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65 Years After D-Day

Professor Thump

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What can be said about this utmost historical day, 65 years ago. Most of the loyal veterans of this epic day are no longer with us, but we should all take a moment today to reflect on their selfless courage to land on the beaches of Normandy.

Thank you, to all the veterans and solders serving our country. May we all remember that freedom is never free.


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What an incredible photo, imagine the fear in the heart of the young men exiting those boats on that fateful day.

Thank you to all veterans wherever you are, whatever your branch of service.

For anyone interested in more D-Day history, there is an excellent D-Day museum in New Orleans. Why New Orleans? Because that was the source of the Higgins Boats, the magnificent little watercraft that ferried most of the men to shore that day. More HERE.


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I couldn't begin to imagine what these true men had to face.

Honor, courage, and a purpose to see all men free.

A man can not give more than these men did.

The debt all generations of free men can never paid back except with the same determination and conviction.

My thanks and deepest appreciation for my freedoms.


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We cannot thank or honor these men enough. And we don't.

Military funerals can now play a recording of taps rather than get a military bugler or even arrange for a local high school kid.

I think these men deserve better. Us civilians cannot begin to imagine what these men and women went (and continue) to go through.

My thanks and prayers for all veterans.

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[*] [*] [*] [*] [*]

My father was involved in the third wave of the invasion (otherwise I most certainly wouldn't be here). I still have his original assignment papers and maps. Master Sargent United States Army Infantry, Expert Marksman.

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