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Weird damage to RC-64


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Hey guys, the dealer i'm looking at getting a cherry rc-64 from has suggested that he remove the woofers from the RC-64 to ship them separate, or at least packaged outside of the enclosure.

Any thoughts on this?

Seems to me if the dealer (soundseller) packages them well, and it sounds like he does hearing from others on here, they should be OK.

If it were me, I would be scared to have some guy taking a part a speaker and sending it to me. Especially a speaker that costs so much money. Also, soundseller is not an authorized retailer and they sell B-stock items. Now I am very scared.

Good Luck!

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Hi everybody!

The technician solved the clue...!!! As the woofer is VERY heavy, the rear aluminium part of the basket pends inside, charging the entire chassis during the shipping. A little bump on the floor by an uncare operator is sufficient to broke the rear basket of the woofer, "sucking" the external membrane inside, as actually happened to my loudspeaker. No objects or ghosts inside... [;)]

In conclusion, as proposed in a previous post, I suggest to ask for a separate shipping (woofer + chassis) assembling everything at home or elsewhere.... to be sure of preserving the integrity.

Obviously the assistance has already ordered my new woofer to the MPI, and I will have my RC-64 back in a few days without any charge.[:)]

Hope to have been useful...



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