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Found 14 results

  1. Klipsch people, I have a set of KG4s that I purchased. I want to get an amp for them. Just sold my TX-8050. Right now I'm using a Klipsch Powergate. Feel free to comment. Take me to the cleaners. I'm doing the best I can. On a budget, if you know what I mean. I was thinking about the Onkyo a-9110. A guy on a website that it wouldn't be able to drive the KG4s well. Is this true? So I went back to looking at Yamahas. I want to try to keep it under $330. Right now, I've got a guy who will sell me a slightly used a-s501 for $330. Got to drive an hour to get it. An option, but there are important members of my family who think that is a waste of my time. Then there's some a-s500s laying around on internet sites for even less. I'm not sure I need the DACs in the a-s501. Then there's the receiver r-n50x and r-s50x. And then, finally, there's always an a-s301. Any recommendations here? I feel a bit bewildered. I know some of you are going to tell me to test them, but I live in the middle of nowhere, and not a lot of time. I want things to sound good. I don't need to overpower my middle-sized living room. Help me. Please.
  2. Like new Klipsch system for streaming playfi audio through old and new gear throughout the house. Includes: - 2 100w Powergate amps with phono and line inputs (orig $200 each) - 2 Stream WiFi hubs with line out and in (orig $79) system works really well with Spotify, Tidal, and other streaming services from your phone but is not Apple Airplay 2 compatible (why I am selling). WiFi audio is much better than Bluetooth in quality and range! power gates are great, powerful little amps. Asking $300 for all 4.
  3. I have a PowerGate I have it connected to my computer via USB and I have a Gate with a audio technica LP 120 turntable attached to it. The issue I'm having is that depending on how I play music on PowerGate I get different max output volumes. ie. when playing audio from my computer via USB, I have to turn the PowerGate up to 100% and then turn the computer to to 75-80% to get a decent sound with the speakers. When I use the Gate and create a bridge and play a record it's the same way, I have to turn up the Gate to 100% and the PowerGate to 60-70% to get a decent sound with the speakers. However when I use the Klipsch Stream app and stream music from Amazon, Deezer or other I can't set the volume any higher than 25-30% and stay in the room because it's to loud. If I turn it up to the same 60-70% I wouldn't be able to be in the same room as the system because it would be overpowering. Why does the PowerGate have different levels for the different input sources? Is there a way to fix it or is there a setting I'm overlooking?
  4. I have my mac connected to the USB in of a PowerGate. I can then select "Klipsch PowerGate" as one of my audio outputs, and that works just fine. Occasionally however, it is not available in the list. In an effort to track down this problem I noticed that when I plug the PowerGate into a USB3 hub which happens to have indicators showing active USB ports, the port does not light up, which for me indicates that the problem may be in the PowerGate. I can turn the device on and off, cycle through inputs; I even tried a factory reset at one point...no help. The simple solution appears to be plugging and plugging the PowerGate from AC/mains. Anything short of that has not helped. Anyone else have this problem or similar? Any suggestions?
  5. I just purchased the three and was excited about their play-fi option to bring in multiple devices because I’m planning on building a bookshelf system in my kitchen that I want to link to it in another room. I figured I’d just get the power gate as an amp but the reviews are horrible. Then I thought I’d get the gate and hook it up to a regular amp. Also horrible reviews. Finally I figured I’d just get the sixes, but they are Bluetooth only? Why would the “one” be Bluetooth only, the three have WiFi and Bluetooth, then “the sixes” be back to just Bluetooth?! im thinking about literally Hooking up a Bluesound or sonos attachment to my “three” and just skipping the “play-fi” thing altogether. has anyone been successful with multiroom play-fi using klipsch brand products?
  6. So I have a Powergate in my Living Room with a Phono/Turntable connected to it. I have another Klipsch Three in my Dining Room, and when I Stream From the Powergate to the Three, I get music but it drops out often. Both devices have the latest firmware and good wifi. Any ideas?
  7. I've tried to get a firmware update to my Powergate, and it will not take. The utility software keeps searching for the Powergate, but can never find it. I've done the streaming utility successfullly, and it correctly connected to my router. Is there another way (USB?) to get the newest firmware on the Powergate, or can someone offer advice? Thanks!
  8. Hi Klipsch peoples, Is it possible to record a phono connection to a pc via the rj45/wifi? Or is that only posible thru the usb connection?
  9. Is Apple Apirplay supported? Is Google casting supported?
  10. I bought a Klipsch Powergate around a month ago. All cords and accessories (including remote) and original box included. Here is a link: https://www.klipsch.com/products/powergate I'm looking to sell for $225, shipping included.
  11. Hi all, First of all, I apologize for my English, it is not my native language. Nonetheless, I just bought a powergate with 2 RW1 and a Jamo810 sub in order to make a 2.1 wireless setup. I tried to play with it, everything is running smoothly for the wifi setup, music is being played stereo ... BUT I can't manage to find a way to stream from my powergate to the RW1s without the phone. To clarify, the workflow I'd like to implement is the following : [AUX | PHONO | BT ... ] --> Powergate --> RW1 And so far, this is not working, I need to control all this with my phone and setup a 'line in' zone on the powergate. I wanted to know if I understood properly and this is indeed not possible, or if I am missing something. Thanks a lot in advance Frankois
  12. want to do multi-room on the basis of the powergate. plan to put 6 pieces. how many devices can I link one zone? tell me who knows please
  13. Hi everyone, I have a question about PowerGate amplifiers. When I set it up on a WiFi network and give it a name the name doesn't show up on Bluetooth search list. The name that appears is Klipsch PowerGate followed by a 4 digit letter+number code. Any ideas on how to permanently set the Bluetooth connection name to a user-specified name?
  14. I am interested in the current Powergate (not Max), but I can't find any professional or user reviews for it anywhere. I would use it to drive my existing RP-160M pair. Among all of the integrated amp/DAC's in this price range, it alone provides a combination of features that I prefer: 1) preamp outputs in case I outgrow the internal amplifier 2) subwoofer output 3) doesn't use line lump/wall wart 4) USB DAC input/high definition capability Is this unit any good? As an amplifier and/or preamplifier, how does it sound?
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