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Found 14 results

  1. Hey there people! So I've been fascinated by the whole idea of Synergy type speakers. Read a lot on DIYAudio forum and even tried to build a few using off the shelf horns. They sounded OK, but i still had that bug inside that made me want more. Then I stumbled upon ChrisA's thread on a synergy type speaker based on K-402 horn. Gone through the whole thread and through many more others, read up benefits of full horn loaded systems, modulation distortion, constant directivity and all that jazz and that made me crave a pair of K-402-MEHs even more. Buying a set of horns was out of my budget, so i started exercising an idea of building the whole system from scratch. I found a thread on an Australian forum, where a guy made a pair of K-402 replicas out of wood and XPS foam. The guy had already made huge part of the job on estimating the size of the horn, expansion rate, where it starts to curve and the curves themselves. So i opened SketchUp and started playing with the model based on images of his horn. After i was satisfied with the model of the horn, I began working on other parts - the box, placement of HF driver and woofers, small parts that help hold the whole thing together. This is how the model looked first: But i knew that i am not an engineer or an experienced woodworker and since i was not going to (or was capable of) assemble the whole thing by myself, i was in need of a help of a professional who would work on the model and made sure that all the elements fit together nicely, that the parts could be machined on a CNC and prepare the drawings necessary for production. Here are some shots of how the model looked after the guy i hired modified it: In the end I had drawings and STL files so those could be used while CNCing the parts. Now all major parts are ready and guys from local woodworking shop are assembling those: I will be using Faital HF204 for HF duties and Beyma SM-115N for LF. Bought them already. As for the amp, i will use an old AV receiver. Beymas are 8Ohm but i will connect them in parallel, so there is enough power in the receiver to drive them. And i will probably not need deafening sound pressure levels. Will consider swapping the receiver for something of higher quality if i am not satisfied. I have a room that is relatively big - 12X6 meters which is about ~40X20Ft. Speakers will be in the corners. If i am not satisfied with LF performance i will build a couple of tapped horns (have a few ideas on those). I want to thank ChrisA for all the help he provided via private messaging and patience to my questions. Without him I would never come up with an idea of building this speaker in the first place and without his help i would build some garbage So i hope this project turns out well. Can't wait to bring those monsters in my house and start the tuning process. -------------------------------- While the project is still in the building stage, I decided to share 3D files i used with the community. Hope this is helpful and somebody will duplicate the whole project or some parts of it. Most of the info is in Russian, but the text isn't really necessary for understanding which parts goes where. This is not a complete clone of Chris's MEH or K-402 clone. This is as close as i could get with the information i had. Files are available at this link.
  2. Up for sale is a Klipsch SW10 II subwoofer in the black finish. It has a 10" woofer in front and a 12" passive radiator in the back. It works great, but I just don't have a need for it asking $100.
  3. Hi all I just bought a Synergy 5.1 system. Looking for adjustable speaker stand for S1 surround speakers. Also looking for speaker cable suggestions for ~22 sqm room. I have a Denon AVR-X2400H av receiver. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi All, this is my first post in the forum and im glad to join the Klipsch community. Currently, i am using 2 sets of floor standing (RF-82 ii's and Synergy F-30's) as my front speakers. powered with Emotiva XPA2 and XPA3 and the processor is Marantz SR7010. i have tow questions and i need your suggestion. 1) do you suggest to have 2 sets of front speakers ? 2) i am thinking to upgrade my F-30 with RP-280F components? do you think it is good idea ? please advise.
  5. Hello all, This is my first post in the forum and I have done a few searches and have called or emailed Klipsch and they sent me to a place that no longer existed. I purchased a pair of Synergy F3's for a great price knowing that there was an issue when I tested them before buying. I was unable to hear anything from the tweeters so I pulled the tweeters and they looked fine. I pulled the terminal plate out to get to the crossover and found that they were fried. I am trying to locate some original F3 crossovers to bring my new purchase back to spec for the best listening experience. One thing that I can tell you right now, if you bypass the crossover for the tweeters, you will get some impressive highs from them! Ear-piercing to say the least but the tweeter response is phenomenal! If I can't source the whole board, I guess I can get a friend of mine (Masters in Electronics Engineering) to replace the faulty parts ore even just rebuild it all on the original board. Last option would be to bypass the whole thing and do an external crossover, but I am not really sure how well that would work.
