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Vinyl cleaning advice:


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I need to put together a basic, easy-to-use, but complete set of tools for cleaning records as well as the stylus (despite our best efforts, dirty records will be played). It cannot be too expensive (hopefully $50 or less for what I need), and it should be fairly easy to use (for me and to teach others). Also, should be from a place like Needle Doctor where it can be easily ordered in one pass.


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Go over to Audio Asylum in the Vinyl section and do a search.

This is a not a pushoff but , this has been covered fairly frequently and there are many ideas as to how to get a record clean. The best method will be what is easiest for you where it does not become too big of a chore and does a decent job. I'm not sure $50 is going to be enough though.



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If you are cleaning a few new records you may be able to get out for low$$$$. If you are trying to bring back a large collectio of used and older albums I dont think 50 bucks will get you anything. Better add another zero to that bugeted amount. I am holding off waiting on money for that reason.

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I went through all of this a few years ago. I bought a VPI cleaning machine, the magic Record Research cleaning fluid with the fairy dust in it, etc. I sold all of it.

I now use a $30 steam cleaner from Walgreens, home made solution for tough records, plain old distilled water, anf $5 microfiber clother from teh Home Depot.

I also have the record doctor brushes. They work. I have about $50 into all of it.

Check out the threads on Audiogon and here on steam cleaning records. It works as well as teh fancy machines and is quiet so that you can listen to your stereo while you clean. Don't forget about that, cleaning for hours on end can get old in a hurry, but is enjyable with a few beers and teh steam cleaner.

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Just put everything in the dishwasher. Have a silver Sharpie handy so you can identify what the LP is after the labels are gone. [:P]

Actually, I have cleaner from Garage a Records and check out the spin clean setup. It does a great job and when used with microfiber towels from Costco, gets the records as clean as I think that they can get. You will not clean the damage that may have been doen to the LP by playing when dirty but it is a good system that works well. At least that is what I have found anyway.

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