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Found 11 results

  1. Extra set of original Klipsch K-77 horn tweeters that came with a pair of 1976 Klipschorns I purchased earlier this year. $175+ shipping/fees.
  2. These crossovers came out of my vintage La Scala speakers. I replaced the oil cans with the recommended JEM caps a few months ago, and the sound is excellent. The JEM caps are just a cut above my original oil can caps in audio quality, probably because of their age. My wiring skills will not win a beauty contest, but these crossovers work flawlessly. $175 shipped anywhere in the continental USA. I can accept Zelle, or PayPal if you're willing to pay the fees. I'm also selling the K-55-V drivers and K-77 tweeters separately in two other Garage Sale posts.
  3. I have a non-functioning K-77 tweeter (SN- 123663) that I'd like to give to someone that could either repair it, or use it in a display of some sort. It appears in good condition, but does not function when hooked up to an amplifier. Just contact me via email (davidspikes@hotmail.com) and tell me how you plan on using this item. Please include your contact information (phone number and email address). All I ask is that you pay for the shipping. I have an Electro-Voice tweeter, model T-35, in the same condition...Looks fine, but doesn't work. I'd be happy to include this tweeter, as well. So, if you're willing to work on these, or just display them, let me know... I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  4. Yesterday, I was swapping back in the K-77-D tweeters into my La Scala II's after running CT120's all Summer. Noticed some of that sshhhh sibilance that I remembered on the stock La Scala II's. But this time, I have REL along with a calibrated UMIK-1 in my toolkit. Did some measurements and comparisons. SPL graphs looked normal for K-77-Ds. Then I hit the distortion button on REL and the graph the left K-77-D looked out of whack compared to the right. Notice the distortion peak on the left tweeter starting at the crossover point 4500hz. Re-checked all my connections - still the same. Removed the tweeter and checked it alone - distortion still there. Removed the four screws and separated the magnet assembly from the horn, reseated the bug screen and gasket, blew some air in there, tightened everything back down, and distortion is gone. Wonder if the bug screen wasn't seated properly and was resonating? (Looked at my REL data from a few months ago, and the distortion was present back then so I wonder if this was my problem with the K-77-D all along....) Everything is buttoned back up and sounding great. Going to run the stock K-77-D's again now for a while. Anyhow, I hope this info helps somebody.
  5. Hey Klipsch Fans! I have scoured the forums looking for the information that I am asking now. I am sure that it is there but I have both looked hard and I have been looking casually for an answer for a couple weeks now so... here it goes... I picked up my first pair of Klipsch Heresy I in Oiled Walnut. The speakers seem to be in great shape and have all the original components as you'd hope. One speaker I am sure has an issue with the K-77 Round Magnet Tweeter. I went out and bought myself a little multi-meter and took measurements from the offending tweeter. It measures well. Right around 6ohms and and stable continuity. What I have experienced with the tweeter is that it simply doesn't put anything out. I tried a 20 hz - 20khz YouTube video and tested both speakers and I am sure that this speaker worked up to the point of the tweeter, where it full stop didn't work (no buzzing, no hizz, no crackle, just silent). The other speaker performed flawlessly. So now my question is this: Could the tweeter be blown and the driver still measure correctly? Do you think this could simply be that the crossover is 40+ years old? Do you think the crossover could completely stop an incoming signal? What could I check? I am worried that by checking I could then damage a perfectly good diaphragm and waste time and money. Thank you everyone for your time. I am by no means an expert but do I ever love the sound of these Heresy Speakers!
  6. One pair B&K Sound/Crites CT120(b&c de120 driver)tweeters as new. Perfect condition, no flaws. Maybe 20 hours of light use tops. Purchased from Mr. Crites new on 07/29/2016. Used until I could make mounting brackets for my JBL 2404's. That task is now complete. I do not think I have to tell anyone this but these are VERY nice tweeters. $175.00 + $14.00 USPS 2-Day Priority Shipping in US. Payment via PayPal. Please PM me. Thank you for looking.
  7. I have upgraded my Belle Klipsch's with a mix of Crites and Volti parts (Crolti? Voites?). Now I have my old AA crossovers, K-77 tweets, K-500 horns including the grill assembly and cloth and badges, and k-55V drivers. All are in working order. The crossovers probably need to be recapped. I've attached some pictures if you want more/better let me know. I still have the box that my Volti horns came in so I'm good to ship all this. I was thinking $500 for everything (not including shipping). The grill separated a little when I removed them but its an easy fix. I'm located in northern CA.
  8. 4 working k78 drivers. These are basically k77 drivers with 16 ohm impedance. These are two matched pairs. Seem to work as intended. $140 plus shipping. These do not weigh much and I would estimate something like $20
  9. 4 new replacement compression drivers for K77 driver. Requires adapter to fit some mounts. [Specs available on the net] $100 for the set.
  10. Hello, I just picked up my fist pair of Klipsch's...a pair of evidently early Heresy's. I would like to learn as much as I can about them, eg, date of manufacture, driver details, original grill type, etc. One of the tweeters is not working, and I suspect the crossover could use a refresh. Looks like CritesSpeakers is the place to go for repairs and crossovers? The serial number for one of them is 10M053. Thanks for any info.
  11. This HS Kid in W. Va has his own basement repair shop and cranks out the videos, lots of speaker repairs. This is a diaphragm replacement on the K-77, something I see a lot of people talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s90esnzJ22s
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