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  1. Hey Everyone, First time poster here. I'm going to sound kind of dumb but here we go. My dad just gave me his old pair of Hersey I HBR speakers. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Not a single scratch or dent. However, electronics isn't really my wheel house so I was hoping yall could suggest a nice receiver in the hopefully less than $300 range for me to hook it up to as well as maybe some pictures of the wiring (they don't have any wires which, for a millennial used to AUX cords, is confusing). I'm also hoping to get a record player to go with it. I have one now but it's cheap; record wobbles, arm is too light and skips frequently. So suggestion for a solid record player would be appreciated also. Will update as progress comes along!
  2. This forum provides a wealth of knowledge and I want to thank everyone for their input. I apologize in advance for this lengthy story, but hopefully some of you can relate. My first nice system in 1988 consisted of a pair of Quartet speakers and a NAD integrated amp with a NAD 6 disc cd changer. I remember the day the salesman played those speakers and it felt like someone was standing there thumping my chest! I was hooked. Over the years, I added a Klipsch sub, center and surrounds for the home theater experience with my Pioneer Elite 65" TV and upgraded to a NAD T770 receiver. I could blow the windows out of the house with that system. After a divorce, a move into a different house and an upgrade on some technology, I find myself puzzled. I purchased a new TV and blue ray player. Of course my old components did not have HDMI imputs. Normally, I do extensive research before purchasing anything, but a big orange "SPECIAL" sign led me to purchase a Sony ES 7.1 channel home theater receiver with more inputs/outputs than the space shuttle. The ease of connection, reduction in wires, and advertised superiority of the HDMI was attractive to me. With the new house and extended hours at a new job, I rarely exploited the system. While I was out of town, an unexplained incident with a house sitter or teenaged son seemed to blow all the woofers from my system. Out of frustration, I let the system sit idle for quite some time. After a windfall, I decided to treat myself to some new speakers. The whole home theater set up has lost its appeal to me......and what I really enjoy is listening to my music. With this being said, I moved the surround set up to the master bedroom with the intent of reconing the woofers eventually and ordered a pair of Cornwall IIIs for my TV/Listening room. I was as excited as a little kid at Christmas as I slid those speakers out of the box. (My wife was a little less excited when she saw the size of the Cornwall IIIs, but that is another story.) Here is where I need the forum's help. When I hooked up the speakers and played a few CDs, I was pretty underwhelmed. I chose not to biamp the speakers initially because everything I read seemed to be split down the middle whether it was beneficial or not. I was being cautious at first with the volume, especially after the blow out of the previous set up. I carefully increased the volume and the sound was crisp, with no distortion or hiss, but the sound just seemed flat. This receiver has the microphone that you position so that it takes measurements of the room etc and I went through all those steps. I even went in to the digital equalizer and increased the bass levels, which helped round out the sound somewhat. After these adjustments, I increased the volume, but nowhere near pissing off the neighbors levels and the left speaker started to pop. I turned down the volume as quick as I could, but it had popped about three times. Do you think the receiver has an issue from the previous incident? Is it not good enough to drive this speakers? My old NAD equipment had no issues driving my speakers and I had researched its quality. Is a lack of power to the speakers causing the popping? Is that popping referred to as clipping? Since I do not care about the surround sound and am going to a 2 channel set up, would biamping give more power to the speakers and eliminate this issue? Any advice is welcomed and I appreciate everything in advance.
