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OT: Having to fire someone sux


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Sometimes it can be a relief.

I got to fire a non-performing employee while the owner was on vacation. The employee made it easy, he returned from lunch after 3PM, blind drunk, and crashed through a plate-glass display. He was lucky as the glass was plate, not tempered, as he could have speared himself on a jagged piece.

Even though it was a big hassle to handle the cleanup, replace the glass (with tempered), and the associated paperwork (for termination), all I could think of was the relief that this employee was gone.

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We had a jerk who kept screwing up orders- mine included- I lobbied for his dismassal for months -showed up back from lunch smelling like liquior runing a forklift[D]- after the 3rd chance he was given his walking papers- the other one hit a fellow employee's car in the parking lot- never reported it- a truck driver saw it and reported it. kWhen asked about the dammage to his car he said that he had hit a deer, Bye Bye

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Been there done that, usually works out for the best for both parties if it’s due to performance related issues. Down sizing sucks, but is a necessary evil. I have been lucky enough so far not to been downsized but I have no false confidence or extra personal value attached to being employed. After 16+ years of steadily working it will change at some point I am sure. I have fired people and seen my bosses fired. After watching the HBO miniseries of Band Of Brothers or The Pacific, seems minor really.

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