  6. Hello again nice Klipsch folks. We're here today to talk about try #3 at a set of Klipsch speakers that suit me - these being a friend's pair of Synergy F-3. After moving, his wife banished these monsters to the cupboard, and he was looking to free up some cupboard space. And as someone who has heard a number of modern Klipsch offerings (which were not bad BTW), I figure I can have a lot of fun for a reasonable price. Now for these speakers, they will be attached to my Jolida Tube Amp, and will (may for CD) use a Proton preamp. In short, I want the same bass impact one gets from going to a concert, with clear and effective highs. I also hope that the two-way, single horn design of these will avoid much of the midrange distortion that bothered me so much when I demoed the Fortes. In my brief time with a set of RB-61, I was not disturbed by the horn-loaded tweeter, and did not find it tinnitus-inducing. Unfortunately, I did find them to not perform as well as some other bookshelves I had on hand; almost as if some mid texture was missing. However, I am hopeful that the F-3 teamed with the tubes will be a great match. So what should I expect? I know online opinion is somewhat mixed, and there are some negative connotations from using speakers purchased at Best Buy. That being said, my main room currently has a set of $1,200 Wharfedales, so I expect the Synergy to be in the same ballpark as they are. Thank you again all for your gentle education.
  7. https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/ele/6084335237.html Not affiliated. I've seen people asking more than $150 for one, doesn't seem like too shabby of a deal.
  8. I have my barely used Klipsch C-3 center channel for sale here in Greenville, SC Here is my local craigslist link with photos of the speaker. http://greenville.craigslist.org/ele/5953617294.html If you have any questions please use the email link provided on craigslist as it will get directly to me.
  9. Anyone have experience using Heritage speakers in a home theater? I am moving into a newly built home and planning to re-deploy my audio equipment. Planning to use three Heresy speakers for FCR, and a pair of KSF 8.5 I have as the rear surround. I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments about how others have used Heritage speakers in a HT set-up, especially for rear surround.
  10. Folks, I’m having a heck of a time trying to finish off a home theater speaker setup and thought I’d ask for help/pointers here. I'm a grad student at UF in Gainesville, FL and have been piecing together a Klipsch Synergy system from 1997-99 for a few years now. I've got the two fronts (KSF-8.5s), the center (KSF-C5), but I've been looking for the surrounds (KSF-S5) for a molar-grindingly long time with zero luck. I’ve sent a handful of out-of-town-CraigsList “I know I’m not local but would you consider shipping these...” type emails and text messages, but nobody seems keen on boxing up a pair and posting them to me. Any ideas? Anybody on here got a set they’d be willing to ship? Or, alternatively, can you point me to a more-easily-acquired Klipsch substitute for the KSF-S5s? The RS-3s look close, but the completist in me REALLY wants the matching set... Fingers crossed, —Rob
  11. Hello, I just recently purchased (pieced together) a "Synergy" 5.1 surround sound set up. I have the following: Klipsch F-30 floor speakers C-10 premium center S-10 premium WDST surround sound (pair) BIC America F-12 sub I am running them with the Sony SRT-DH520 receiver This is my first true home surround sound system and I must admit I am clueless about setting up the system. The owner manuals I have received with each speaker isn't very useful as far as setting everything up. I have the speakers wired and now I just need to do the fine tuning. I have measured out the distances to the optimal listening position to each speaker and have set that on the receiver. The F-30 has a metal plate that connects both sets of posts on the back, does it matter which post I use? I don't know what to set each one of the speaker for as far as crossovers? (main /center/front surround) Should I set the any if all of the speakers (minus the sub) to small or large on the receiver? I am probably forgetting or overlooking more but thats all I can come up with now. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! ' Bo
  12. I have a choice to buy either pair of these for the same price(100.00 a pair) Synergy KSF S5 or Synergy S2
  13. From the album: Yamaha Amps Experiment 5.1

    Experiment using my Pioneer Elite VSX 21 TXH and 3 Yamaha MX-800s for 5.1.
  14. Newegg is running a 60% off sale on Synergy speakers until 10-28. I own some of these and I am satisfied with them. I have no affiliation with this vendor.
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