  3. Hi all! After a couple of months searching for an entry level 5.1 HT setup I am happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of a Klipsch Reference II system. Really happy to have joined the club! For full disclosure, I have been listening to music, watching TV/movies and playing games using a (rather crappy) HTIB purchased 8 years ago. The centre channel was no longer working so I thought it would be about time to upgrade. I don't know why it took me so long but since I'm new here I hope that you won't hold that against me for now. What I do know is that I can't wait to get my new kit: Pair of RF-52 II as fronts RC-52 II for the centre channel Pair of RB-41 II at the back, sitting on Atacama Moseco 7 stands A single SVS SB-1000 as the subwoofer All of the above powered by a Sony STR-DN1050, which I can get with a 40% discount Over the coming months I'm considering to add the following: Second SVS SB-1000 sub Pair of R-14S surrounds (Still "maybes": Atacama's Evoque Eco 60-40 or Milan Reference 10 rack from Custom Design) I think that what I have already purchased will be sufficient for the time being. Going forward, I might want to run a 7.2 setup in the living room or, perhaps more likely, put the surrounds there and move the RB-41 II speakers to my study (Zone 2) as a 2.0 set up for music. I'll see how that goes and, if I may, keep you all updated. Just in case this helps, the system in the living room will be used for: Music (20%): Spotify/AirPlay streaming and very occasionally CD Games (30%): PS4, PS3 Video (50%): Series and movies using Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HD cable service, DVD and Blu-Ray. One or two football (soccer) games per week. The two questions I have are pretty basic but I'd greatly appreciate your advise: Question 1: Should I keep the RC-52 II centre speaker or should I really have it swapped for the RC-62 II instead? Reading through the forum I seem to have picked up that the RC-42 II and the RC-52 II are relatively similar but the RC-62 II is a real step up in terms of sound (dialogue) clarity for movies. Taking into account what I had (or in this case actually, since it wasn't working anymore, didn't have!) the HT setup I purchased will already make a huge difference so I'm considering keeping it all unchanged... unless you insist that I should really shell out a bit more cash and change the centre channel to the RC-62 II. Question 2: Can I find any use at all for any of the HTIB components or should I just chuck them in the bin and move on? This is what we're talking about (click here if you must see how that looks like): Sony STR KSL40 amp 4x Sony SS MSP50 satellite speakers 1x Sony SS CNP50 centre speaker (not working) 1x Sony SA WMSP40 sub This is probably nothing worth hanging on for much longer, especially now that the amp starts buzzing every time I crank up the volume just a bit. Actually, that's primarily what convinced my wife that an upgrade was "needed"! I'll be receiving everything listed in the first set of bullet points between over the next 10 days or so... can't wait to connect the system, configure it and start getting the neighbours to wonder why London suddenly became a seismic area. Thanks in advance! P.S.: It got pretty late here in the UK so I'll go to bed and, if needed, respond to any questions you might have for me tomorrow. Good night!
  4. Calling all Bill Fitzmaurice fans! There is a table tuba that someone is offering me that has an unusual modification. The builder set an extra inch of room for the woofer driver than what was written in the plans and, as a result, the horn has an extra 6 inches of length I believe. I'm wondering how this will affect the frequencies and if it renders the subwoofer useless. The builder claims that he cannot tell any difference--but wanted me to know for the sake of transparency and specifically pointed me to you all. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks all!
  5. Hello, I noticed last night my display was flickering on my sub I turned it off and back on a few times now it won't power at all. Can anyone help me with the steps I need to take to troubleshoot my sub? Thanks Allen
  6. Hello people, I'm new here, I'm from Montreal ,Quebec and I recently purchased 2 RF- 82 floor-stand speakers and a centre RC-62. I would like to get your recommendations on which receiver would give me best of both worlds between clarity and bass distribution. I will plan to get a Klipsch Synergy 12" Down-Firing Subwoofer (SUB-12). Thank you all for taking a look at my post and happy holidays!
  7. In an effort to consolidate and focus forum content, we've moved some things around, combining several previously too-specific forums into other forums where it made sense to do so. No posts were deleted in this process, only moved. So, here's how the new forum structure breaks down and where things were combined/renamed). Klipsch Announcements Klipsch News (formerly "Announcements") Klipsch Pilgrimage / Meetups (formerly "Klipsch Pilgrimage") Klipsch Website & Forums Info (Combination of former forums "Website" and "Forums") Klipsch Audio 2-Channel Home Audio Home Theater (now includes the old "Palladium" and "Powered Subwoofers" forums) Architectural Klipsch Pro Audio (moved away from its own forum section) Technical/Modifications (a combination of the old "Technical Questions", "Updates & Modifications", and "General Electronics" forums) Headphones Personal Music Systems (a combination of the old "Computer Speakers" and "iPod Speakers" forums) General Klipsch Questions & Info (now includes the old "Vintage Vault" and "Accessories" forums) The Klipsch Joint (formerly "Other Areas of Interest") Garage Sale Alerts Lounge (combination of the old "What else is on you mind", "Music/Movies", "Sports", "Computers/Gaming" forums) Right This Minute As you can see, there is much smaller number of forums to weed through. We feel this will help everyone in various ways. Thanks everyone!
