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Sad story...


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I was talking to a new friend today at work, and the topic of audio came up. He is a car audio nut, and he literally exchanges his paychecks for car audio equipment. Anyway, naturally, I brought up the topic of home audio and home theater, and well, read on. I asked him ($5,000 car audio system with quad 12 subs) what sort of systems he had at home, and I got a blank stare. He told me, Yeah, Ive got an Aiwa boom box for stuff. And I asked him why he didnt have a decent (like a $300 bookshelf system) stereo system and he said that that would be crazy! Then, all hell broke loose, I told him that my system is worth a few thousand dollars, and that I was looking to upgrade to some speakers that cost about a thousand dollars a pair. This was like setting a bomb off, he was about to call the insane asylum or kill me, but he took the fact that I spent as much on my home system as he did on his car system with great offence. I have never expressed any dislike over HIS system in his car. Anyway, we get along fine, but its funny how some people dont grasp how nice a decent home audio system is. Obviously, car audio fans have the opinion about us that its a waste to put money into a home audio system, but I cant grasp how someone with a car that can omit 150 dB. would settle for an Aiwa boom box that had two, 4 drivers in it.

One last thought, he told me with unwavering confidence that, Sound is sound!

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I have roughly $6000 in equipment at home, and listen to factory stereos in both cars... my idea of audiophilia is the attempt to come as close as possible to reproducing a "live" listening experience... admittedly, the idea of packing a whole symphony orchestra into my living room is something of a stretch; but putting one in my CAR...


Klipsch Fortes, Oiled Oak

McCormack DNA-1 Power Amp

McCormack TLC Pre-Amp

Sony 5-disc changer

NHT SA3 Subwoofer Amp

Hsu TN1220 Subwoofer

Old Akai cassette Deck

Akai AAR22 used as tuner

Nordost Solar Wind interconnects

Kimber 4TC Speaker Cable

(Future upgrades to include):

Klipsch Academy or KLF-C7 Center Channel

Klipsch RS-3 Surrounds

Outlaw 1050 AV Receiver

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I guess if the guy spends 3/4th of his life driving around in his car, I could see his point.

I got too nervous having a $500 car with $2000 in car stereo gear in it, I gave it up.

I spend more time at home, and like the idea of enjoying music without traffic, traffic noise, car noise, and all the distractions that keep you from really listening to music.

(When your bastin' your stereo on the freeway with the windows rolled up, and a ambulance is behind you with the the siren blaring wanting by, and you don't notice until you look in the mirror, that's not really a cool thing, it happened to me, and this is when I kinda started to get out of the car stereo phase.)

Kenratboy, tell your freind it's a phase, we've all been there with the car stereo thing, eventually he'll settle down and then find out what home stereo is about.

Then you can make him eat crow.


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I know exactly what you guys are talking about...

Most of the guys I know dump way more $$ into their car stereo than they ever would think of investing into their home audio.

Not all these people have a home of their own grant you (some still live with mommy & daddy so there is no way the folks are gonna let them blare their music!)and some live in a condo or townhouse so thats not gonna happen either.

I agree its all a phase we go through and when we mature we build a home system.

What I can't understand is the whole TV and DVD thing going on FOR YOUR CAR! Gimme a break!I'm afraid to leave my Corrado SLC parked outside with a mid-priced stereo let alone a whole Audio/Video system.


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O.K. This may be a bit long but please bare with me. Some people today, especially youth, have a natural desire to know that they themselves are "o.k.". To reassure themselves, they feel the need to be respected. This can be achieved by either being loved or feared. Either way they get some sort of respect. With getting respect comes power and reassurance that the person in question fits into the group and is accepted into the group.

If a person sees a group that he/she wants to be accepted into then he/she must first be noticed. Preferably by the desired group. And making that much noise while seeking a few compliments may be his/her only way they know of to get where they want to be.

I personally feel that this is why you may see an unsavery looking youth being so obtuse to society (shaved head, wierd piercings, pants down to mid-thigh level, the bill of a hat pulled down hide their face, etc....) Now these people obviously gave up on feeling loved so they go after the feared angle.

Hope everyone can follow this.


Tom's Money Pit

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How true...

Not all these people have a home of their own grant you (some still live with mommy & daddy so there is no way the folks are gonna let them blare their music!)and some live in a condo or townhouse so thats not gonna happen either.

When I was a teenager and still lived at home, my car stereo was the best that I could afford (mind you, 60 watt amps were the cutting edge at that time).

When I got my own place, the home stereo improved to the limits my apartment landlord would tolerate (the friend who introduced me to Klipsch could never understand why I wouldn't buy his spare set of LaScalas).

Times have yet again changed, I am married with a very tolerant wife and a house WITH LARGE BASEMENT. At Christmas she unwittingly re-awakended the dreaded upgraditis monster that was hibernating in me, and another chapter has begun. And then I discovered this forum...



Technics SA-DA8

Sony CDP-C435 CD

Sony DVP-NS300 DVD

Hitachi UX617 VHS

Klipsch KG4's Fronts

Klipsch KG2.2's Surrounds

Klipsch SC-1 Center

Yamaha YST-SW100 sub

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Don't mean to draw this thread out, but I had to put in my .02c.

