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Sad story...


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I do see that people have phat car systems because they cannot crank their tunes at home, but I see a car is being a very hostile enviorment for good sound, hell, your not even CENTERED between the left and right channels in a car, let alone in a decent-shaped enviorment! I personally, would spend $200-$300 for a head unit (like the CD player, with MP3 playback) and <$50 a speaker, a sub would be nice if I had the room, but no more, not over $750, ever! I do respect individuals, and I don't have a problem with people having big, expensive car systems, as long as they don't crank them near my house. Also, MOST (as in not all) people with big, expensive car systems are in it for rap at 150dB., and they don't care about how it sounds.

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Well taken. I used to have a very modest system in my first car but that was after I owned it for five years or socwm11.gif. I had sort of a plan with it though. To drum up memories of music that most people forgot by that time in their lives. It was 70's music (yes, with Disco) coming from a 75' Mercury Montego MX (4,200lbs. worth). Definitley not fast but the period matched between the car and the music. It was only a 60wpc system w/two 6x9 thre-ways in the deck lid. This was from 1986 to 1994. Sure turned a lot of heads sitting at a stop light playing most any seventies dance music I could get my hands on. Oh yea, finding all the records (read 45's) and cd's was another chore since they weren't popular again....yet.

Did I mention I have a fair amount of Tinitus in my right ear as a result. Could be from the blast sessions at home with the Sennheiser HD-540 headphones also, my answer when I wanted to blast when I shouldn't have.


Tom's Money Pit

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I had a old "66 Econoline van, that we cobbled a bunch cheap 'what I could afford first car stereo' gear in.

A '86 Sony portable Discman,(my first discovery of "Digital Magic") this needed a pre-amp to get any gain, and I could not afford the EQ's and car Preamp's at this time in "87.

Hell, I was homeless half the time.

We took some Sanyo powered speakers for discman's, tossed the speakers,and used it for a pre-amp.

The high's consisted of Two magnavox midrange horns,

Two Radio shack Radial horn tweeters, and a pair of Pioneer 6x9 three-ways,(Free airin' BTW). The low-end was a pair of Kicker C-12's unfortunately in the magnavox enclosure's.

This was all hooked up to a couple of rather pathetic Majestic 100 watt amps.

No crossover's, except what was provided with the tweeters, we never had a clue about passive networking in those days.

The van had no interior, just a empty metal box.

Tinitus was a understatement.

But what a fun drunk wagon, and when you would walk away about 100 ft from the van to take a piss, it sounded great, just not in the Van.

I threw this together to go down to the river, throw open the doors, and entertain the Keg.

The Van died and all the gear changed except the subs,

and went in a Colt Wagon.

I eventually got a Denon ten disk, put the Kicker's in some sealed boxes, got 5inchers for the doors, tweets for the dash, Pryamid junk amps with more power, a active crossover, and a pair Infinity 6inch two-ways.

This wagon cranked pretty good, and sounded way better inside the rig, but never could entertain a party like the old Econoline did.

We used to cruise the main drag and drown out the just emerging Rapheads with Thrash.

I'm sure everybody had a rig like this.

Sorry. Long post.


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Good point Tom

I've never understood the car audio thing. I like good sounds in my car, and seldom can I get that from a factory installed system. But I'm certainly not looking to shake the whole neighborhood. Clean sound, with reasonably good coverage of the sound frequencies and enough power to drown out the sound of the road.

Home stereo though, I'll spend several thousand there. On the other end though, there are some groups where if you don't spend a minimum of 5 to 10 thousand on a pair of speakers along, then you just don't have what it takes.

Maaan....if only I could exchange my paycheck for home audio equipment.

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I'll just say this... I had $4k tied up in my system in the Prelude and it was broken into on 4 separate occasions (6 windows knocked out). This was over a 10 year period. This occurred not 8 feet from my front door in a nice townhouse community. They took most of everything in there. I just got tired of it and said no more. After the last break-in, I didn't do anything. I never even had a radio for the last 3 years I owned the car. I took the insurance money and put it all into my vette (motor mods). Oh, and I had an alarm on that car as well. If they want it bad enough they will find a way to get it. I will never buy another stereo for the car again...



My Music Systems

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