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Found 8 results

  1. I am planning to buy a Klipsch R-52C Center Channel Speaker for my current home theater system. Currently I am having a powered speaker system. So I need a separate amp only for this center speaker. What would be a good amp? I am on a tight budget.
  2. Howdy, I have ordered the RP-160m bookshelfs, and am now looking for a center speaker too. I understand the rp-250c is the (intended) corresponding center to speakers like the 160m (when used as fronts). I have the opportunity to spend around $90 for a used rc52 on craigslist. There are no rp-250c's on craigslist, and the cheapest one on amazon is around $220. How comparable is the 52? Would it be a significant mis-match? Should I bite the bullet, even if it was a mis-match? Is the 250c itself, regardless of tonal matching, a much better quality speaker to have/wait for? Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. Clean, fair/good condition RC-7 center speaker. [front grill fasteners have been replaced w/magnetic fasteners.] North TX. Any reasonable offer. Thinking $250?
  4. Whilst perusing the Bay for a center speaker to go with my CF-4 fronts (the prime candidates are the KV-4 and KLF-C7), I happened across this interesting item. Apparently, in addition to upgrading to a Crites crossover, someone replaced this Academy's stock front baffle to one that mounts the tweeter horn horizontally for wider dispersion. Personally, the horn should've been oriented that way, to begin with, but whatever. Probably not as much of an issue for the larger-horned ones I'm going after. I guess the mods warrant the high price. Not a bad look, either. Local pick-up in the Toledo, OH, area only. Definitely don't have the time or money to drive all the way out there. http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-CENTER-SPEAKER-ACADEMY-WITH-UP-GRADES-/152479801327?hash=item2380811fef:g:b~AAAOSwzgBY0Hq
  5. Hello all I am new here and buidling a home theater. I know I am going with Klipsch speakers (RP-280f) for the front mains but I cannot decided on which center speaker to buy. I am trying to decided if I want the RP-250c or the RP-450c. The speaker dealer suggested I only need the 250 but whenever I see this bundled online they always sell it with the 450c (Crutchfield also recommedned the 450c). My room is only 12x12 with lower ceilings so I'm not sure if I should listen to my dealer or go bigger. Please help me by making suggestions and why one is better than the other. Thanks for your time.
  6. I have an older set of Synergy F-3 floor standing speakers that still kick some butt, but I need to get a new center speaker. I am looking for some help deciding what will match best with them. I am currently looking at the RC-52 II and RC-62 IIs but am open to suggestions on anything. If I go with the RC line, I have read mix things about moving up to the 62 over the 52 for the price difference. Opinions needed! Thanks all!
  7. Hello all. So I recently bought the RC-64 and have come to a point where I need to make another configuration decision while re-architecting my center channel space; eg, hole still open for upgrade. So, the RC-64 has a 99dB sensitivity which provides 117dB@64watt or 120dB@128watt. My receiver has 110watt/channel(7ch) enough to power the center speaker to put out 117-120dB range. My receiver is capable of bi-wiring the front speakers, using front and rear-surrounds, but it does not say about the center. Since I'm using a dedicated 50watt amp for my front La Scalas, can I still use the freed front left and right channels to power/bi-wire my center? Thoughts and suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks! jav
  8. Just purchased the Kipsch Synergy F10 speakers and want to add an appropriate center. Should I restrict my search to only the Synergy centers, or can I consider other Klipsch centers. Or, more importantly, what other centers are there (<$200 and no taller than 6.5") would be a reasonable match? Thanks for any advice you can give. Having some high frequency hearing loss and a quality center seems essential for hearing movie dialog. Brian
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