The same thing exists with this rice - burner import cars with the trash can exhausts.

On another forum on this site, someone has tried to say that a Nissan SE-R or a Honda( take your pick - Civic -Integra (yeah I know they call them Acura, but we know they are Hondas) will beat a Chrysler Hemi, add any power adder you wish...

This is ignoring basic laws of physics...and the NHRA


These guys with the imports need to have a day with a Viper ACR or a Corvette Z06. Or better yet, they can get a ride with my friend's 1968 Dodge Dart HEMI that has done 7 second ET passes at NHRA sanctioned events, over 200 MPH in the 1/4 mile.

On the street, TORQUE is where the rubber meets the road, as the law of physics will support.

Horsepower is measured at the top speed of the engine,

i.e. highest RPM. We rarely use of reach the top RPM of the engine during street driving. On the race track, yes, we need horsepower, but on the street, torque moves mass away from a stop light or a stop sign

Thats why diesels power all our heavy equipment, TORQUE

4 cylinders, no matter how many power add-ons like turbos, or superchargers, or nitrous, are STILL 4 cylinder engines. And the last time I checked there weren't any 4 cylinder's in the NHRA TOP FUEL ELIMINATOR CLASSES.

It is almost like comparing a glidder to an F-18.

Who has the thrust? Same with the 4 versus 8 cylinder, who has the torque?

Sorry for the rant...

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One of my son's friends has a $4k setup in his SUV. The woofers/subwoofers take up as much room as a steamer trunk. Recently, I asked for the chance to give the thing a listen and they happily agreed.

Inside the car in the passenger seat, I was not overly impressed with the quality of the sound. It was way too heavy on the bass. In fact, I felt that the sound was louder outside the vehicle rather than inside. The only thing that really impressed me was how much the whole vehicle shook. It was worse than a vibrating bed in a cheap motel.

The owner of the SUV agrees that my LaScalas sound better than his system, but on the street, his truck rules on the "macho meter." ..... and that's what really matters.


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It's weird how low frequencies can move around with that amazing width.

I was at this Barter Faire thing with my freinds, and we are by our trailer camping.

And we hear just the lowest ambient bass pumping right around the trailer.

So I go and scope around and find the guy's car were the subs were coming from, the Bass around his car was almost completly gone.

But when I walked back 50 yards or so to the trailer. the Bass was loud and ambient again.

It was like the frequency was so wide, that it must have been cancelled out around his car or something,

but at the campsite it sounded uncancelled.

Weird, and I have no idea why.


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I must say that I have spent quite a bit of money (IMO) on both my car stereo and home theater system. So far I have about $3-4000 worth of equipment at home and about $1,500 into my truck. I also live in an apartment so I think you can throw that theory out. I enjoy clean sounding music whether it be while at home or in my vehicle. My mobile stereo does not go blasting down the road (all settings at neutral) but it sounds great with a nice bottom end. I think if I had to give one up though, it would definitely be the system in the truck. There is only so much you can do for a tin can whistling down the highway.

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This post amazes me. So far the concensus is that putting a stereo in a car is something for immature little kids. Once they reach puberty, they'll buy a house and then get a HT.

No way is this true. I am only 28 so there are some younger and some older than me here.

The bottom line is that when I drive to work or anywhere else, I like the same quality that I have in my house. And yes this can be accomplished. Granted it is harder to do because a car enviornment is very unforgiving.

There are 2 types of CA. Those for SPL and those for SQ. They both have different agendas but their bottom line is a love for Car audio. The industry leaders are all people in their 40's. They have built this industry from the ground up.

The biggest difference between CA and HT, HT has forums and a few get togethers. CA has compitions that lead to fame and give out money. Now don't get me wrong, I love HT and Klipsh. But, when was the last time you heard Klipsch (or any other) say, "that is the best sounding Klipsch system we have ever heard. How about posing for some of our ads."

Anyway, maybe we should just remember that it is all about the music. It doesn't matter whether it is in the car or the home.



Come on honey why can't I spend some more money?

Home Theater

Car Audio

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Thanks for the heads - up Mike S.

Yeah, I wish the best for Darryl and the SE-R.

Not gonna beat a HEMI no matter how many LB.s of boost.

The NHRA Winternationals are out in Cal. this weekend.

BTW Qualifying was the last 2 days, here is info:

Top Fuel = 4.5 ET over 320 MPH, engine(MOPAR HEMI)

Funny Car= 4.7 ET over 310 MPH, DITTO

Pro Stock= 6.8 ET over 200 MPH, HEMI/CHEVY

Did I miss something?

Where are the Supras/SE-Rs/Civics/imports?

You say it takes a V-8 to qualify?

Sorry imports...

I rest my case...

Make mine Z06 or Viper on the street...

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The theory I was talking about is that they cannot have a nice home system if they live in an apartment or condo. This isn't the case. I just have to pick the right times to really crank the system. Most of the time I am at around 75 dB listening. Anything more than that and the neighbors get cranky. I do agree, however, with your point about acceptance. Teens and young adults have always acted in this manner for acceptance. Unfortunately, having a 125 dB stereo system blasting God-knows-what at 2 in the morning down my street is a new form of this "ritual".

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