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Any Acurus Act-3 users?


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I thought I had everything nailed down on my HT, and was prepared to introduce an AV Receiver into my slowly growing system; however, the audiophile guy in my head is suggesting separates to me.

I have absorbed some information about the Acurus ACT-3 (I know about the last revision, bass mgmnt upgrades, etc.), and there are several out there at great prices since the model has been discontinued...

does anyone have experience with this unit? I am considering it, along with one of the Acurus amps (x3) to mix in with my current system...


Klipsch Fortes, Oiled Oak

Klipsch KLF-C7 Center Channel

McCormack DNA-1 Power Amp

McCormack TLC Pre-Amp

Sony 5-disc changer

NHT SA3 Subwoofer Amp

Hsu TN1220 Subwoofer

Old Akai cassette Deck

Akai AAR22 used as tuner

Nordost Solar Wind interconnects

Kimber 4TC Speaker Cable

(Future upgrades to include):

Klipsch RS-3 Surrounds

Harman Kardon AV520 Receiver

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Chuckears - I presume that you then know about the upgrades Klipsch/Mondial is offering now. There's a $900 upgrade they will be offering soon to bring the unit even more up to date. Word on the forums is that the Acurus ACT-3 is excellent sonically (even now as it stands) so the new updates should make it an even stronger performer.


First we Rock, then we Roll!

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I have owned the ACT-3 (old version) for many years with flawless service. I bought it used for 1K over 6 years ago but want to upgrade the abm. However, I do not know how to go about doing that. I am also concerned of the price. Is it really about half the price of the retail cost? That seems pretty darn high.

In any case, I have a question for anyone that could help me.

First my system:


Rotel amps (1-Center, 1-Fronts, 1-rears)

Klipsch Sub (12in)

Vandersteen 2Ce fronts,

Vandersteen VCC-1 center

M&K rears (550s)

I noticed that the bass settings of my ACT-3 are not exactly as described in the manual. I think the number 3 and 4 modes are swapped. Anyway, With this setup, I get the best bass for my HT experience with the setting on 1. Mode 3 or 4 does not give me what I think I should hear from the sub.

Is this a good idea? Any thoughts on the the old ACT-3 bass settings?

Thanks in advance.


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I had mine upgraded before the offer expired. It is not very nearly a Stage One and is simply a GREAT Pre.Pro. My noise issues are gone, the sound is much cleaner/clearer/more detailed and it is easier to set-up. I recommend them.

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I have the Act3 paired with the Acurus A250 & 200x3 amps. I have Klipsch Forte2's and RF-35 floor standing speakers and a KSP-C6 center. The RF-35 sound better with the Acurus stuff. The Forte's tend to be a little too bright and reveal any flaws in the source audio. This is why I'm thinking of selling my Forte2's and buying the RF-7's as my fronts and putting the RF-35 in the back. Also, I will buy the RC-7 for the center. In terms of TH, I really like the sound of the Acurus Act3 and amp combo. Lots of bass (I don't even use my sub anymore), great channel separation and very dynamic sound.

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