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Found 12 results

  1. Starting an analogue listening thread Because Klipsch and records go hand in hand I thought it would be appropriate for a dedicated record spinning thread Time permitting I will work through my record collection one by one and post as I go with a nice photo Hope all record ( darksiders ) tragic's will follow my lead and post on this new Vinyl / Record spinning thread So to kick it off I will post one of the very first albums I purchased - and I had to order it Artist - King Crimson Album - Young Persons Guide TT - Garrard 401 Stylus - Stanton 981 LZS Tonearm - Transfi Terminator Let the fun begin on the Darkside
  2. New member, Mac/Klipsch collector of sorts. Unfortunately, facing a move that requires me to part with some awesome components and speakers. I live in the Columbus, Mississippi area, and can only offer pick-up, but will provide any loading help. Here are some of the items I will part with: 2 1963 KHorns - 2nd owner, excellent condition, currently used in H/T arrangement with Mac components. $2000 1 MX135 - bought in 2011 from Audio Classics, excellent condition (B1), all lights work, no scratches, etc. $2000 1 MVP861 - Bought in 2011 from Audio Classics, also in great condition (B1), no scratches, sounds great, lights work, etc. $1000 1 MC205 - 5 x 200W, bought from Audio Classics in 2011(B1), excellent condition $3000 2 Heresy III - Bought brand new in 2011 from Audio Classics, mint condition with risers $625/each This collection also includes a 3-year-old stand that I bought new for $1200, and a RSW12 subwoofer that I bought new 10 years ago. I also have a couple of KG4's and a pair of used RFIII-2 that are in mint condition. Although I have listed prices that I have discounted from my original bill of sale, I am willing to consider offers on any of this equipment. The equipment has been treasured and well-cared for. It is without flaw, and I will gladly send pictures to any serious party. Also, feel free to call me at (256) 318-1359. You won't be disappointed in this equipment and are welcome to come try it out.
  3. I have a pair of R-15 pm speakers that hum wth any line or phono input. I returned a pair to the manufacturer and the new ones are doing the same thing. I just moved to a new place and am wondering if it could be the old wiring in the house? I plugged up smaller, cheaper speakers to my turntable and didn't have the issue. It's just my Klipsch speakers. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi all - I recieved the Klipsch R-15PM and Pro-Ject Klireftt Belt-Drive Audiophile Turntable 'plug and play' system yesterday and am having an issue with getting a clear sound when playing vinyl. It sounds quite muffled, particularly the lyrics. I know it's definately not the speakers as I have played other sources through the speakers and the speakers sound great. Anyone else have a similar set up with a similar issue? Any advice would be appreciated 🤓 Thanks all!
  5. Looking TO BUY A Cartridge for a Technics SL 1210. I also have a Technics 1800 TT, which seems to be a less fancy version of the 1200 series. If possible I would like to mount the cartridge on a headshell and simply detach and reattach the headshell/cartridge when changing turntables. Hopefully all of the alignments will be ok between TTs. I also have an Ortofon Blue on a Project TT. However, there is no headshell, and it cannot be moved without complete removal of cartridge. I am happy with the sound. Currently all 3 TTs are in my small studio apt in the DC area. I would like to bring 1 TT back to NOLA by Mardi Gras. The Technics TTs came with many lower end cartridges, and the 2 TTs sound very similar. I use a Project Tube Box DS phono preamp. If someone has an appropriate cartridge (s) for sale, I am all ears. I am trying not to spend over $400 on this. I recently missed out on a 150MLX NOS for under $300. Over the summer there were some very helpful responses to my Qs about which one to buy. Thank you to the Forum members. Many, many choices out there. But I am thinking not to get a Shure nor a Denon 103 nor 110. Over 90% of my vinyl is used and I fear that an Ortofon Black or similar ?fine line stylus might lead to way too many pops and cracks on my lesser quality records. So what I "think" I am looking for might include the following: 2M Blue or maybe better, a Bronze, Super OM 30 (which I think should sound similar to the Bronze, but at a lower price), AT 150 series (AT 150MLX or 150Sa), or AT 440 MLa, MlLb or new VM 540, etc....... Thanks for considering my inquiry From NOLA with love......
