? Would it even work? Aside from the units that were part of the EV speakers in those day I have not seen any other speaker manufacturer offering anything like this.
  4. Hi guys, I am clearing some stuff out. Final reduction....$30 and this includes shipping costs to lower 48! When you estimate shipping to be around $20 this piece is definitely a steal!! This EQ looks great in the dark with the lights dancing... Technics Graphic Equalizer with Spectrum Analyzer SH-8033 *****Sold as is but fully functional. PM me if interested...................... Thanks, Tim
  5. A few assorted items on the selling block: Rolls SX 2-way stereo crossover - $50 - view at Parts Express ART EQ-341, 2/3 oct, 15 band - $50 - view at Parts Express Niles HPS-6 speaker selector box - $50 Original dbx 120 sub harmonic synthesizer - $50 - it needs the some tlc on a sticky switch All plus actual shipping. Thanks I tried to upload pics but they are too large... I will work on it.
  6. dks5276


    hello all, Im running a Onkyo Tx-sr805 and I have th epleasure of owning rf-83's, my question is what should i set them at...full range? to a certain HZ like 80hz, i used the calibration mic but i feel as if my rf-83's arent putting out the sound that they can, i am a bass loving kinda of guy and like to feel it if you know what i mean....any help would be a GREAT help, also if anyone is a Receiver expert, should i keep the onlyo tx-sr805 or get the tx-sr636?
  7. So I have a pair of RF-42ii and a Dayton 1200 sub for my TV. I've been having huge trouble with receivers and have gone through 4 different ones until I finally ended up getting the Denon X2000. This may sound crazy but with the cheaper receiver I had - AVR E200 and AVR E300 on these same towers the sound was a lot more "open" and seemed to "surround me" this was most noticeable when listening to music. It was just more enjoyable listening to music. I don't know what the reason for this could be but right now it feels like when I listen to music as if someone has put a barrier in between the speakers and my ears. It's hard to explain the difference but it's a significant difference. Could this be down to EQ? I played around with the EQ and it did make it sound a little bit more "open" but it still doesn't get anywhere close to how it felt when listening with the E200/E300. E200 doesn't have audyysey mic, but E300 does. I used it for E300 and it sounded great. Question is less of which receiver is better quality but more of how do I get that same "room-filling" experience. I hope its simply down to room eq. Thanks a ton
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