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You may have noticed some changes in the works for Klipsch. With the economy effecting the world, people are reacting and changing the way they live. Klipsch is also evolving in the way we reach our audience. There is a new virtual community out there on the internet that we need to be a part of. That way we can keep in touch with our Peeps. Many of our Klipsch employees have developed accounts on MySpace, Facebook and Tweeter to blog about their lives and the lives of others at Klipsch.

I have recently opened an account on Facebook that you can find if you search ProfessorThump. I opened it up for Klipsch announcements but to be honest I have had a lot of fun catching up with friends and family. Some friends were even in high school with me and I hadn't talked to them for 30 years. So it can be real fun catching up.


Check out our new Facebook page and link to the announcements. By doing so you will help us get on the Google maps for user hits when others search. Post a comment if you like and link things that you might feel is important. My Tech Blogs and Professor Thump Blogs will also be posted on Facebook from time to time. By clicking on the link you will let Google and other search engines find our thoughts and cool stuff.

As usual thank for supporting Klipsch. Your loyal following is what makes us tick!


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Have her invite me as a friend if you would like, so I can give Klipsch updates. You can find me as:

Name: Mark Blanchard

Employer: Klipsch

Or have her search Klipsch to find our fan club where we post info...That way if she shares the information we can get Klipsch out on the web more.


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I, too enjoy the Klipsch Facebook and Twitter posts (where I follow Amy as well), and have also enjoyed keeping in touch with old friends I haven't seen in years. Sent a request your way if you're so inclined to accept.

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