  6. ***UPDATE***For some reason I cannot save any images to my laptop. I took detailed photos and you can see them at this link.https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L8bNgzcNtmjUOGBPkHdmc7PBZW7n8VZLAdditionally, I hooked it up - used one of my extra cartridges, and rubbed my finger and got noise. When I went to set the platter, I noticed two tabs and wondered what the purpose. I then noticed a sticker explaining what the tabs were for. The are shipping screws for the motor. So I didn't run the unit any further. It did hold the speed for the brief time it was on. Sometimes the motor shipping screws can be reinserted, sometimes not. Ive decided not to remove the shipping screws in the event that I ship the turntable and I'm unable to reinsert them. It appears to be functional. Let me know if you have any questions. I have what appears to be a NOS Sansui SR-838 - I'll use that term 'NOS' loosely. It is in its original styrofoam packaging. It includes what appears to be its original headshell and stylus. The plastic cover has some light scratches and hazing, not typical of a used table. The black finish shows minimal hazing and one or two very light scratches. Outstanding condition - the only SR-838 table that would look nicer is one in the box unopened. I will post pictures in the next few hours when I get home. I would hold this at a high 9/9 or low 10/10 for condition only because I haven't had it in my possession since the late 70's Make offers - may trade for the right blend of cash/tube amp. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649395769-sansui-sr838-turntable-nos/ ***Update 2*** I removed the screws. I couldn't help it. Unit is fully operational and sounds amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBhA8QX9QhY
  7. I've got a KMC3 and a pair of R-15PMs. How can I pair them to both play music from my turntable? I can get one or the other to play, but I can't get both. I also can't seem to pair both together to stream music via bluetooth, any ideas? Thanks, Ray
  8. This may be a bit beyond the 2-Channel forum postings; my system is more of a 4-Channel setup. I cranked up my system tonight, as the wife was out. I started with some LP's on my Merrill-Modified Thorens 160HD turntable into a McIntosh MC130 preamp. Twin monoblocked McIntosh MC2125 powered Belles in the front, and McIntosh MC2200 powered Fortes in the rear. Once I had the volume up to 50/100 on the preamp, there was a hum which became progressively louder as the volume increased, to the point it overpowered the sound of the music. I normally listen at volume levels of 15-30/100 on the preamp, so I had not noticed this before. The hum was not present when I listened to CD's through my McIntosh MCD 7007 CD player, regardless of the volume. The turntable is grounded. Everything is plugged into a MonsterPower HTPS 7000 Powersource. I'm getting some serious feedback (not the good kind) from the turntable. Any ideas of where I should look to resolve the issue? I rarely, if ever push this system. Still, I would like to keep the sound from the turntable as pristine as I can.
  9. Looking for a turntable upgrade. Want to do the best for my money. Not sure what to get--have gotten a lot of advice from fans of new and old. Would love to snag a Garrard 301 or 401. Perhaps a newer VPI model if the tonearm was nice. Would like to keep it to about $2000.
  10. Thorens td160 audiotechnica 120e cart . Needs belt , no cover ,couple faint scratches on one side other than that great. Upgraded blue rubber mat. 400$ Realistic lab-400 turntable. Great shape no cart or head shell. All functions. 200$ free shipping U.S.
  11. We have just launched our new Klipsch blog at http://www.klipsch.com/blog! The aim of the blog is to highlight some of the things we are passionate about, and hopefully educate customers, new and not-so-new. We have lots of exciting content coming up, and Alex will be doing his best hype-man impression, hyping the new blog everywhere soon, but since the forum peeps are so awesome, you get to be among the first to hear about it. One of Amy's last heroic deeds @ Klipsch was to author several initial blog posts for the new blog. One of them is about turntables and listening to music on vinyl - http://www.klipsch.com/blog/anatomy-of-a-record-player. Feel free to comment on this or any of the other posts on the blog, and bookmark http://www.klipsch.com/blog!
  12. Hello, I'm new here and have couple Cartridges and a turntable for sale. They're all brand new in the box. I'm located in 90630 area code. I can meet local or will ship at buyer's expense. Please PM for pictures. DL103D DL304 DLS1 DP500M Thanks Wago
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