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What Sound Card to Buy??


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I was planning on getting the new Soundblaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1 card since primarily my sound is for gaming and a bit of music listening.

I know the platinum 5.1 is a nice card but almost double the price. Should I just stick with the X-Gamer or is the Platinum worth the price difference when only games are concerned?

Anyone recommend anything else?

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Go for the X-gamer. The platinum SBLive is nice, however if you're planning on using it mostly on gaming and some music, most of the features of the platinum would be wasted -- as would be your money. The platinum is aimed more at people who would like to produce music on their home computers, and people with complicated sound systems, so most of the features would be pretty useless to you anyway.

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the Platinum, MP3+ and X-Gamer are all the identical cards, the differences lie basically in the software packages, and the fact that the Plat has the Live! Drive... The X-Gamer comes with, what else, games... whereas the MP3+ comes with MP3 encoding software and some "jukebox" like software and 1 or 2 other things. The Platinum in addition to the Live! Drive it comes with the software packages of the X-Gamer and the MP3+.... If you get the X or MP3+ you can buy the Live! Drive at a later date directly from creative if you find you really want that extra connectivity. Just the facts here. I bought an X-Gamer (a while before the 5.1s even became available) because I wanted the games and I didnt need the Live! Drive

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ya.. the SBLive! 5.1 does it for them


The 5.1 card decodes the DD signal and sends teh appropriate signals to the 6 different.. altho, the Pros can onlt handle 4 but you have a center/sub for future hookup. Get the Value if you want to save money.


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Pro 4.1 are comin!!!!!!!!

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