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How do you get a big photo into 200k?


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Help... I would like to show the detail in this 12.5MB original photo but the only way I got it in was as a 198k at 72 pixels per inch. Other people slide 'em in with larger size and, seemingly, more detail on this Forum... What's the secret?

Man, I am frustrated! cwm23.gif HornEd

PS: The photo is of a 102 lb KLF 30 Center on a Mitsubishi 65" Mitsu RPHD, KLF-30 Mains, SB-2 Front Effects on 5' columns, dual SVS Ultras... and an equipt. cabinet full of support gear. The tiger is from "Gladiator" in honor of it being 6.1 dts.

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At my regular job we transfer over the internet large text files of legal documents quite often. Sometimes they exceed the limit of the ISP by a meg or so.

If we come across a file that big we'll use WinZip to compress the file to something managable (not quite half size). You can download a free evaluation version of it at http://www.winzip.com and look for Version 8.1 (I think). I would think most people that want to look at your photo should already have this freebee on their system. And if not...ay, it's free!!

BTW- Welcome back!


Tom's Money Pit

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Hey, thanks for the encouragement guys. Sometimes I am not well enough to think clearly... and get frustrated. Having been a certified developer in several computer platforms and a professional photojournalist as well, being easy on myself is not something I have learned to do. Please check out this photo and see if you think I getting a bit better. Thanks again, your hopefully better former photo blockhead cwm16.gif HornEd

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Nice KLF-C30 center. Smile.gif Must sound great and be a perfect match for the other KLF30's you use in this system.

And the twin Ultras provide plenty of low end no doubt.

Klipsch should propose a full size R series center to match the RF-7's.Using twin 10" drivers.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Thanks, mdeneen, your posts have been some of the most worthwhile reading on the Forum. As you can tell from the photo, I am somewhat of a maverick... that is the only Klipsch KLF-30C I know of because I ripped out the motor board and built a new one to my own specifications.

T-man asked me to do a special test on center channels vs. phantom channels since I have six KLF-30's (including the custom center), a pair of Klipsch SB-2's for Front Effects, and a pair of SVS Ultra's that go down to 16Hz and surpass the Dolby Theater minimums of 121.5dB.

The TV is an RPHD Mitsubishi 65" which is fed by a progressive scan Toshiba 6200. The KLF-30 surrounds are mounted against the sidewalls and facing a spot about a foot behind where my head is in the sweetspot. A KLF-30 in the middle of the back wall is for rear effects.

For a very long time, I had used a KLF-C7 as a center, but it seemed to me that if 5.1 puts upwards of 75% of the sound through the center speaker... then, for HT, that's THE MAIN speaker... I also like the idea of a perfect timbre match...

Mdeneen, now that I know the reality of 3MAINS up front where they belong there is no turning back. The time for wimpy centers has passed us by... and nothing short of a main in the center can do the job IMHO.

Thanks for your comments, I'll be looking for your posts. Oh, an I added another photo for you to enjoy. A fellow by the name of Phoenix was making his first flight. cwm32.gif HornEd


Caution: Brain MUST Be Engaged Before Shifting Into EAR!


"Where Klipsch Legends Cavort Six Ways to Someday!"


KLF 30's: Left Main, Center Main, Right Main

SB-2's: L & R Front Effects on 5' sand filled columns


KLF 30's: Left Surround, Rear Effects, Right Surround


Twin SVS CS-Ultra subs, Samson Megawatt Amp


Mitsubishi RPHD1080i 65", Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver

Toshiba Pro Scan 6200, Toshiba Pro 6-head SVHS W808

in constant homage of the Eternal Tweak!

Music Respite Room: Vintage Cornwall's in Transition

Klipsched Class "A" Motorhome: On the road testing

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Ed- I took a look at that last photo before finishing your post. I thought it was you taking that last step (I guess testing your heart, docs standing by...)!

I agree with your conclusion that an exact match center is important. In my HT front array (KSP-400, KSP-C6), the center uses the same components as the fronts (minus the built-in 15" subs!) and sounds awesome. It is probably Klipsch's least appreciated (or least discussed, here) speaker series.