  8. If you find yourself having to log in to the forums daily even if you have "remember me" checked, try deleting your browser cookies for this site. That seems to solve the issue.
  9. I'm investigating some edge cases of forum search results being incomplete. Wanted everyone to be aware.
  10. If you find you cannot log in even after following the instructions on the Login form about resetting your password, here's what you can try (in this order): Check your email spam folder. Add "forums-no-reply@klipsch.com" to your email contacts Try again and wait at least an hour. If all else fails, email me directly at chad(dot)wells (at) klipsch (dot) com from the email account you used to sign up with.
  11. Hi all, I thought I'd write a post that answers some frequently asked questions about the new forums. This topic will likely be updated over time. As always, you can visit the forum's help system by clicking "Help" at the bottom of the screen. Q: How do I attach/insert images (or other files) to my post? A: There are several ways to do this. When writing a new topic, there is a form called "Attach Files" just below the post editor. Simply click the "choose file" button, select your file, and then click "Attach This File". Once the files are uploaded you will see them on your screen. By default, all attachments are added to the bottom of your message, however, you can add any attachment to a particular section of your post by pressing the "Add to Post" link. If you wish to remove an attachment and have it not appear in your post, simply press the "Delete" link. When replying to a topic with the quick-reply form at the bottom of a topic page, you need to click the "More Reply Options" button to see the attachment form. You can also click "My Media" in the post editor, which will bring up a list of your previously attached files, and photos you may have added to a Gallery. Then you can select the file/image you want to insert. Q: How do I insert a YouTube video into my post? A: On the video's YouTube page, click "Share" under the video, then copy the short URL and paste into your post. For example, if you paste the following URL into your post: ...you get this in your post (when displayed): Q: How do I post specially-formatted text? A: Just to the left of the Font dropdown in the post editor, you should see an icon for Special BBCode. If you click that, you have additional formatting options, such as Acronym: LOL Background color behind text: this has red background Directly link to a member's profile: Spoiler: Q: How do I change my Member Title? A: After you have made 500 posts, you can change the title that displays above your avatar, if you want. Just click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, then "My Settings". You'll see a Member Title field in the "Profile Information" section of the Profile Settings tab. PLEASE NOTE: Admins have the right to deny your member title if we feel it violates our Forum Rules. Q: Why the heck do I see "X Warning Points" below my avatar (but nobody else's)? A: This forum uses a Warning system that allows Admins and Moderators to give warnings (which include points) to members if they violate the Forum Rules in some way. Points can also be removed over time. You can only see your own points. We currently do not have a warning point policy in place, but may have one depending on need. So for now, it's nothing to worry about. EDIT: The warning point system is currently disabled. Q: Why does my Profile say something like "0 Neutral" in it? A: That is your "Reputation". It is essentially a tally of "Reputation Points" that other members can give you on your posts by clicking the "Vote this post up" button on your post. It's really an arbitrary number for the most part. Q: Why can't I access the Chat tab? A: Chat is currently only for Admins and Moderators for various reasons. That may change sometime down the line. It may not. Q: How do I change my name on the forums? A: Click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, then "My Settings". Click the Display Name tab. Please note you are limited to the number of times you can change your Display Name within a given period of time. That form will tell you the limit. Q: What are my upload limits? A: Currently, Members are allowed to upload a maximum of 100MB for file/image attachments (including Private Messages and Posts). Per file, the maximum upload file size is 2MB. (limits subject to change) Q: What are my Gallery limits? A: Max disk space: 100MB Max Daily Transfer: 100MB Max # of Albums: 10 Max # of images per album: 500 (limits subject to change)
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