Nice work, Ed!


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Hey HornEd,

Shouldn't that center speaker model be a KLF-30HEC?

Nice job and nice setup. I am trying to acquire the squawkers and tweeters from a LaScala to build up a matching center. I don't know what I will do for LF since I can' fold that and get it to fit on the TV.

What ever happened to your pseudo-dipole side surround experiment with the extra horns?

Keep on tweekin, I love to hear about your experiments.



1979 La Scala's

SF-2 Mains

SF-1 Center (pair)

RS-3 Surrounds

RC-3 Rear Center

KSW-10 Subs (pair)

Yamaha RX-V1 Reciever

Yamaha CDC-655 CD Player

Toshiba SD-1200 DVD

Toshiba TN50X81 50" HDTV

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Thanks for the good words, guys... wow, I almost feel mid-50's "cool" again!

The photo was taken from the middle of the sweetspot, head-high. So, the speakers are angled toward that spot... including the center angled down. That's why the flash to show the speaker is so even... and why it caused some reflections on the RPHD TV screen. In fact, looking at the photo again, the LMain needs to be re-aimed. I usually do that with a laser pointer and a target that fits over the back of my glove soft, LazyBoy recliner.

"I am putting together a little odds and Mods photo supported brief on the DIY center and front effects speaker stands. I am working on an improved tilting device/TV protector... and then I will post it here and on the Hometheater forum... where I will probably add a bit more about the Twin Ultras working with the six KLF-30's.

I am sure there is more to be done (particularly with the downstairs Cornwalls and the motor home) but I sure do enjoy kicking back and enjoying the HT and music as it is, up close and personal, for awhile.

Oops, JTKinney, didn't see you sneak in there while I was in mid-post. The KLF-30's have done so well with their backs 8" form the sidewalls on ambient stuff that I lost some of my theoretical zeal. But, since the center worked out far better than my high expectation... maybe its time to revisit the side-surround issue. Thanks for reminding me... KLF-30HEC... Mr. Paul would probably have me thrown off the Forum! cwm30.gif

"3MAINS" is beyond anything I have ever tried. cwm38.gif that synchronicity! HornEd

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mdeneen, so far the motorhome has been an ongoing challenge.

It's a Class "A" that sleeps six and has a cantilevered double bed that swings down from over the driver's head. So far, I have been setting up my left, center, right mains under the cantilevered platform and putting the screen atop it (when it is in the down position). I have side surrounds just before the side door on one side and the bathroom on the other side. The subwoofer is under the couch (which forms another bed). So, essentially, I have a 5.1 home theater in the front half... and a two-channel stereo music system in the rear half... where my computer, work area and airbed is.

It is not bad, but its not the equal of my home HT and music systems... I haven't quite found a way to get the Cornwalls in... well at last not yet.

Any suggestions for making more out of the less space that is a 30' x 8' motorhome will be most appreciated. Oh, yeah, and TV with all his experience and ingenuity hasn't come up with miniature Ultras either! cwm35.gif HornEd

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Have I had front projection, a decade ago, Seb, I had a $91k projector lighting up an 18' x 9' state of the are suspended screen. I like front projection very much, especially with a perforated screen so the CMain can be behind the screen.

Remember, the system you are seeing is one that I built as a present for my parents. They are not as amenable to having their home carved up for HT purposes. Secondly, when a previous large tube TV bit the dust my mother was having problems seeing it clearly. So, I took her to a series of TV stores with the instructions to let me know which one looked best to her. She picked out the one you see in the photo and I wrote a check. Building an HT and music system was done as an exercise in enriching their lives... and it had to be done slowly because the concept is beyond them. Especially for my dad who has now passed away.

cwm40.gif I am entertaining the thought of putting a projection system into the motorhome both for quality and space saving issues. The problem seems to be ambient lighting affecting screen image saturation. There is just so much to do...cwm9.gif HornEd

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